Best Touring Kayaks

Most people on earth would rather sit in front of their TVs or go on some vacation to enjoy their days. However, there are some people who just cannot keep themselves bound by everything normal. They want adrenaline rush to feel what it is like to be alive. Some even need it!

While many of them get their adrenaline rush by going on mountaineering, sky diving and engaging in other extreme sports, a select few choose kayaking for the purpose.

If you are one of them, then this post is for you. It will tell you which four touring kayaks assure you the most value for your money at the moment.

Following expert advice when picking a touring kayak is important because touring kayaks can be tricky! That’s why I’ve done the hard work for you and given you my pick of the 4 best touring kayaks for the money.

Choosing the right touring kayak is not some children’s play. That is because while some varieties of kayaks do not really expose you to any danger, touring kayaks can expose you to a variety of dangers if not selected carefully. It is vital that you consider factors such as hull style, length, stability, chamber presence, storage and others while choosing a touring kayak. In fact, taking into account different aspects is more necessary when it comes to picking a touring model compared to picking some other kind of kayak. If you choose the wrong kind of touring kayak, you may unnecessarily expose yourself to a lot of danger!

Top 4 Touring Kayaks

To relieve the pressure of having to decide which touring kayak to pick on your part, I have prepared this list containing four of the most excellent touring models:

1. Expedition from Advanced Elements

The Expedition Kayak is a boat that can only be understood after use and is #1 on my list of the best touring kayak for the money. This kayak takes pride in its low center of gravity, and that is the reason why you can easily paddle on it while not having to compromise on stability at all. In fact, this model is one of the most stable touring models available in the entire market this year. For any kayak, that is a great honor! Additionally, you get nine different chambers fitted to it which work together to give rise to optimum buoyancy. Other than that, setting up the kayak is made easy by the presence of spring valves of high-flow variety and twist-lock valves.

The seat of this kayak provides lumbar support and is conveniently adjustable. And the kayak features a deck which has slightly raised design in order to provide great riding comfort. Its raised deck style is the main reason why people love to paddle for really long hours on it. The Expedition Kayak, further, features a hull that is really strong. The great thing about this model is that you get aluminum ribs with it also, which improve tracking and define bow and stern.

2. Aruba Kayak from Sun Dolphin

In case of any kayak, how the hull is designed holds supreme importance. That is because the hull primarily determines the ability of a boat or kayak to turn and track. The good news is that the Aruba has a hull that has excellent design, allowing for optimal tracking, as well as turning. And so, handling the boat even in highly unstable waters is not very challenging. Additionally, for storage, you get one unit featuring rigging.

The adjustable seat of the kayak gives you back support, ensuring great comfort. You can adjust the foot braces, as well. That means, you can easily go on paddling for a really long time without making your feet exhausted. Note that the kayak features one spray deflector collar, too. The dimensions of the kayak being 10 feet by 30 inches by 13 inches, it not only proves great for experts, but also very suitable for beginners. The kayak weighs nearly 40 pounds, and has the capacity to hold 250 pounds.

3. KL Industries Dolphin Bali Kayak

The highlight of this model is the presence of great tracks, and quality paddles. Other than that, the boat features a convenient portable accessories carrier which enables you to store some extra items. It is like having an extra backpack! The carrier is not the only place where you can store things, though. On your deck, you also get a compartment for dry storage which has shock cord rigging.

Getting into the kayak and getting out of it is really easy because of the top open cockpit design. Plus, you are allowed to adjust the foot braces and the paddle holder conveniently to increase overall comfort and enhance control.

There are some kayaks that are just average, there are others that are just good. But, this one is neither. This one is one of the best kayaks in the market, and so, only deserves to be described as ‘great’.

4. Old Town Sportsman Discovery Solo 119 Fishing Canoe

It is a highly esteemed touring kayak in the world right now. However, keep in mind that it is not for those folks who are just looking for something to get by. That is because it costs quite high for a recreational kayak; and that is the beauty and the curse of it. If you do not care about money much and just want the best you can get, then this one is for you. This kayak is often regarded as the most comfortable touring choice at present because of its spacious cockpit. Also, its polyethylene hull is quite great, too.

In terms of looks, you may find it quite identical to the Sport Fisher; however, paddling on it is much more comforting an experience than paddling on the Fisher. You can easily set the kayak for maximum comfort by adjusting your seat, as well as your thigh pads. The padding on the flex seat makes sitting really satisfying. Other than that, the foot braces allow you to control the kayak excellently. What’s more is that you get cockpit dashboard featuring paddle park, too. For coffee lovers, there is even a real nice cup holder that is fitted in the cockpit.

Remember that most of the above models will not become yours for low amounts of money. But then, great products never come cheap!


Trust my judgment and go with one of the options mentioned above and you won’t regret your decision. If you feel I may have missed out on a great touring kayak, please let me know and I’ll have this list updated.