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Dagger Zydeco 11 Kayak Review

The Dagger Zydeco 11 kayak has a light weight, can be paddled easily and is also stable. The shape of the hull is streamlined with a lengthy waterline giving it maximum speed and still enables you to maneuver it through difficult technical spots. It also has an adjustable cockpit for maximum comfort.

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  • It has a bulkhead as well as a stern hutch for increased dry storage space.
  • Its long length helps to improve on speed.
  • It comes with a bungee conveniently positioned to give paddlers easy access to their gear.
  • The cockpit is well proportioned with enough room for maximum performance.
  • The cockpit is fitted with a knee pad with outer and inner brace options.
  • Padded seats that come with a leg lift and a height modifiable back-band for maximum protection.
  • The hull is made using polyethylene material thereby making it quite durable.
  • Soft touch hand-grips that allow you to carry the kayak comfortably.
  • The paddle park offers a suitable storage space for your paddles thereby protecting them from floating away.

Type of kayaking

It is suitable for white water and recreational kayaking. Its length, speed and its design enables it to travel over long distances hence the reason why it is a perfect choice for touring kayaking.


Beginners and intermediates will enjoy an easy time on the water as they paddle with ease. Advanced paddlers will also get to enjoy thrilling adventures performing well even in class 1 and 2 rapids.. As the manufacturing company, Dagger ensures that all its products go through extensive tests thereby always producing high quality kayaks that are team tested.


Best UseWhitewater
Hull ConstructionPlastic
Length11 ft
Width28 inches
Weight48 lbs
Seat TypePadded/Foam
Number of Paddlers1
Capacity325 pounds
Best Suited ForBeginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Our View

We found that the Dagger Zydeco 11 kayak to be very comfortable and compact. We also found it it be very stable whilst paddling, although it does have a tendency to turn instead of remaining straight when you stop. This though is a minor issue when you take into account all of the other benefits such as the comfortable seat and spacious cockpit size allowing for one to easily enter and exit.

The price point for the Dagger Zydeco 11 Kayak was also another attraction as it is priced fairly competitively at the medium end of the market. All in all a great kayak for all paddling enthusiasts.

Last modified: December 21, 2020