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Old Town Predator MK Fishing Kayak 13 Review

Old Town Predator MK Fishing Kayak

Old Town Predator MK Fishing Kayak 13 is powerful and robust built kayak which is specifically designed to help you relish your lost passion for thrill and excitements. Are you a fan of hand-free fishing? Well, in that case, you are going to love this Old Town Predator MK Fishing 13 Feet Kayak. It comes equipped with a powerful Minn Kota MK motor. Included is a foot-controlled rudder system that makes it super easy for the paddler to maneuver the kayak. The inclusion of rudder system allows paddler to focus on fishing rather than worrying about keeping the kayak straight.

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Weight 117.5 pounds
Seat TypeElement System
Propulsion Minn Kota Motor and Paddle
Capacity 600 pounds
Width 36 inches

Old Town Predator MK Fishing 13 Feet Kayak is extremely stable. The deck is made from slip resistant and that means, you can do fly fishing on it. The seat is comfy and highly adjustable and that means, you can fish for long hours without hurting your back.

Powered by Minn Kota MK motor, Old Town Predator MK Fishing 13 Feet Kayak allows you explore those unchartered territories that you have never explored before. Its 45 pounds of thrust will enable you to take your kayak to remote places and catch monstrous fish. Variable speed control options are also available with Minn Kota MK motor. Constructed from zinc-coated metal, Minn Kota MK motor is resistant to salt water. This motor has also got sonar mounting plate and for motoring extended period of time, Digital maximizer is included in it.

Looking for extra space to store all your gears and accessories like cooler etc? Well, you don’t have to worry at all as Old Town Predator MK Fishing Kayak has got Exo-Ridge Tank Well.

Old Town is one of the most well known and respected companies when it comes to kayaking, and they have a ton of featured products that kayakers everywhere have come to expect in the brand. From highly adjustable seating, to effective LT900 polyethylene plastic, all of their SOT kayaks are highly sought after, but their angling models are the best in the business.

The Predator 13 is Old Town’s most popular fishing kayak, and is a fish slaying monster. It is 13 feet long and comes with all of the features that you could possibly expect as a yakangler, along with some other unique features that you won’t find from any other kayak in the niche.

Predator 13 Features

Durability: The Predator is extremely durable, like most polyethylene models. Its tri-hull design gives superior stability and tracking while in the water.

Scuppers: This model features 8 scupper holes and are uniquely designed to keep water from entering into the cockpit area. They have a patent on the design and its one of its great qualities, including a scupper transducer.

Rod Holders: Offers plenty of dual-tip rod holders at the bow and side mounted retainers. Very convenient storing and casting.

Storage: Molded paddle rests on the side, and a very large exo-ridge tank well. Has an area for the installation of a trolling motor if you want one. Its hatch is quite large with enough space for gear bags and locks securely in place. Center console has room for many accessories, including fish finders/ GPS. Has a recessed scupper port which is designed to allow for a side imaging transducer. 6 removable mounting plates allow for extremely easy rigging.


As you can see, the Predator is loaded with features. Its main strengths include its 425 load capacity, stability, and storage space. There is room for tons additions and accessories.

Another huge perk to the Predator, is the seating system. It has three adjustments, and has the ability to accommodate larger anglers. When it comes to fishing, this is vital, because you don’t spend all of your time paddling, and you don’t spend all of your time casting or jigging either. The first seating angle is a travelers angle, and is designed to be upright and allow you to row with ease. The second angle is called “Attack”, and is designed for you to move around freely in the cockpit and fish. The third angle pushes the seat all the way back, giving you additional room to cast. This makes the model one of the more popular fly fishing kayaks on the market.


This model is thick, and is designed for stability and capacity, but not speed. Think of it as a battleship, so if your the racing or white water type, your better off going for the Vapor or the Wilderness Systems Tsunami.

Another draw back is its weight, and the price. This is quite heavy so if your weak, you may need to opt for something lighter.

Last modified: December 4, 2021