Beginning and End of Kayaking Season

Beginning and End of Kayaking Season

People who are new to kayaking often wonder about the right season to indulge in the activity. It is a question to which you will find several answers! There are seasoned kayakers who will tell you there is a season for kayaking but the timing for that will vary from one’s version to another. You have to think of your comfort level and preferences for beginning kayaking in a year or pausing it for some time. 

The Ideal Season For Kayaking

A majority of kayaking lovers prefer the months in spring and summer. The weather stays warm and there is simply no question of water getting frozen in those months. Those who love camping in the wilderness along with kayaking, choose the months in spring. However, depending on where you live, sometimes you may get caught unaware by unexpected rainstorm in the summer months, while kayaking. So, watching the weather updates is the best option. 

Weighing In The Personal Preferences And Comfort Level

Before getting onto that age-old question of picking the right kayaking season, you have to assess the individual preference and comfort level. A majority of kayakers prefer paddling in the months of fall and autumn for the pleasant weather. However, there is a section of people who prefer the early months of winter! They prefer the reduced crowd on the lakes and rivers in those months. However, seasoned kayaking lovers do not mind paddling even in the days of monsoon when the water can be absolutely unpredictable! 

There are people who indulge in kayaking with additional goals in mind. For example, there are avid kayakers who also love seeing marine wildlife species while paddling. If you have plans to watch the Orcas and dolphins playing around when you paddle in the Ocean, you may have to pick from specific timings of the year. The same can be said about those who are interested in capturing nature and wildlife images while paddling in the river and lakes. 

You also need to think about your existing health factors and skill level in kayaking before picking a time. If you are susceptible to cold, evading kayaking in the colder months is advisable. Sometimes, kayaking in open water can become risky. This can happen during thunderstorms and torrential winds. Those can make water in the ocean and river turbulent quickly. Handling such waves can be tough for someone who is new to kayaking. It can enhance the risk of capsize.

When Can You Resume Kayaking After Winter?

Again, this will depend on the climate pattern of your region. The snow cover on the rivers and lakes do not start melting on the same date everywhere! There are some regions where people are able to resume kayaking in February. You should watch nature and sign of blossoms appearing is a good indicator in this regard. 

If you are fond of kayaking in rivers, picking the right time may be a little tricky. Some rivers have enough flow of water all along the year. However, there are rivers that become really shallow in the summer months and you have to wait until the onset of monsoon to indulge in paddling in those places. 

Is It Not Suited To Kayak In Colder Months?

That largely depends on where you live. In most places, you should not face hardship in kayaking in the early days of winter. The months of September to November are usually suited for kayaking, even in the colder climate regions. You will have to dress up properly to cope with the cold, though. However, ensure that you stay updated on the climate news. If the snowfall has begun, it does not make sense to venture out kayaking. Carrying additional waterproof clothing is a prerequisite while kayaking in the winter months. 

Summing It Up

Picking the right time for enjoying kayaking depends on a few factors, as it is. While there is a season followed by the majority of kayakers, individual comfort level and likings also matter. It is better if you evade the harsh weather days when you are new to kayaking. In any case, you will have to stay updated on weather before venturing out for kayaking.

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