Best Kayak Racks for Tesla Model 3

Best Kayak Racks for Tesla Model 3

Contrary to what most people believe, Tesla Model 3 can comfortably carry a standard size kayak without causing much trouble along the way. What is interesting to note is that when the vehicle first comes out, Tesla did not have any plan to come up with a roof rack compatible with this model. However, there is one silver lining and that is Tesla Model 3 has got mounting points placed under the weatherstripping. In order to transport a kayak on its roof, you need to make sure that the roof rack that you are planning to purchase has already been approved by Tesla. There are few factors that you need to carefully weigh on before making the final call. You should not discount factors like wind-resistance as it can have dramatic impacts on its overall performance.

Best 6 Kayak Racks for Tesla Model 3

YAKIMA EvenKeel Rooftop Mounted Boat Rack

Your Tesla Moodle 3 is a sleek car to flaunt on city roads and it can also cope with occasional highway trips. However, you can be a little adventurous and take it on distant kayaking trips. Equip the car with the YAKIMA EvenKeel Rooftop Mounted Boat Rack and you will have a great time. It is good for carrying 1 kayak and its weight load capacity is 80 pounds. The rack works with Yakima crossbars of varying shapes. It ships with all the necessary hardware and straps. Since the unit is fully assembled, setting it up will be a breeze. The design is theft-proof and its build quality is superb.

Yakima – SweetRoll Rooftop Mounted Boat Loader

Are you on the lookout for a lightweight yet sturdy kayak rack for your Tesla Model 3? Do not waste your time and settle for the Yakima – SweetRoll Rooftop Mounted Boat Loader. It weighs less than 8 pounds and builds quality is simply great. You can use it to carry one kayak within 80 pounds. This unit will fit on most third-party cross bars without woes. Its Spring-loaded base adjusts to the boat automatically. This Yakima carrier for kayaks comes pre-assembled and so you will be able to set it up within a few minutes. You may have to cut the straps a bit as they are long. Another minor gripe is that the unit may produce a whistling sound when you drive the car at high speeds. You will do better by reading the manual carefully. Build quality, like most Yakima units, is quite impressive.

Thule Hull-a-Port Rooftop Kayak Carrier

Do you feel like taking your Tesla Model 3 for a spin to the kayaking destinations on some weekends? Buy a kayak rack for that. Try the Thule Hull-a-Port Rooftop Kayak Carrier and you will like the experience. This rack has a Wide mouth J-profile design. The company uses Thick all-weather pads. The unit also has a rust-resistant coating and so longevity will not be an issue. Its quality Buckle Bumper will ensure your car roof will not get dented easily. You can expect Thule quality and components like straps and cushion on the top of the unit are rugged too. It is made of sturdy metal. However, the setup directions could be a little more detailed. The setup goes without any glitch and takes little time.

Thule Hull-a-Port Aero Rooftop Kayak Carrier

Your Tesla Model 3 is good for urban driving but that does not mean you can’t take the beast on wheels to long-distance kayaking trips. Buy the Thule Hull-a-Port Aero Rooftop Kayak Carrier and you will face no problems. The rack is sturdy and stylish and weighs just 15.2 pounds. In stacker mode, you can carry 2 kayaks while in saddle mode, the rack accommodates 1 kayak. Its Universal mounting hardware eases the installation process. The maximum load capacity of the rack is 130 pounds. The company packs in all accessories for setup and the provided manual is pretty detailed too. It is compatible with most Thule crossbars. Build quality of every component is superb like it is with Thule branded products. It also comes with a lock and key and so you get peace of mind.

Thule HullaPort Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier

Are you not sure about what kayak rack to buy for your Tesla Model 3? Try the Thule HullaPort Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier and the experience will be worth it. This is one sturdy and sleek-looking rack. The rack weighs less than 13 pounds but the build quality is very good. Owing to the J-style design and a nifty PFD lever, operating the rack is a breeze. The rust-resistant rack is ideal for carrying kayaks up to 75 pounds. You get all fixtures in the pack. It will fit on most Thule rack systems. The design is aerodynamic and that will help you in saving energy. Installing the rack is simple and you will not need much time for it as well. You get an instructional guide in the pack too. Thule offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on it.

Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Car Rack

The Tesla Model 3 is a sleek and superb car for all city transport needs. You may also take it to occasional kayaking trips after setting up a kayak rack atop. For the car, you can try the Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Car Rack. This sleek J-style kayak carrier comes with an innovative boarding ramp. Owing to its JAWZ mounting hardware, you can set up the rack on most third-party factory cross rails. Its maximum load capacity is 75 pounds. The rack itself weighs only 10 pounds. The bundled setup guideline may not be adequate for some users. So, you may look for web-based instructions.

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