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Best Kayaks Under $200

Best Kayaks Under $200

So, you are looking for a kayak and you have got a small budget of around $200, right? Well, there is no reason to get nervous because you can easily get your hands on a reliable kayak that will not make you pay an arm or a leg. Kayaks under $200 are definitely not designed for seasoned kayakers as they always look for advanced features that most amateur kayakers like you and I are most likely to ignore. These kayaks are mostly designed and developed for newbies who just like to test the water before investing a lump sum amount. Contrary to what conventional wisdom says, kayaks under 200 dollars can last really long. Now finding the right kayak that fits your small $200 budget and your requirements is not an easy task. This is the reason why we have listed some of the best kayaks available under $200 here so that you don’t have to waste your money anymore –

Best 5 Kayaks Under $200

1. Intex 68310VM Dakota K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Intex 68310VM Dakota K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak lets you explore the water world without making you pay an astronomical amount for that. Go out in style on this Intex 68310VM Dakota K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak and experience the natural beauties all around you. Intex 68310VM Dakota K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak is a truly versatile kayak that can take a lot of beating. Designed for two persons, this under $200 kayak comes fitted with 3 separate air chambers and it is made from puncture-resistant vinyl that makes it extremely durable.

To make it more rigid, Intex 68310VM Dakota K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak has got an inflatable I-beam floor. The maximum weight capacity of this kayak is somewhere around 400 pounds. It can move on a dime and can track on a straight line. Its seats are highly adjustable in nature and they can be moved to make you feel more comfortable. Use the short skeg to turn the kayak fast in any direction you like and to keep the kayak straight, you need to use the long skeg.

2. Intex Tacoma K2 Inflatable Kayak

Sleek and nimble, Intex Tacoma K2 Inflatable Kayak can comfortably accommodate two people. It comes fitted with 3 separate air chambers that will help this kayak stay afloat no matter what. You will get a hi-output pump, 2 paddles along with this Intex Tacoma K2 Inflatable Kayak which is good. You can inflate this kayak without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is to use the Boston Valves and you will be able to inflate or deflate this Intex Tacoma K2 Inflatable Kayak in a matter of few minutes. To reinforce the kayak, Intex Tacoma K2 Inflatable Kayak has got an I-beam floor. To make this inflatable kayak Puncture Resistant, it is made from heavy-duty Vinyl.

3. Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak

Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak is a highly reliable kayak that is available under a $200 price tag which is incredible given its innumerable features. It moves nimbly on the water. Use the air hammer hand pump to inflate the kayak and take this kayak with you to explore the unexplored parts of the world. You will also get a patch and a paddle in the package which is great. The backrest is provided to ensure greater support to your back. The cockpit is large and spacious. The seat is comfy and its position can be adjusted without reinventing the wheel.

The maximum weight limit of this Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak is around 220 lbs which are impressive, to say the least. Designed for both ocean and lakes, Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak promises to offer superior performance. Basically, Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak is a great kayak that has got a truckload of features and does not cost you an arm or a leg.

4. Intex Challenger Kayak

Intex Challenger Kayak has got all the features that you expect to get from a hard-shell kayak which is incredible. Since this is an inflatable kayak, you will not have to worry about freeing up space in your garage to get it stored. Intex Challenger Kayak has ample space and that means, you can easily get yourself stretched out whenever you want and that too without destabilizing the kayak in the process. It has got a narrow hull and that means, it will move fast on the water. Both on the front and on the back, you will get lots of room to store your gears. The maximum weight capacity of this Intex Challenger Kayak is around 220 pounds and it weighs just around 27 pounds. Use the Boston valves to deflate it fast.

5. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

If you are one of those people who love to go out on vacation every now and then, Intex Explorer K2 Kayak could be your best buddy. It frees you from the hassles of carrying a standard-sized kayak on the roof of your car all the time. Just deflate this Intex Explorer K2 Kayak and it can be stashed in the back of your car quite comfortably. It moves very fast on the water and the top of that it remains stable most of the time. For the price point, Intex Explorer K2 Kayak seems to offer decent performance and it should last at least 5 to 6 kayaking seasons. It is made from heavy-duty vinyl and this is what has made it extremely tough. Use the skegs to keep the kayak straight on the water. It tracks great if you are employing the right kayaking techniques. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak scores high on the visibility front. Its bright yellow color makes it highly visible even from a distance.

$200 Kayak Buying Guide

Finding a reliable kayak under a strict budget of around $200 is not an easy task. Since you are unable to increase the budget, chances are that you might feel tempted to make some compromise on the quality front. But don’t even think of doing so. That would be a complete waste of your time and money. Rather check out these tips and you will be able to make the right decision –


You simply can’t tow a 100 pound over sand and gravels all by yourself. Unless you don’t mind spending some extra bucks on a kayak trailer, you should opt for a lightweight kayak so that you don’t have to ask for assistance from other fellow kayakers. Folding kayaks could be your best bet in such situations.


An under $200 kayak should have a decent storage capacity. It should be able to accommodate all your electronic gadgets or fishing gears without jeopardizing the stability of the kayak in one way or the other.  


Nobody likes to paddle in an unstable kayak because in that case, they will have to paddle consistently to keep it straight on the water. This can tire you down very fast. You need to make sure that the kayak that you are planning to purchase is stable but that should not come at the cost of its maneuverability.  


Your kayak should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Make sure that the seat provided is comfy and has got enough cushion to give your back all the support that it will ever need.


The kayak has to be durable. There are no two ways about it. What is the point in purchasing a kayak that only lasts for one or two kayaking seasons? It makes no sense, right? This is the reason why you need to check the comments and reviews of other fellow kayakers and then draw a conclusion based on their feedbacks. If it is an inflatable kayak, it should be made from heavy-duty vinyl otherwise, it will get damaged very fast. Hardshell kayaks are built to last long but come with a hefty price tag.

Maximum Weight Capacity

You need to check your weight and add a few extra pounds on top of that before comparing the data with the maximum weight capacity of the kayak. For example, if your weight is 120lbs, you should not go for a kayak whose maximum weight capacity is around 140lbs because that would lead to a disaster sooner or later. You need to take into consideration the weight of the accessories that you will be bringing with you and also, you might gain some extra weight. So, keep that in mind.

Last modified: March 27, 2021