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Best Kayak Float Bags For the Money

Love it or hate it, but we can’t simply overlook the obvious fact that kayaks do get capsized every now and then. This is the reason why it is imperative for us to have a kayak float bag available otherwise we all will have a hard time doing wet exit once the boat turns turtle. At some point of time, your boat will capsize (no matter how many years of kayaking experience you have) and which is why you need to have kayak airbags.

Be it a standard-sized river kayak or a small canoe, Kayaking float bags can be fitted in them all. The good news is Kayak float bags are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. In case, you like whitewater kayaking, you can opt for triangular-shaped float bags that can be fitted on the central pillar of the kayak. Kayak airbags can also be fitted in the bow of a kayak.

However, some people may argue that there is no need to waste your hard-earned money on kayak float bags, as most modern kayaks are designed to stay afloat in even extreme weather conditions. Kayak float bags make kayak recusing a little less complicated as well. Kayak float bags usually get stored either in the compartment or in the form of a boat. They play a pivotal role in the wet exit process by pushing the kayak a bit higher in the water in the case of capsizing. Besides that, kayak float bags help displace a good amount of water and thus making the process of kayak rescuing far less cumbersome and complicated.

While purchasing a kayak float bags, you need to take into consideration some factors like – the size of the compartment. The compartment size of the kayak needs to be measured precisely first and then you need to find a kayak float bag which is slightly bigger than that measurement.

Of late, some companies have gone one step further. They are now trying to combine the concepts of the dry bag and float bags to offer their customers best of both worlds. These mixed float bags are serving dual purposes these days. These accessories help you keep your clothes and gadgets dry and clean apart from helping you make a wet exit in case of capsizing.

Emptying a boat after it gets capsized gets a lot less complicated if you have not already put kayak float bags inside the kayak.  

Best 8 Kayak Float Bags

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Now, finding the right kayak float bag for your kayak means, you will have to go through hundreds of different varieties of kayak float bags. It is frustrating and time-consuming. To help you out, here we have reviewed the best 8 kayak float bags that money can buy –

1. Harmony Gear 3D End Canoe Flotation Bag

Harmony Gear 3D End Canoe Flotation Bag is a sturdy and high-quality kayak float bag. Harmony Gear 3D End Canoe Flotation Bag will help you displace unwanted water from the boat in case of an eventuality. Unlike a vinyl float bag, this kayak float bag is extremely durable and puncture-proof. Thanks to the inclusion of big valve, Harmony Gear 3D End Canoe Flotation Bag can be inflated and deflated easily and fast.

Harmony Gear 3D End Canoe Flotation Bag helps paddlers avoid obstacles easily while paddling in the river. Made from Military-grade nylon, this kayak float bag is extremely lightweight and the company also offers lifetime warranty on its product which is impressive by any standard.

2. Harmony Bow Flotation Bag: Kayak

Harmony Bow Flotation Bag for Kayaks worth every single penny spent on it. This kayak float bag is ideal for recreational kayaks but if you wish, you can use it on other types of kayaks as well.  Harmony Bow Flotation Bag can come in handy in case your boat gets capsized and you have to displace as much water from the kayak as possible to retrieve the boat and to make a re-entry. To make the process of inflation even more simplified, an inflation tube has been incorporated into the design.

To seal the air, a twist valve is appended to the inflation hose. The dump valve is also included in this Harmony Bow Flotation Bag to speed up the deflation process. What is even more remarkable is the fact that this kayak float bag can withstand extreme heat quite successfully and that means there is very little possibility of this kayak float bag getting burst because of intense expansion due to heat. 

3. Harmony Vinyl Rodeo Kayak Floatation Bag with Stern

Harmony Vinyl Rodeo Kayak Floatation Bag with Stern need at least two playboats in order to achieve the right level of floatation. To minimize the possibility of tear-out, tie-ins are detached from air holding cells. To seal air passage, the company has attached a twist valve on the inflation hose.

To simplify the process of deflation, high capacity dump valve has been incorporated in the design as well. The temperature-regulating mechanism is used to ensure that this kayak float bag does not expand too much when gets heated.

4. Oru Kayak Float Bags (Set of 2)

You can easily fit this Oru Kayak Float Bags into the stern and bow of your kayak. Considered to be a perfect substitute of old foam floats, Oru Kayak Float Bags can hold air pretty well. Both these kayak float bags are easy to inflate and deflate.

Oru Kayak Float Bags allow you to stay buoyant in choppy water. It has a compact design and it is puncture-resistant too. You don’t need a pump to get this kayak float bag inflated. What is remarkable about Oru Kayak Float Bags is that it does not get submerged even when the boat gets capsized. It is virtually impossible to sink.

5. NRS Kayak Stern Float Bags

NRS Kayak Stern Float Bags eliminate the possibility of your kayak getting pinned under some underwater objected in case of a boat capsize. If you have a standard size kayak, NRS Kayak Stern Float Bag is going to help you to stay afloat. Without these kayak stern float bags, your kayak will start behaving like a heavy submarine and you are going to face a lot of trouble when trying to bring it to the surface. It will need superhuman strength to pump all the water out of the submerged water and which is why it makes so much sense to opt for a pair of NRS Kayak Stern Float Bags.

They make wet exit so much easy. NRS Kayak Stern Float Bags help keep the kayak float on the surface. The boat will stay close to the surface. NRS Kayak Stern Float Bags will potentially stop your kayak from sinking to the bottom of the lake or river.

Constructed from 10-gauge urethane material, NRS Kayak Stern Float Bags rarely flatten or leak no matter how bad the conditions are.

6. Harmony Vinyl Mini Kayak Floatation Bag with Bow

Harmony Vinyl Mini Kayak Floatation Bag with Bow held up against all odds. Just get it inflated properly and then stick the Harmony Vinyl Mini Kayak Floatation Bag with Bow in the hull and forget all about it. This small kayak float bag seems sturdy enough to withstand rough conditions. For faster deflation, high capacity dump valve has been included in the design.

7. NRS Standard Kayak Flotation

NRS Standard Kayak Flotation can be fitted perfectly in the bow of your kayak. Inclusion of D-Ring and long inflation hose make it super easy to inflate the kayak float bag. The changes in the temperature do not have any major impact on its inflation. If you wish to put it in the kayak’s front end, you will have to use a storage hatch cover.

Rarely does it leak and the credit goes to a Urethane material that has been used in the making of NRS Standard Kayak Flotation.

8. Harmony Float Bag Set

Harmony Float Bag Set is an ideal solution for all those people who are looking for a perfect set of kayak float bags for their boat. This set contains two stern bags and two bow bags. The possibility of a tear-out has been ruled out successfully by isolating the air holding cell from the tie-ins.

The temperature gets regulated automatically and that means, the chances of Harmony Float Bags getting exploded due to thermal expansion.

What Are Kayak Float Bags For?

Kayak float bags either gets stored in the aft or in the fore of the compartment. It is designed to stop your kayak getting submerged. Another feature of kayak float bag is its ability to displace a good amount of water and thus making it easier for people to rescue a kayak once it gets capsized.  

Last modified: December 21, 2020