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Best Kayak Stackers

Kayak Stackers are known for their extreme space saving capability. They save up to 50% crossbar space and that means, you will easily be able to transport 4/5 kayaks at one go. By arranging boats in an upright position, Kayak Stackers help free up space that can be utilized for storing other adventure sports gears.

All you have to do is to stack one kayak against another and these Kayak Stackers will keep them in a stable position throughout the journey. Some of the major advantages of Kayak rack stackers is that they are extremely stable in nature, highly affordable and you can install them on the roof your car without taking any assistance from anyone else.

Top 4 Best Kayak Stackers

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Since there hundreds of varieties of Stackers available in the market, choosing the best kayak rack stacker for your vehicle is never an easy task. To help you out, we have listed the best 4 Kayak Rack Stackers –

1. Thule The Stacker

Undoubtedly, Thule The Stacker is one of the best Kayak Roof Stackers available in the market. Thule The Stacker is extremely easy to install and you can even remove it from the car without burning many calories. It draws its durability from its steel body and it has a non-scratch outer coating.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Can withstand rough weather
  • Compatible with almost all rack systems
  • Maximum weight capacity 75 lbs
  • Can carry 4 boats at maximum

2. Malone Stax Pro2

On a standard car roof, you can easily transport 2 kayaks without facing any hassle if you decide to install Malone Stax Pro2. Economical and efficient, Malone Stax Pro2 allows you to transport your prized possession i.e. kayaks without compromising anything on the safety front. To offer support to the boats, octagonal aluminum posts are included in this set. Mounted to the car’s rooftop load bars, these aluminum posts are designed to offer strength and support to the kayaks so that they don’t get displaced during the transportation.

To secure the kayaks to the posts, 12-foot long load straps should be used. These octagonal aluminum posts and the load straps help stabilize the kayaks. Foam stackers are included and they do an excellent job when it comes to absorbing the shocks. When kayaks are stacked side by side, this Malone Stax Pro2 can help you transport four standard sizes kayaks at one go.


  • Stable, durable and strong
  • 4 foam Stacker Blocks included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • H.D. polypropylene load straps
  • Bow and Stern safety tie-downs

3. Yakima BigStack Boat Rack

Just like any other Kayak Roof Stackers, Yakima BigStack Rooftop Stacker Boat Rack allows you to transport 4 kayaks without causing the slightest wobble in the transit. When you are not using it, you can fold it down and this will dramatically improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Yakima BigStack Boat Rack is compatible with almost all kind of roof racks like square bars, Yakima round bars etc.


  • Built around steel tube frame that adds to its greater strength
  • Stern Tie-Downs and Heavy-Duty Straps included
  • Padding included keeping your kayaks protected in the transit
  • Integrated ramp system
  • Maximum carrying capacity is 4 kayaks

4. Yakima Kayak Stacker

If you are finding it hard to tie down boats on the roof of your car with straps, you need to check out Yakima Kayak Stacker. Yakima Kayak Stackers have arrow-top hooks that make it super easy to tie off kayaks with elan and ease. Its vinyl-coated steel posts are scratch resistant and they offer superior support to kayaks. When paired with crossbar pads, these Stackers can offer a remarkable level of protection to your kayaks from scratches.


  • Stern Tie-Downs and Heavy-Duty Straps Included
  • Straps with coated metal buckles
  • Vinyl-coated steel posts
  • Compatible with almost all types of car rack systems
Last modified: June 3, 2021