Kayak Camping Preparation Checklist

Kayak Camping Preparation Checklist

Kayak camping is exciting and adventurous. You will need to be careful though, because it requires a little bit of preparation. Make sure you have the right kayaks for this kind of activity and that they are in good shape before you take off. Kayaking is highly recommended as one of the best ways to see many parts of nature that are hard to reach by other means. The trick however lies in preparing for your kayaking trip properly. You should always make sure that you have all the necessary gears at hand and that you get familiar with them so that you do not forget anything important when kayaking.


Kayak camping is a great way to get away from the craziness of modern life and just relax in nature. Kayaking can offer this kind of escape but you should pick your location carefully. You should select kayaking destinations that will offer you the comfort that you would want in your kayaking trip. A kayaking trip can last from a day to a week depending on your kayaking destination.

Get to Know Your kayak

You should make sure that you are familiar with the kayak and all its parts before you hit the water with it. For instance, if you have a kayak that has hatches in the deck, make sure that you know how to open and close them properly. If you kayak has multiple footrests as well as seating positions, familiarize yourself with them all so that you are able to switch seats or anchor your kayak wherever needed.

Other Gears to Carry with You

It is important to note that there is more to kayaking than just paddling yourself around. As such, it can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to have the right kayaks and not just any kayak. It is equally important however that you also carry with you other gears that will go a long way in ensuring your safety during kayaking camping activities. You need to have the right set of kayaking camping gears that will make kayaking more fun and exciting. This is because kayaking takes you into some very challenging places where there is little or no chance of survival should anything go wrong.

Waterproof bags

Waterproof bags are some of the most essential kayak camping gears that you need to bring with you on your kayaking trip. These bags are actually designed to keep your kayaks safe by keeping them dry as long as they stay in the kayak. They can also be used for storing other things such as clothes, food and even electronic equipment when kayaking camping. The mere fact that these waterproof kayak storage bags have been made waterproof makes them one of the best investments you can make if you do a lot of kayaking camping.

Kayak paddles

Kayak paddles are another kayak camping gears that you should not miss out on getting. The need for kayak paddles is to make kayaking more efficient and smooth in the event that there are challenging waters you will have to conquer while kayaking camping. If you don’t want your kayak adventure to be cut short, then always ensure you have good quality kayak paddles with you even when kayaking camping. You will be surprised at how much difference they can make in helping your kayaking experience to be a delightful one instead of an ordeal!

Water proof bags for electronic equipment

If kayaking takes place during wet seasons or at seas where the water level is high, kayaking camping can be risky. In this case, it is important to get kayak waterproof bags that will protect your electronic equipment from the water while kayaking. Electronic equipment such as DVD players and GPS are not cheap but they make kayaking more interesting and fun and you don’t want anything to go wrong with them while kayaking!

Dry bags for keeping food safe

Dry bag for kayaks come in handy when kayaking camping. They will make sure that whatever is inside them stays dry even under the most challenging conditions. This makes these kayak camping gears a must have if you value your time on the water because you don’t want any of your belongings to get damaged by water or soaked during kayaking. You should opt for kayak camping dry bag that has at least an IPX8 rating which is a standard rating used to rate water proof kayaking bags.

Kayak spray skirts

Kayak spray skirts are kayaks camping gears that will go a long way in protecting you from unwanted splashes of water. These kayak camping gears can be attached to the kayak and held in place by straps so as to keep you dry under any condition. The kayak spray skirt should fit snugly around your waist for maximum protection against water from all directions when kayaking camping and it should also have hand holes that will make it easy for you to attach them if needed!

Compass and GPS

It is always important to carry with you various types of kayak camping gears such as a compass and GPS even when kayaking camping. You need to have kayak camping compass so that you can keep track of your kayaking route. A kayak camping GPS will make kayaking more fun and interesting because it gives you information about the various places around where you are kayaking and the waterways that surround them.

Water bottles for staying hydrated

Kayaking is very strenuous activity which requires a lot of energy on your part. Most people don’t realize this but they will appreciate how important kayak camping water bottle is once they start kayaking. It is therefore imperative that while kayaking, you always carry with you kayak water bottles to stay hydrated!

Always be prepared for emergencies

When kayaking, we always do so under the assumption that everything will be smooth sailing without a hitch. The problem however is that things don’t always go according to plan when kayaking because sometimes there are forces of nature such as strong winds and currents which could make kayaking difficult or even dangerous. As adventurous kayakers, we can never know exactly what lies ahead of us on our kayak trip until after getting into those waters.

This means camping should always be done in the kayaks that can withstand any kind of force of nature. This is why it is important to always carry with you other gears that will help you during emergency situations when kayaking. Such gears include waterproof kayak bags, kayak pumps and kayak accessories like paddle float . By having these things on hand before your kayaking trip, you are guaranteed not to have any regrets should an emergency arise!

The Importance of Carrying Spare Kayak Parts

Knowing that kayaking camping requires you to bring with you multiple items, it would be much better if you carried on hand some extra kayak parts in case something were to happen during your trip that affects your kayaks. To begin with, bring along a few paddles because they can easily get damaged especially if not handled properly. Because kayaking camping takes place in remote areas where kayakers are not easily accessible to kayak repair centers, it is best to carry emergency kayak parts like kayak paddles and even kayak pedals! Lastly, always carry with you a first aid kit!

Type of Kayaks

You will need kayaks that are designed for kayak camping. They should have the features that you want and which will also meet your needs. This is best done through research on kayak manufacturers who specialize in kayak camping equipment. There are kayaks sold at sporting goods stores that can be used for camping but they may not be the best ones for the kayaking trip that you are planning. The kayak should be comfortable, durable and water-tight.

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