Sevylor Colossus 4-Person Inflatable Boat Review

The Sevylor Colossus 4-Person inflatable boat is guaranteed not to leak at the valve closures. It features a Double Lock™ valve system which locks in air two ways.

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A Look at the Boat

The best feature of the Colossus is the inflatable air floor for added comfort – as long as there aren’t more than two people in it.

Standard features

  • Double-lock valves
  • Includes 4 oars + 4 oarlocks
  • All-around grab line
  • NMMA Certified for safety/construction standards

Smaller Than it Looks

Size 9′ 6″ by 4′ 6″
Capacity 840 lbs
Weight 23.6 lbs
Air Chambers 3
Warranty 90 days

The Sevylor Colossus 4-Person inflatable boat is made of tough 23-gauge PVC material to protect the air chambers from being punctured. Leaky valves will also not be a problem as Sevylor’s AirTight System and Double-Lock™ valves are designed to keep air in. The boat manufacturer’s specs say it can hold up to 840 pounds, but we wouldn’t recommend any more than about 500 pounds for best results.

Reviews point out that there is not enough room in this craft for four adults. Even two adults and two children will not leave much space for gear. You should plan to use the Sevylor Colossus inflatable boat for fun and leisure, and not for using it on any serious river adventure. Even using it as a tender for a larger anchored boat will require a lot of tiring rowing effort. As for the paddles, several customer reviews mention that these cheap ones break easily so count on replacing those as soon as possible.

What We Say

While it is fine for floating down a lazy river, the Sevylor Colossus 4-Person inflatable boat isn’t something you want to paddle any distance. Even if oarlocks were properly located in the middle of the tubes (which they aren’t) rather than at the front and back, it would still be difficult to row.

The only other issue is the size: “Colossus” is an unrealistic name for an inflatable raft that is less than 10 feet long and only holds two people comfortably. If you take all these points into consideration and you are fine with them, then this $75 play boat is okay for some casual fun on the water. (In fact, if that’s all you need, then go with a better bargain in an 8′ Intex Seahawk Raft for $50.) Otherwise, you should step up to a real 4-person boat with the 11′ Intex 4-Boat that sells for around $110.

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