Write for Us

If you want to write for KayakManual.com, we’re open to all topics as long as they are related to kayaking. We don’t discriminate between these two sports. Please contact us before you start writing. When we say kayaks, we mean either kayaks or canoes. We do not cover surfboards to any significant extent.

However, this is how you get published on www.kayakmanual.com:

1) You must submit your article to info@kayakmanual.com and get approval from us prior to publishing it anywhere else online (unless we give you permission otherwise).

2) The topic should be related to the sport of kayaking in some way and should pass our muster if we were discussing it at a bar without disclosing that you wrote it for us (not just “valid” but interesting enough to discuss). Keep in mind that while there’s no such thing as a stupid question, there are some topics that we just won’t cover.

3) Your topic should be more than an ad for your business/site/product (no “click here” links). If you want to do a review of your own product or service, no problem – but please make sure it is interesting and relevant to the readers (not just self promotion).

4) Make sure your article is no less than 800 words and no longer than 2 pages in length. We will not post articles with less than 400 words unless they’re really good. If we don’t like what you write, we’ll let you know why and how to fix it.

5) Be sure to follow our style guide very closely – it will help make your submission better and easier for us to edit before we publish it on our website. The most important thing we value in the articles coming from guest authors is their readability, with an emphasis on proper grammar and punctuation. Please make absolutely sure to have your article proofread even more thoroughly by a third party before you send it in to us!

Writers are encouraged to contact us via e-mail at info@kayakmanual.com or using the form on our “contact” page with their idea for a new blog post before sending over the finished copy of the article. When you’re ready, simply attach your work as a Word document (.doc) , PDF, Google Docs file or supplying us with a link where we can download it from (for example Dropbox). You can also provide an image that goes along with your article if possible – this may increase your chances of getting published on our website greatly!