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Top 5 Best Paddle Leashes

If you are an experienced kayaker, you already know what a paddle leash is but the problem is not all paddlers are well versed with the vast kayak terminology and which is why we need to explain what a paddle leash is. A paddle leash, as the name suggests, is a tether used for securing a paddle so that you don’t end up losing in the middle of nowhere.

This is especially true in case your boat gets capsized. During that moment of utter commotion and confusion, the paddle might get drifted away and you might end up getting stuck in a remote place. Don’t let that happen to you. However, if you are planning for a whitewater kayaking, you should think twice before using a paddle leash because it might endanger your life by increasing the possibility of getting strangled by it.

The clip or the carabineer of the kayak leash is attached to the boat or to the paddler. Now, it is up to you where you would like to attach the paddle leash to attach. You can attach it to the kayak or you can attach the clip to your life vest.

The 2nd part of the paddle leash is a large and fixed loop which gets attached to the blade of the paddle. Then a cinch lock strap is used to give an extra turn to the paddle’s shaft.

Top 5 Paddle Leashes

Now finding the best paddle leash for your next kayaking expedition is difficult. There are so many varieties of paddle leashes available in the market that it makes it almost impossible for a person, even for a seasoned kayaker, to identify a good paddle leash that can suits his budget and requirements. To help you out, here we have listed top 10 paddle leashes so that you can make a better buying decision for yourself –

1. Premier Kayak Bungee Paddle Leash

If you are one of those kayakers who can’t stand the slight of a coiled paddle leash, you should get this Premier Kayak Bungee Paddle Leash as soon as possible. Coiled paddle leashes interfere massively with paddling; you will feel tightness across your lap. Thankfully Premier Kayak Bungee Paddle Leash does not have this drawback at all.  It does not get tangled all the time. It has the right length and that makes it easier for the kayaker to get in and out of the kayak very easily.

  • Its shock cord is 4 feet 5 mm in length.
  • Made for outdoor use, this paddle leash is extremely durable.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Life time warranty.

2. Paddle Leash with 2 Rod Leash Set, 3 Leashes Total Plus 1 Carabiner

This paddle leash is easy to use and easy to attach. It instills faith in the hearts and minds of the kayakers that no matter what happens at the end, their paddles will not go lost. Its size is almost perfect – not way too short or too long. The texture of the cord is very nice and thankfully, it is not slippery. This paddle leash is far less expensive than what other options available in the market and they don’t make any kind sacrifice on the quality front. The cord is made from durable material and it will not get snapped that easily. Retrieving your paddle will be as easy as pie with this paddle leash.

Features –

  • 3 leashes – 2 for attaching rods or any other similar kind of gears and one for the paddle.
  • 1 free carabiner
  • OD green leashes
  • Elongation up to 20 inches

3. Paddle Leash Safety Rod Bungee Rod Holder Gripping Gear Leash 

Paddle Leash Safety Rod Bungee Rod Holder Gripping Gear Leashes are extremely lightweight and since they are coated with some sort of rubbery materials, they don’t slip that easily and thus they make paddling a breeze. The nylon straps are approximately 3 feet long but when stretched, they can go up to 5 feet.

Features –

  • 3 aluminum carabiners
  • 3 paddle leashes
  • The width of the cord is 10 mm
  • Paddle leashes are made from anti-slipping silica-gel and Nylon.

4. Adjustable Kayak Safety Rod Leash Fishing Rod Paddle Leash

This Adjustable Kayak Safety Rod Leash Fishing Rod Paddle Leash is great at keeping your paddle secured against all odds. If you hate to see your paddle floating away in case of some minor mishaps, you need to purchase this paddle leash now!

This paddle leash is extremely adjustable and does not cause any obstruction in the way of your paddling. It has a length of 36 inches when it is in an unstretched position. All you have to do is to attach its one end to the paddle or fishing rod and clip the other end to your life jacket and you will be just fine. The best part about this paddle leash is its bright color. It can be spotted easily because of its red bright color.

