5 Places To Kayak on The West Coast USA

Whether you’re in the quest for gently moving waters or fast moving courses full or demanding rapids, the West Coast USA has everything for kayaking lovers. From California to Oregon to Washington there is something for everyone and anyone.

Here is a look at some of the best places to kayak on the West Coast USA worth checking out.

1. Alviso Slough

Extending from the Alviso community up to the south most end of San Francisco bay, this is where the tidal waters interrelate with riparian waters. Tidal influence is significant with a typical nine to ten disparity in water levels. Velocity runs up to about 1.5 mph which means running with or alongside the tiding reduces paddling speed greatly. For the best kayaking experience, launch an hour prior to the low tide so as to have an out-bound and in-bound boost as you navigate through this waterway.

2. The Potomac River

The Potomac River offers an incredibly challenging course. It’s the ideal waterway for the brave at heart given that it comes with steep water areas between Great Falls and Chain Bridge. Local sports outfitters and paddling organization are responsible for leading day trips and overnight expeditions to various rapids along the river.

3. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

If you’re looking for gentle, calm waters to do your kayaking then this is the place to be. The C and O canal as it’s popularly referred to as is the perfect spot to enjoy kayaking expeditions in the middle of beautiful scenery between Violettes Lock and Georgetown sections.

4. The Salmon River

Yet another hot spot for extreme kayaking enthusiasts the Salmon River stretches for about 20 miles, sneaking its way through the coastal mountain ranges. Extreme kayakers find this river irresistible due to its waterfalls and rocky waterways. The coastal Salmon River is relatively calmer and offers kayaking opportunities all the way through the Salmon River Estuary to the ocean.

5. North Santiam River

Brace yourself for a fun filled kayaking experience as you float down the north Santiam River from the Packsaddle park to the famed fishermen’s Bend County Park about seven miles down the river. This is a relatively easy course with class 1or 2 rapids in addition to an enjoyable three to four small waterfalls at the far end which kayakers can choose to go over or walk around.

The West Coast is full of amazing spots capable of offering kayaking experiences close to no other. The choice of the spots to visit depends on how extreme you want to go. These are certainly some of the best places to kayak on west coast USA for a mind boggling kayaking experience.

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Arthur G. Moore

Arthur G. Moore is a veteran paddler. He has over 10 years of whitewater kayaking experience in his kitty. When he was young, he used to love kayaking in rapid III and rapid IV but as time went on, he decided to concentrate mainly on covering long distances on a standard touring kayak. He is currently working as a senior editor for Kayak Manual.

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