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Best Soft Roof Racks

Best Soft Roof Racks

Choosing a soft roof rack can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from, and all of them claim to be the best. To help you find the right one for your vehicle, we have compiled reviews and comparisons of 16 different models. We hope this article provides some clarity on which is best for you!

What are Soft Roof Racks?

A soft roof rack is a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-store way of carrying gear on top of your car. They are made from durable materials that provide protection to the items stored in them as well as protect the vehicle’s paint job. Soft racks typically attach securely to the existing gutters or rails on top of your roof with straps and webbing, but some require self adhesive patches which can be purchased separately if needed.

The pros and cons of soft roof racks:

Pros: Soft Roof Racks are cost efficient, lightweight, easy to install (with the right tools), can carry heavier items than most other types of vehicle racks due to their design.

Cons: However they may not be as durable or secure on your car as some aftermarket rack systems that come preinstalled on your vehicle.

Soft Roof Racks allow you to:

  • Carry more luggage for long trips without taking up any additional interior space;
  • Easily place groceries directly onto it while leaving trunk free for other purchases;
  • Transport Surf boards, kayaks, skis, snowboards and more.

Best 8 Soft Roof Racks

1. Orion Motor TechSoft Roof Rack

Designed for your car, the Motor TechSoft Roof Rack is soft and gentle to your car while also being adjustable, versatile, and bringing flexibility. With this special design – made of ultra-soft material with heavy duty straps that can carry 165 pounds of kayak securely – you’ll enjoy a safe journey north or south without hassle! The thing about traveling is that there’s often too much weight on our shoulders at once; add a big kayak to the equation and it becomes stressful finding a place to store it all in. Now get yourself one of these awesome roof racks from Orion Motor Tech so you don’t have any more trouble!

The durable materials also won’t let anything slide around, so you can focus solely on having fun without worrying about incriminating scratches or splotches down the side of your car. The versatility guarantees stability wherever you go because it’s manufactured from premium materials.

2. Alfa Gear Universal Folding Soft Roof Rack

The Orion Motor TechSoft Roof Rack gives you the ability to transport your kayaks or surfboard with ease and confidence. It has taken all of the guesswork out of installing this roof rack so that it can be done in less than 30 minutes, even for those who have never installed a rack before! The soft foam layer will absorb shock from bumps on the road and protect your equipment from an extreme vibration experience while cruising down 80 miles per hour speeds. With three straps to secure your top, front, and rear loads, parking has never been easier when you’ve got everything strapped down tight. The Anti Vibration Systems are guaranteed not to cause any unwanted movement with heavy objects mounted on your car’s roof.

If you’re an eco-conscious traveler or local looking for a better way of storing your surfboard, skateboard bikes, and much more, this Orion Motor TechSoft Roof Rack is the perfect product. It installs in seconds with no tools needed.

3. HandiRack Universal Inflatable Soft Roof Rack

Carry gear without damaging your vehicle. Don’t want to drill? No problem, our HandiRack is ready to fit in seconds with no tools required and all of the poles will collapse down for easy storage. Have a wide range of loads you need carrying? Got you covered, this car roof rack has universal sized load bars that can accept objects from kayaks to ladders. Security and safety are the key factors when attaching anything onto your car roof- it has included two 10ft tie-down straps and two 11ft bows plus stern lines so your gear stays on tight while driving!

The inflatable bars cushion any loads you have while on the go, as well as avoiding dents in your vehicle’s roof when loading up a tent or a kayak. This fantastic roof rack is super easy to set up and install – simply attach it to the back of your car, inflate it with the included pump by following our handy step-by-step instructions in this detailed user manual, then lock down all connecting straps onto both ends of outer bar frame before attaching any load via integrated D ring anchors!

The HandiRack’s low-profile design maintains a sleek look that is ideal for cars with uninterrupted profiles, like sports coupes and sedans. High-quality materials keep your car looking sleek. Clip on this universal soft roof rack and carry all of your cargo with style!

4. Wonitago Soft Roof Rack

The one-of-a kind, Wonitago roof rack pads are made of durable 600D polyester material with water resistant and corrosion resistant features. The Wonitago Surf Wrap is great for rentals or just vacation surf trips – it’s perfect for securing all your boards on the way to the beach and also ideal for cross country tours when you need to haul a kayak on top! What more- it even comes with 28 inch pads and over 12ft straps which means that it will support your long drives without any issues at all!

Wonitago Soft Roof Rack will ensure that your kayak will maintain its original condition while on the road. Whether you are driving to the beach or somewhere else for outdoor activities, this Wonitago Soft Roof Rack is lightweight, compact and easy-to-use! Designated straps will easily conform to the shape of any vehicle and buckles with padded metal makes it convenient and safe to provide optimal performance for all outdoor applications in terms of break strength, UV resistance, water resistance and abrasion resistant.

