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Thule Portage Canoe Rack

Thule Portage Canoe Rack

Durable universal mount L-shaped brackets laterally stabilize canoe and feature weather resistant rubber padding to cushion and protect gunwales for the safest and most secure transport possible.

Canoes are long, heavy, and catch a lot of wind, so simply tying a canoe down with bailing twine on naked crossbars is one way it could end up in pieces on the side of the road. The Thule 819 Portage Canoe Rack features L-shaped brackets that prevent the canoe from sliding side to side due to road and wind forces while the padded, weather resistant bases protect the gunwales from dents and scratches.

Heavy duty load straps with rubber buckle covers are included along with a set of bow/stern tie downs for additional stability and security. Ramped edges assist with loading and unloading, but keep in mind, we are still talking about a canoe. For a more effective lift assist, see the Thule 847 Outrigger II. 819 Portage canoe carrier comes with tool free FlipFit brackets that are incredibly easy to use and fit virtually all crossbar systems. Fits Thule Aeroblade and other T-slot style bars with Xadapt 12 T-Track hardware kit (sold separately).


  • L-shaped brackets ensure canoe doesn’t budge during transit
  • Weather resistant rubber pads cushion and protect gunwales
  • Includes four canoe brackets to carry one canoe, as well as a set of heavy duty load straps with padded buckles and a set of ratcheting bow/stern tie downs
  • Corrosion resistant FlipFit universal mounting brackets have no loose parts and fasten easily and without tools to all styles of Thule Racks load bars and virtually all factory installed crossbars, as well as Inno Racks crossbars, Yakima Racks round bars, Whispbar and most other aftermarket roof rack systems
  • Flush mount for Thule Aeroblade and other T-slot style aero bars possible with Xadapt 12 T-Track hardware kit (sold separately)
  • Thule Racks Lifetime Warranty!
Last modified: January 22, 2021