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5 Best Electric Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are awesome and you know it. They are easy to carry around and they are extremely lightweight. But as you know, they need to be inflated properly before they can be deployed. Since most of the inflatable kayaks come with a hand pump, you might choose not to invest anymore on a kayak Electrical Pump. But the hand pumps do have their own share of disadvantages. They demand a lot of effort from the kayakers in order to inflate a kayak and it might make you feel exhausted at the end.

So, if you wish to keep your energy level high for the kayaking trip rather than getting yourself breathless on a silly pumping device, you should get your hands on a Kayak Air Pump. An electric pump takes away all the hassle from the process and if you know how to use it, you can inflate a kayak in matter of few minutes.

Since there are hundreds of Electric Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks & SUP available in the market, it might make it really hard for you to choose the best that suits all your needs. To help you out, here we have listed top 7 Electric Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks –

5 Best Electric Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks

1. BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump

BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump is the easiest way to inflate a kayak without even touching the pump. Comparatively less expensive than its competitors, it can go up to 15 PSI but this is more than enough for most inflatable kayaks that are available in the market. The main advantage of BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump is that it can be connected easily to the car battery and it takes significantly less time to inflate the kayak.


  • Once the desired pressure limit is reached, the pump gets shut off automatically.
  • To achieve higher PSI, a high-pressure piston is included.
  • 14.5 psi in minutes inflation rate can be achieved.
  • 12-volt battery not included
  • With a fully charged battery, BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump can inflate multiple kayaks easily.
  • Included – 72″ (6′) inflation hose, Common valve adapters, alligator clips, 102″ (8’6″) cable

2. NALANDA 20 PSI Electric Air Pump

NALANDA 20 PSI Electric Air Pump is one of those few Electric Air Pumps that helps inflating and deflating a kayak. To speed up the process of deflation, it has got a deflation port that helps releasing the air pressure very fast and thus allowing the kayaker to head home without spending hours to get the kayak deflated. The buttons are very prominent and they are labeled clearly and thus reducing the possibility of making wrong choices while inflating or deflating a kayak. It has buttons to change the unit, reduce or increase the air pressure. It has also got LCD display that shows the air pressure clearly. If you set a particular PSI, NALANDA 20 PSI Electric Air Pump will automatically stop pumping air into the kayak once it reaches the set air pressure.

Features –

  • It takes around 10 minutes to inflate 9 feet inflatable kayak. It can also inflate a 12ft SUP in that same time.
  • This Electric air pump can be powered via the car battery thanks to the inclusion of 12V cigarette lighter socket.
  • For high pressure inflation, engineered cylinder type compressor is used whereas for high volume inflation, Sealed & Quiet turbo fan is used.
  • It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. It even has a grab handle to move it around without hurting your back badly.

3. SEAMAX Intelligent 20PSI Digital 12V Electric Air Pump

SEAMAX Intelligent 20PSI Digital 12V Electric Air Pump is smart enough to stop the inflation as soon as the air pressure hits the pre-set PSI.  The air pressure gets displayed in its highly visible LCD screen. It even automatically gets shut off in case you keep pumping air in the kayak for over 20 minutes which is definitely a great feature. It has got Max 20PSI which is more than enough for most SUPs and kayaks. SEAMAX Intelligent 20PSI Digital 12V Electric Air Pump is available in three different size O ring – 6mm, 5mm and 3mm.


  • SEAMAX Intelligent 20PSI Digital 12V Electric Air Pump is made from Nylon and marine grade engineered ABS that make this electric pump super durable. It can even withstand extreme weather conditions like extreme hot or extreme cold.
  • It has got a 12V DC connector and the pump can be easily connected to the car. The fuse of this electric air pump can be changed very easily by detaching the head connector bolt.
  • Within just 15 minutes, SEAMAX Intelligent 20PSI Digital 12V Electric Air Pump can easily reach 20 PSI. Since the product gets manufactured in Canada, you would not have to worry about the quality of the product.
  • Real time monitoring of air pressure is made possible thanks to the built-in a digital pressure gauge. The design is very compact and you would not have to deal with issues like leaky air hose etc.

4. LotFancy Air Pump

LotFancy Air Pump is a no-nonsense electric air pump that offers excellent value for money. It does what it does best and that is inflating kayak pretty fast. All you have to do is to turn it on and plug it in with the kayak and it will do the job unattended. Compact in design and size, LotFancy Air Pump is easy to carry around and it is also easy to store. Another cool thing about this LotFancy Air Pump is that it has got multiple Nozzle attachments. The only major drawback of this LotFancy Air Pump is that it makes a lot noise when you turn it on.


