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Best Motorized Kayaks

Best 4 Motorized Kayak

You love kayaking but you also hate the concept of paddling for hours. Well, you are not alone mate and which is why kayak manufacturers have come up with a new fleet of motorized kayaks so that you can do away with the mundane task of paddling and rather concentrate on exploring the water world. Considered to be a new frontier in the kayaking world, Motorized kayaks are the newest addition to this field. Motorized Kayaks help to keep your energy level high.

I know this might offend some people but allow me to get this off my chest – kayaking sometimes boring! Yes, I just said that. Why not make it a little bit more interesting but adding an extra bit of thrust to your kayak by equipping it with a trolling motor. This is another great option that you can try apart from purchasing a full-fledge motorized kayak.

Another great option is Electric Kayak. Electric Kayaks can also help you reach the sweet spot faster and thus allowing you more time to catch fish or doing whatever you feel like.

Best 4 Motorized Kayaks

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1. Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136 Motorized Fishing Kayak

Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136 Motorized Fishing Kayak is a powerful motorized kayak that will make your kayaking trip a breeze. This motorized kayak comes equipped with Minn Kota trolling motor. You can have full control over this Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136 Motorized Fishing Kayak by utilizing its Bluetooth-connected i-Pilot remote.

Want to get to your favorite fishing spot fast? Well, in that case, you will have to put your trust in – Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136 Motorized Fishing Kayak. Cushioned floor pads are included that ensure greater comfort. Multiple rod holders are there to make it easier for you to keep your fishing rods safe and secure.

Textilene mesh seats can be removed from its position if you wish so. To increase its maneuverability, adjustable foot braces are included. Greater control over the boat is provided by its extra-large rudder which is excellent.

The maximum weight capacity of this Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136 Motorized Fishing Kayak is somewhere around 660 pounds which is more than enough for an average size paddler.

2. Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak is known for its unmatchable performance and unmissable stability on the water. This is a kayak that both beginners and advanced level kayakers can choose. This motorized kayak is highly customizable and it has ample storage space to accommodate all your fishing gears. The sit-on-top design makes the whole journey comfortable and relaxing.

Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak gets powered by its Pilot Drive Propeller System. You can even propel the boat in reverse effortlessly. Pilot Drive Propeller System is both powerful and lightweight and you can even control the rudder system with your one hand which is very convenient. The Pilot Drive pedal system does not make much noise and is highly efficient when it comes to performance.

To store tackles, cooler, etc, you have got enough storage options both in the rear and front end of this kayak.

3. Hobie 2020 Mirage Outback

Hobie 2020 Mirage Outback is setting a new trend in the market by allowing people to concentrate more on fishing rather than on paddling. This kayak is particularly designed for those people who love fishing on a kayak. It has got a spacious standing desk that works as a vantage point for sight fishing. The seat is really comfy and is wide enough to accommodate even with people with a large physique. It has ample space for storage and has also got 4-rod holders so that you don’t end up losing your precious fishing rod in the middle of some fishing mayhem.

Hobie 2020 Mirage Outback is powered by MirageDrive 180 with ARC Cranks + Turbo Fins. With this powerful motorized kayak, you will be able to navigate the water easily and effortlessly.

4. Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak is a perfect combination of strength, durability, and performance. Its radar is making full use of S.M.A.R.T. Hull Technology that has helped this kayak to increase its stability to a great extent. Known for its superior responsiveness and acceleration, Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak is making its mark felt in the industry by adding more space in its storage and by including Helix PD Pedal Drive.

Side scanning and down-imaging are both possible in this kayak. Ease of navigation is made possible thanks to the inclusion of a built-in steering control system. AirPro Max Seat is extremely comfortable for a long journey and it is also highly flexible.

How To Choose A Motorized Kayak – Buying Guide

1. Storage

People use motorized kayaks mainly for fishing and that means, you need to find a motorized kayak that has got ample storage space. Most motorized kayaks come equipped with dry hatch where paddlers can keep their kayaking accessories and electronic gadgets and they will be safe from rain and water. So, you need to check the storage space of each individual motorized kayak before coming to a conclusion.

2. Ease of Entry

You need to choose a motorized kayak that allows you to get in and out easily and effortlessly without destabilizing it in the process. Sit-on-Top kayaks are easy to get in and out but they impose some level of restrictions on your movements. Whereas Sit-On-Top kayaks allow greater freedom of movements while you are on it but they are a little unstable. But when it comes to motorized kayaks, the stability of the kayak does not matter that much because it will be powered by motors. You just have to decide between Sit-in Kayak and Sit-on-Top Kayak and that is all.

3. Battery

Since you will be paddling on a motorized kayak, you need to make sure that you have already purchased a high-quality trolling motor battery otherwise all your efforts might go wasted. You might also need to consider using an outboard motor cover to keep your trolling motor battery protected from dust and water when not in use.

4. Seat

The seta has to be comfortable. You simply can’t make any compromise here. Since you will be sitting on it for hours either to catch fishes or just to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, you need to make sure the seat is highly adjustable and it has to be extremely comfy at the same time.

5. Size

If you are planning to install a trolling motor to your kayak, you need to make sure that the kayak has enough room available to get this thing installed without making you feel uncomfortable throughout the journey. Large kayaks tend to be more stable than smaller ones. Moreover, large motorized kayaks mean will ensure that you will have enough rooms to change your sitting positions or move your legs and it will ensure a comfortable and exhilarating journey.

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