Features –

  • You can use this paddle leash for purposes like – SUP paddles, fishing poles, kayaking etc.
  • Made from stainless steel and thus it will not develop any rust no matter how roughly you use them.
  • Diameter of the internal bungee is 4.5MM.

5. YYST 2 X Adjustable Kayak Paddle Leash

YYST 2 X Adjustable Kayak Paddle Leash does what it does best and that is securing the paddle without causing slightest discomfort to the paddler. The clips of this paddle leash is tight which is good and the cords are extremely flexible and extremely adjustable in nature. Its length is just perfect and no matter how you paddle, it will never get in the way. Since the product is made from premium quality materials, you can drop the paddle whenever you want because the paddle leash will make sure that the paddle does not get drifted away.

Features –

  • The length of the paddle leash is 5 feet when unstretched and 6 feet when stretched.
  • The color is black.
  • Made from high quality YYST Velcro.
  • Highly adjustable and extremely easy to use.

Why You Need A Paddle Leash?

Well, as we have explained it earlier – because you don’t to lose your paddle that is why. Paddle leash help you keep the paddle secure in case it falls out of your hands by accident. You will find yourself marooned in a faraway land if you don’t have a spare paddle available. By using a paddle leash, you don’t consistently have to worry about losing your paddle. This will come handy in case the boat gets capsized by some accident. In that moment, all you have to worry about is to empty water out of the kayak.

Here are top 4 reasons why you need to purchase a paddle leash –

1. Paddle Leashes Don’t Get in The Way

Just a couple of years ago, kayakers were very much against the idea of using paddle leash and they had good reason to avoid it. During that time, most paddle leashes used to get in the way of kayaking and thus ruining the very purpose of kayaking. But the same can’t be said today. Thanks to technological advancement, modern paddle leashes far less invasive in nature and they are not bulky in nature at all. You can easily spot a paddle leash in amazon store or in a local Walmart store that is extremely lightweight. Most of the paddle leashes available in the market are extremely flexible in nature and that means, you can easily get them expanded or contract them to meet your requirements. Modern paddle leashes are primarily made from webbing, bungee or a mixture of both to offer flexibility.

2. Paddle Leashes Are Affordable

Buying a high quality paddle leash would not cost you an arm or a leg anymore. There are hundreds of paddle leashes available in the market within $10. So, it makes perfect sense to invest in a good and high quality paddle leash because losing a paddle means, you will have to spend at least $200 to another brand new one.

3. Boat Capsizing is Common

No matter how many years you have been kayaking, you can’t be 100% certain that your boat will not get capsized. It happens to beginners and it can happen to pro kayakers as well. Your kayak can lose its stability very easily if it gets stuck by a hidden object or by a giant wave. It is quite natural and that means, you will have to be prepared for this type of incident and the best way to get prepared is by investing in a good quality kayak leash. A paddle leash will at least stop your paddle from drifting away.

4. Catching Fish

Catching fish is a favorite pastime activity for most kayakers. Now, when you catch a big fish, you get very excited. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you start giving all your attention to angling. In such moments, you might end up losing your paddle. This is the reason why you need to purchase a paddle leash as it helps keep the paddle secured. Since both of your hands will be busy handling the fishing equipment, you need something taking care of the paddle.

Does Paddle Leash Cause any Trouble while Paddling?

If this were the case, you would not have seen so many pro kayakers paddling on sea and rivers with their paddle leash attached. However, don’t purchase a short paddle leash because that might interfere with the paddling. Purchase a long and flexible one and you will hardly even realize that your paddle is attached to a leash.

Where to Attach the Leash?

It is completely up to you. Some kayakers attach the paddle leash to their vest whereas some kayakers are absolutely against that idea. If you belong to the 2nd group, you can clip the leash to the kayak.

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