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Best Kayak Racks for Nissan Titan

Nissan Titan is designed for those guys who like to drive long distance. It is ideal for those people who like to spend more time outdoors while getting involved in some form of outdoor activities be it kayaking or its likes. But in order to get the kayak transported to its final destination i.e. your favorite water source, Nissan Titan needs to be equipped with a proper kayak rack otherwise things might go horribly wrong during the transportation process. You have got two options here – either purchase a bed extender or a utility rack. To make your job easier, here we have listed the best Kayak Racks for Nissan Titan that money can buy –

Best 5 Kayak Racks for Nissan Titan

1. ROLA 59799 Haul-Your-Might Rack for Nissan Titan

For fitting on Nissan Titan, try the ROLA 59799 Haul-Your-Might Rack. It is a durable rack that is ideal for carrying kayaks for long-distance. The bar is made up of steel and high-strength aluminum. It gets a black powder paint finish and so you need not think about rust issues. The Crossbars are lockable and their carrying capacity is 800 pounds. So, you can carry really large kayaks using it. The bar weighs close to 30 pounds.

Once you assemble the rack properly, the performance will be very good. The stainless-steel hardware can cope with rough use. The company offers assembly guidelines on its website and those are easy to follow. However, the crossbar is a bit too high and this can be problematic for a section of users. Some amount of customization may be necessary.

2. AA-Racks Model APX25 Pick-Up Truck Ladder Rack

Buy the AA-Racks Model APX25 Extendable Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Ladder Rack for Nissan Titan. The installation is hassle-free and you won’t have to do any drilling for that. The racks are powder-coated to ensure rusting does not take place easily. The rack is capable of taking a load up to 800 pounds. You get universal mounting clamps with it for simple installation. While the rack is not exactly lightweight, it is made sturdy. It weighs 40.2 pounds.

3. Thule Hull-a-Port XT Rooftop Kayak Carrier

For use with Nissan Titan, go for the Thule Hull-a-Port XT Rooftop Kayak Carrier. The rack’s unique dual position design ensures you can accommodate kayaks of varying sizes and shapes with ease. It has a foldable design. Since the rack comes assembled, setting it up does not take much time. Its total load capacity is 130 pounds. At 12.5 pounds, this rack is lightweight. Build quality is top-grade, as expected from a Thule product.

Once the rack is installed in the right way, the user experience will be amazing. While loading 2 kayaks on the rack is possible, that you will have to buy an additional set of straps. The design is aerodynamic and that ensures wind noise remains minimal, even when driving the vehicle at high speed. The setup guidelines bundled with the pack are clear and easy to follow.

4. Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Rack

The Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Rack is good for Nissan Titan. The rack is foldable and comes with all required fixtures. Its embedded loading ramps ensure kayak loading and removal is a breeze. The JAWZ mounting hardware ensures the rack sits snugly on all types of load bars. Its load capacity is 75 pounds. The rack weighs only 5.31 kgs.

The rack is solidly built. It does generate some amount of wind noise but that is not a deal-breaker. While the company says the rack fits on all types of load bars, they work the best with square racks.  The provided straps are of good quality. It comes with a protective nylon sleeve atop bar padding and that works better than foam pads. The only point of concern is the plastic pivot used to lower and raise the rack. It is somewhat flimsy –in stark contrast with the other components used. The bundled greyscale setup guideline is not so good and you may check out the web guidelines.

5. LEADRACKS Kayak Roof Rack

For Nissan Titan, try the LEADRACKS Kayak Roof Rack. It lets you carry up to 2 kayaks and the maximum loading capacity is 220 pounds. Setting it up is simple and it has a 180-degree foldable design. Its quality Aluminum body resists rust formation and keeps weight on the lighter side. The rack comes with a thick sponge and a padded base. So, your kayaks will remain in good shape. The rack weighs less than 10 kgs. Its silver and the black color combination look nice.

Last modified: April 24, 2021