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Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak Review

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

olorful designs and top quality are marks of Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks, which include outstanding models such as the AdvancedFrame™, Lagoon™, and StraitEdge™ canoes and yaks.

With the intent of making inflatable kayaks with “cutting edge technology,” Advanced Elements focuses on delivering high-end quality at reasonable prices. Current company owner and president, Clay Haller — who honed his design skills on the original Stearns boats — brought his expertise to develop an outstanding line of Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks.

The Advanced elements advancedframe inflatable kayak is a hybrid of two types of kayaks these being an inflatable and the folding-frame and is mainly built for tracking and optimum performance. The hull consists of aluminum ribs which make up the stern and bow that help to improve tracking. This kayak is quite tough due to the 3 additional layers of rip stop material with double coating which makes it resistant to punctures.

Unique attributes:

It has a valve that is well suited for a wide variety of standard pumps.

Can easily be deflated by simply pressing on a button which is spring loaded.

Consists of a spray skirt which helps to block the waves and maintain warmth.

Adjustable seats with extra padding and high support for maximum comfort.

Paddling can either be solo or tandem due to its 3 seat positions.

Type of kayaking

This kayak is mostly suitable for open or flat waters and therefore works best for different types of kayaking which include; Recreational done in lakes and calm rivers, touring done in a large mass of water or ocean and whitewater which takes place in rivers and intense white-waters.


It is considered as a good choice for professionals, beginners as well as intermediate anglers. For beginners maneuvering has been made easier due to the fact that it is quite easy to use. Advanced elements, the manufacturers of this particular type of kayak also produce various other types of inflatable kayaks that are suitable for family events.


Specification Description
Best Use Flatwater kayaking
Material PVC-coated polyester/aluminum ribs
Hull Construction Inflatable
Length 10 ft. 5 in.
Width 34 inches
Weight 36 pounds
Seat Type Padded / foam
Number of Paddlers 1
Capacity 300 pounds
Foldable Yes

Our View

When it comes to price, this kayak comes in at mid entry level. It is perfect for beginners and advanced paddlers alike. And although it’s best used for flatwater, it has no problems in other waters such as the sea. However if you’re intention is to paddle primarily in sea related waters then perhaps you will find the Ocean Kayak 9.0 Frenzy as a more appropriate alternative option which is similar in price.

So would we recommend it? Well it certainly stacks up as a very good kayak. It’s important to take into account previous customer ratings before making any decision, and the Advanced Elements Advancedframe Inflatable Kayak received an average score of 4.60 out of 5 which is one of the highest of any of the inflatable kayak range.

Last modified: March 14, 2020