  • 71 inches cable included
  • Input AC 110-120V
  • You can inflate virtually anything with this versatile LotFancy Air Pump. Be it bathtub, sofa, boats, kayaks, inflatable pool, airbeds or air mattress, LotFancy Air Pump inflate them in a matter of few minutes.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 1-Year Warranty

5. Airhead High Pressure Air Pump, 12v

Airhead High Pressure Air Pump is ideal for those who are looking for more bang for their bucks. It can generate at least 3 times more pressure than what another 12-volt air pump can produce. Adapters are included to make it possible for you to inflate almost all kind of inflatable devices like rafts, USP, rafts, kayaks etc. Thanks to the inclusion of a removable pressure release valve, you can put a limit to 1.4 PSI output. Use its 10 feet long power cord to get the Airhead High Pressure Air Pump connected to your car battery.


  • Draws 28 amps
  • 410 liters/min Volume
  • 90-day warranty
  • Removable pressure release valve

Types of Kayak Air Pumps

Contrary to what people believe Kayak Air Pumps are available in different shapes and sizes. Some of the popular types of kayaks air pumps are –

1. 12-Volt Electric Pumps

12-Volt Electric Pumps are the best buddies of all the lazy guys out there who find it tiresome to inflate a kayak solely by using their muscle power. All you need is an access to your car and 12-Volt Electric Pumps can be deployed almost effortlessly. However, most of these 12-Volt Electric Pumps are not that much powerful to inflate a kayak entirely so you might need to use a hand pump or foot pump to get the air pressure right.

2. Single Action Hand Pumps

You probably have used or seen a Single Action Hand Pump already. Single Action Hand Pumps are quite popular among kayakers. Since these pumps inflate on the down-stroke, you might have to toil hard to get the kayak inflated. However, compared to other types of Kayak Air Pumps, these Single Action Hand Pumps are easy to pump up and you would not even have to exert yourself much to reach the 10+PSI which is a standard for most kayaks.

3. Double Action Hand Pumps

Double Action Hand Pumps are quite popular among both seasoned kayakers and among beginners because they use both the up-stroke and the down-stroke to inflate the kayak. It helps speed up the process of inflation. However, there is a serious downside of Double Action Hand Pumps and that is it takes more muscle power to pump the air into the kayak. So, that means, you will have to be physically strong in order to use it properly.

4. Bellows Foot Pumps

Bellows Foot Pumps are small in size and you don’t have to bend too much or put too much physical efforts to inflate the kayak. You can tuck them in small compartments since they don’t eat up too much real estate.

How to Choose The Best Electric Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks

Not all Electric Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks are the same. Some offer value for money whereas some other Electric Pumps offer excellent performance. Therefore, while making the final buying decision, you need to carefully consider these following aspects –

1. Functionality

Kayak Electric Pumps are available in two popular variants – One Stage and Two stages. A One Stage Electric Pump inflate a kayak by pumping air in it until the air pressure reaches it desired point. The mechanism is very simple. The time it might take to inflate a kayak properly depends on how powerful the pump is.

The mechanism of a two Stage Kayak Electric Pump is a bit complex. First air is pumped into the kayak at a high volume and the next stage, the air pressure ratio is increased to speed up the inflation process. The only downside of a two Stage Kayak Electric Pump is that it makes lot of noises; however, we can easily ignore this drawback given the fact that it takes less time to inflate a kayak compared to a One Stage Kayak. Some two Stage Kayak Electric Pumps also need to you have access to a DC power outlet whereas some have the option to suck the air out of a kayak to speed up the deflation process.

2. Built-in pressure gauge

Most Electric Pumps come with a built-in pressure gauge. Pressure gauge allows you to track the progress of the inflation. There are wide range of pressure gauges available like – pressure gauge with LCD display or analog pressure gauge. You also need to make sure that the pressure gauge that you are planning to purchase allows you to set PSI and once the air pressure reaches that specific PSI, the pump gets shut off automatically. Without this safety features, you will be stuck until the Electric air pump completes its job. Unsupervised inflation will become a reality if you can manage to find an Electric Pump with the safety feature that we have just discussed above.

3. Compatibility

Your Electric Air Pump must be compatible with the kayak otherwise it will get stored in the attic as another worthless junk. Vast majority of ISUPs have Halkey-Roberts valve. The good thing about this valve is that it can be serviced and replaced very easily and they can withstand extreme high pressure. Military valve is another popular option that you might consider while purchasing an electric Air pump as they can withstand extreme pressure too.

4. Power Source

Most of the electric air pumps don’t keep a provision to connect the pump directly to a regular power outlet. The manufacturers automatically assume that you will be using your car’s battery to supply power to the electric pump. Some electric air pumps can be connected to the cigarette lighter plug. Now, if you feel that the electric pump will drain the car battery, you can keep the engine humming while inflating the kayak. Your car’s battery will not get drained out if you keep engine running and what is even more important is that it will speed up the inflation process.

5. Pressure

You need to go through the manual comes with almost all inflatable kayak as it contains crucial information such as the recommended air pressure. After that, you need to pick an electric air pump that is powerful enough to deliver that much.


It always makes sense to invest in a good and powerful Electric Pumps because you would definitely not like the idea of getting stuck with an Electric Pump that is unable to generate required level of pressure to inflate a kayak properly.

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