Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks are truly the best choice especially for those who are new kayak owners. These kayaks are not only light in weight but are also very portable. These inflatable kayaks have been designed for all kinds of kayakers irrespective of whether they enjoy white water rapids or easy paddling. Coming to the price of these kayaks, they are quiet cheap when compared to hard sided boats and also remarkably durable and tough.

They are also known by names like IKs and duckies can easily be transported using carry bags. These kayaks are designed using hypalon that is a type of neoprene, PVC, polyurethane coated cloth, or Nytrylon that is a kind of rubberized fabric. You can inflate these kayaks using electric pumps, hand pumps, or by foot pumps. It contains multiple compartments and is least expensive and highly safe. Generally they make use of low pressure air.

There are many Inflatable Kayaks that are non-rigid and essentially pointed rafts that are best suited for calm water and rivers. Higher end inflatable have been designed so as to be seaworthy and hardy vessels. These kayaks are more popular because of their durability, portability, and their storage. Moreover, these are more stable and have small turning radius. You can easily master them but there are a few models that would require more effort for paddling and are slow as compared to traditional kayaks.

Some of the other advantages that come with Inflatable Kayaks are given below-:

  • They can be stored easily and require only little space. These kayaks are not hard-shell kayaks that cannot be deflated. They can be inflated and deflated as well as packed into their storage bag and easily get stored in closet. Those individuals who stay in small spaced homes or condos, these kayaks will get stored easily without making any space issue for them.
  • You can easily transport them by keeping them on your car roof. They can also be folded and carried into backpack because they are sufficiently light. You can carry these inflatable kayaks on airplane thereby enjoy them during your vacations. It would be a great convenience and a thrilling experience for those who love exploring foreign waterways. There are many people who love carrying their own kayaks in RV for this reason.
  • They are available in an extremely rugged construction. There are several Inflatable Kayak manufacturers who are making rugged and high quality kayaks that can bear real beating as well as last for longer duration. Nowadays, kayaks are not considered as pool toys instead they are regarded as actual boats that should be made in a way so as to withstand excessive amount of abuse include the dog paws.
  • Inflatable Kayaks are inexpensive. When compared to the price of hard-shell kayak, these kayaks are less expensive and more durable as well as portable.
  • Several users who have used these kayaks say that they are high in performance. The performance of a kayak is based on its quality. However, maximum kayaks offer decent performance, reach to some very high speed, and track well. Over the years, the performance of Inflatable Kayaks have drastically improved and they have started giving tough competition to hard-shell counterparts both in terms of money as well as performance.
  • These kayaks are light in weight. This is one of the best features of Inflatable Kayaks. They come in fair weight and one single kayak can easily be carried by a single person as well as it’s much easier to enter into water as compared to its hard-shell counterpart.
  • Using Inflatable Kayaks is truly a fun and enjoying experience. They are well suited for every type of water. They offer excessive fun irrespective of the kayaker’s age. These kayaks can easily be paddled by one and all and are both safe and stable to use, so excellent for fishing, dogs, and families.
  • These kayaks are made from hypalon and this material is resistant to extreme temperatures, ultraviolet light, salt water, and chemicals. Moreover, this material is highly durable and has longer life expectancy when compared to PVC. They are also much more resistant towards abrasion during dry weather conditions and show better air retention during cold conditions. Their rubber like quality helps in their easy handling.

There are several manufacturers of Inflatable Kayaks and they are making some of the best kayaks in the world. With the advancement in technology, now kayaks have become much more strong, reliable, safe, and portable. If you purchase an inflatable kayak from some branded manufacturer, you’ll definitely get a few years warranty.

Those who plan for some overnight campaigning or trips should make use of inflatable kayaks because they are highly portable, have lesser weight, and can be easily carried by individuals on their back. Among the many wonderful features that Inflatable Kayaks have, one is that they carry some hundreds of pounds weight but themselves weigh only few pounds. If you purchase a kayak that can carry 2 individuals, it also permits them for carrying their equipments and gears. They don’t require too much of maintenance and hence save your considerable amount of money.

Kayakers living in apartment should purchase inflatable kayaks mainly because they don’t require too much space for storage and can fit in lock-up stores or even in garages. Moreover, for inflating these kayaks, one would not need fitting of roof bars in their vehicle. Those who are old-aged, for them inflatable kayak would be much suitable as they weigh somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds so it becomes easy for them to carry these kayaks.

They require simple maintenance that is simple wiping, leaving them to dry, folding them and storing them in their carrying bags. On the other hand if you purchase rigid kayak, you’ll not be provided with such simple maintenance. The range of Inflatable Kayaks is between $200 and $400. Within this range, you will find a huge collection of kayaks in both offline and online stores.