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How to Choose The right Kayak

How to Choose The right Kayak

Kayaking is one of the most popular and sought-after activities that people love to indulge in. A kayak will help you to reach a favored destination of your choice – a beautiful beachside, an estuary, or any other view or place that cannot be viewed from the shore. Additionally, kayaking also helps you in working out and just spending some time in the water.

Difference between Sit-In and Sit on Top Kayaks:

When choosing among kayaks, there are two main types – sit-ins and sit in tops. Here are a few key pointers that differentiate them from each other:

Sit in Kayaks Features

Sit in Kayaks are basically recreational boats, which are fast-moving and come with covered-cargo compartments. Some key features about such kayaks are:

  1. Paddling is more efficient in these types of kayaks
  2. You can position your body in such kayaks to assume better control, which is a very much needed requirement when kayaking in rough waters
  3. These boats are much suited for cool and breezy weathers

Sit-on-Top Kayaks Features

Sit on top Kayaks are boats which are more suited for lakes and light rivers, having quite a bit storage for overnight tours. Here are some key features of such kayaks:

  1. These kayaks are quite easy to get aboard on and can be used for rejuvenating, relaxing and light trips
  2. These types are generally heavier and are suitable for weathers where the waters are hot or warm
  3. The cargo space is not very accessible and is situated in the hollow hull

Factors that You Must Consider

However, to enjoy the kayaking, you need to first consider which kayak you should go for. There are many choices available in the market, but choosing the right kayak is of utmost importance. You need to determine the best kayak for you. Thus, here are a few tips that will help you select the best kayak for you:

Size and Shape

This is another thing that you must factor in as this determines the cargo space, which is yet another important factor to take into account.

Paddling Location

This is the first thing that you must think about. Where would you like to paddle – in a river, lake or in coast? This is important as this will help you streamline your selection. Sit inside or on top – This is yet another thing that you must focus on. What is your preference – do you like the traditional sit-in kayak, or do you like the airy sitting on top kayak? These questions will further help you in making your choice

Weight and Budget Considerations

This is one of the most important aspects that you must take into consideration. You need to assign a budget and decide on how much you want to spend on the kayak. Determining the weight is also a good step as the weight of the kayak is an important factor in the pricing of the kayak.

There are many kayak types, so make sure that you have given due thought and choose the one that is best for you.

Usage of the Kayak:

Another way to go about this is to think about the water type where you will be kayaking, and then make your purchase decision. Here are a few water types and the suitable kayaks for each:

Sea Coasts

Sea Coasts are vulnerable to tides, waves, winds quite frequently. Thus, if you wish to frequent into sea coasts, it is recommended that you purchase a kayak with a fixed-tracking fin, skeg, or one with a rudder. You can also go for an on-top sitting kayak as you will be able to enjoy the view, along with the winds and breeze.


If you wish to float on a river, then go for a stable and sturdy boat that can cut through the movement and turn rapidly. This could wither be a sit-in or on the top boat, but make sure it is sturdy and strong.


If you want to frequent the local lakes, then you can opt for any recreational kayak – either on top or sit in, as per your choice.  

Last modified: May 4, 2020