5. YAKIMA Instant Roof Rack

Mount your gear without drilling into the roof of your vehicle with the Yakima YAKIMA Instant Roof Rack. Opens doors and straps onto almost any vehicle to carry up to 80 lbs of long, flat gear – from skis and snowboards to kayaks and surfboards. Just loop it through door frames then buckle it up for an instant, permanent rack that’s ready in minutes! The thick padding protects your car. Mounting is a breeze, just strap in four locations around the door frame for a snug fit that won’t scratch up the paint on either side. Add some protection by slipping theincluded rubber pads over mounting bolts before swinging them closed. Once you have everything loaded we recommend installing tie-downs or bungee to secure the load further.

6. Stanley Universal Car Roof Rack

With the Universal, Roof System by Stanley you can protect your car from scratches and scuff marks with sturdy polyethylene foam pads that are lightweight and shock absorbing for a comfortable drive. The adjustable cam straps keep everything secure while the corrosion-resistant metal buckles ensure a snug fit on anything up to 110 lbs. With two 19’ x 1ʺ tie-downs for securing loads of virtually any shape or size this roof rack system is perfect for hauling just about anything imaginable without it getting in the way of your view.

7. COR Surf Aero Roof Rack Pad

COR Surf’s roof rack pads protect your car from the constant pulling and pushing of boards on a taut, non-skid mat. The durable oxford material with its PVC coating is long lasting, cleans easily, and will not deform or crack like rubber. Riding high atop your vehicle in style, this well designed pad has oversized stainless steel cam that’s easy to work with one hand while manipulating straps that are durably secured by velcro tape.

The custom soft nylon strapping uses an innovative strap connector system that won’t scratch paint as it secures boards tightly against truck with no slippage  even at highway speeds for ultimate safety  and peace of mind knowing you’re not going ruin your kayaks.

8. WOOWAVE Kayak Roof Rack

The WOOWAVE Kayak Roof Rack is made to carry your kayaks, surfboards, longboards, stand up paddle boards and other sporting gear on the roof of your car without fuss. The design features high quality EPE foam for comfort; UV resistant ballistic nylon cover provides protection from dirt and weather; bungee cord end straps are easy to secure and durable enough for a lifetime of use. Did we mention it’s also completely universal so you can trust it will work with your SUV or sedan. For any outdoor enthusiast who loves the great outdoors but prefers their gear inside – this rack could be just what you’re looking for.

These soft rack pads are aerodynamically designed to provide protection for the cargo when secured on roof racks. Easy access with the convenient and flexible straps ensures a snug fit around cross bars of your vehicle so you can safely store this lightweight, compact kit away afterword without difficulty. Two padded metal buckles in each strap ensure ultimate outdoor performance with unmatchable break strength, UV resistance, water resistance against abrasion!

Soft Roof kayak Roof Rack Buying Tips

Once you decide that a soft roof rack is the best option for your needs, there are several features to look out for.

Weight Capacity

The best soft roof rack for your vehicle will have a weight capacity that is appropriate to the make and model of your car. Soft Roof racks are designed to be lighter, but still accommodate heavier items than most other types of vehicle racks due to their design.

Size of the Soft Roof Rack

In order to know the size of soft roof rack you need, measure your vehicle’s trunk area. You will also want to take into consideration how many kayaks or other items you plan on attaching at once.

Installation Process

How easy is installation? Unless you’re renting or borrowing a vehicle temporarily while yours gets repaired, chances are high that most people won’t want another headache when they install their new racks – make sure any kit comes with detailed instructions and isn’t difficult at all before buying it!


Are these racks compatible with my car? Compatibility is a major factor that should not be overlooked. Make sure that the racks you select will work with your vehicle before buying them!


What type of material should it be? There are a few different types of materials used to make soft roof racks, so consider what works best for you. Soft roof racks should be made from durable and quality materials.


Do roof racks come with locks? Roof racks, like any other item you might leave on the top of a car during travel, can be stolen in seconds. For this reason it is best to lock your soft roof rack down so that thieves cannot get access to them. Locks are usually included when buying new soft roof racks and some even have locking mechanisms directly on the mounts themselves!

There’s no need for anything fancy here – just make sure they’re high quality and durable enough not to fail under heavy loads or harsh weather conditions.


What should I expect from spending more money? Higher-priced models often include features such as higher load capacities, stronger materials, better construction and design elements. So, don’t opt for cheaper models if you want it to last couple of seasons.


The best soft roof racks come with a warranty. If the soft roof rack does not come with a warranty then it means the manufacturer has no confidence in the product.

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