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Backward Sweep Stroke in Kayaking

Reverse sweep Strokes are easy to learn. Just keep in mind to put safety first every time you try a particular technique and do it the right way. Know the basic maneuvers properly so you will have a good foundation for other skills that you will learn as you gain experience.

Reverse Sweep Stroke

The Reverse Sweep Stroke is another important and powerful turning technique to learn. Do this for a quick turn, or if you want to head back to the other direction. This technique is used to turn a stationary Kayak. Unlike the Forward Sweep Stroke, it should not be done when moving forward, as this will only stop the boat. Learn how to turn using the Reverse Sweep Stroke in this section:

Time needed: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Here is the Step By Step Guide to Reverse Sweep Stroke

  1. Look At The Direction

    Look at the direction where you want to go. Rotate your torso and place the Kayaking Paddle blade in the water as close to the stern as you comfortably can. Use the back side of the blade, with the front side towards the boat.

  2. Sweep the blade out in the widest arc

    With your lower arm straight and your other arm not higher than shoulder level, sweep the blade out in the widest arc that you can make. Make sure that the blade is completely submerged as you swing the blade away from the stern.

  3. Lean Forward

    Lean forward as you complete the arc. This will enable you to reach as far forward as possible.

  4. Take it Out of The Water

    When the blade is near the front end of the boat, take it out of the water. Do not let it catch your boat, otherwise, it may capsize.

Practice this technique in order to make smooth, powerful turns. If you combine the Reverse Sweep Stroke with the Forward Sweep Stroke, you will be able to turn around successfully.

Last modified: December 4, 2021