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Best Helmets for Whitewater Kayaking

Best Helmets for Whitewater Kayaking

Only daring athletes indulge in whitewater kayaking. The sport is not for the faint-hearted groups who tend to get overwhelmed by the sheer power of the waterfalls and rapids. Also, whether amateurs or experienced persons plan on going whitewater kayaking, they must take steps to protect themselves.

Of course, you cannot mitigate the risks of kayaking completely. Even so, you can take some measures to avoid getting seriously injured during your kayak tours. This applies especially to those who’re planning to wade through Class IV and V rapids; they must wear a helmet for their safety.

Best 6 Helmets for Kayaking

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1. NRS Havoc Adult Livery Whitewater Kayak Helmet

NRS Havoc Adult Livery Whitewater Kayak Helmet Is the perfect companion for your next kayaking trip. NRS Havoc Adult Livery Whitewater Kayak Helmet Has got an ABS plastics Shell that can easily absorb shocks and impacts. This heavy-duty whitewater kayaking helmet is designed to withstand the test of time and that too without putting too much weight on it.  this whitewater Kayak helmet is extremely lightweight and since its inside is protected by EVA foam pads, your head will remain protected from impacts no matter what.

NRS Havoc Adult Livery Whitewater Kayak Helmet has got an adjustable chain strap and it meets all the CE 1385 standards. Just twist the ratchet-adjust DialFit system knob and you will be able to customize the fittings. Before you decide to purchase this kayak helmet, you need to measure the circumference of your head first. The circumference of your head has to be between 20.8 and 24.4 inches.

NRS Havoc Adult Livery Whitewater Kayak Helmet is known for offering a superior level of comfort. This kayak helmet has got six drainage ports to drain the water out and these ventilation points also ensure proper airflow inside.

2. Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Helmet

Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Helmet Is a versatile helmet that is mainly designed for all the water sports enthusiasts out there. If you are one of those adrenaline junkies who stop at nothing, you need to get your hands on this Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Helmet now! Priced reasonably, this whitewater kayaking helmet comes equipped with the adjustable back of head dial and removable ear protection pads. To allow free flow of air, 11 Air-vents are included in this kayak helmet. However, the best thing about this kayaking helmet is that it meets all safety standards laid out by CE EN 1385.

EVA liner ensures faster drying and a major advantage of donning this Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Helmet is that it stays afloat on the water. Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Helmet offers superior fittings irrespective of the circumference of the head and the credit must be given to the Adjuster. Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Helmet can absorb moderate to severe impacts successfully and thus making it ideal for whitewater kayaking or any other similar activities.

3. WRSI Current Kayak Helmet

WRSI Current Kayak Helmet is not another run-of-the-mill kayaking helmet that most of us come across in local shopping malls. Made from premium quality materials, WRSI Current Kayak Helmet can easily absorb impacts. Inside it has got EVA liner and 3 drain holes so that water can pass through easily. When it comes to fittings, WRSI Current Kayak Helmet is second to none. Use the straps to adjust the fittings and there are tons of other customization options.

Designed and developed for the rough and tough world out there, WRSI Current Kayak Helmet a premium kayaking helmet that you can take with you on a Class III or Class IV rapid and it will keep your head protected from all possible mishaps.

4. NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet

NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet Is chiefly designed for whitewater expeditions. It has got a ton of safety features that allow people to paddle on class III and class IV rapids without worrying about safety. The outer shell of this NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet is made from ABS plastics and polyurethane.  To better absorb impact from rocks and trees, this kayak helmet comes equipped with EVA liner. Highly customizable, NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet comes fitted with 9 EVA pads. Each of these EVA pads has got a different level of thickness that ensures an amazing level of comfort irrespective of the size of your head. You will get ear pads that are removable by nature. These ear pads will also help to reduce the impact from giant waves. Besides that, these ear pads help to get extra warmth during the wintery days.

The visor of this NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet will keep sunlight and rainfall at a bay and this will allow you to have a crystal-clear view while cruising through the waterways. NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet is super comfy and offers great warmth when you needed it the most. 

5. Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet

Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet flaunts a hybrid design. This whitewater Kayak helmet has got ABS Shell outside. This rugged and strong ABS Shell will your head protected from all impacts. Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet has got EVA foam inside that will provide some level of warmth. This helmet will stop the water from entering your ears and that too without adversely affecting your hearing ability.

Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet is designed and developed in compliance with all the safety standards laid out by the EN 1385. CPC certified, Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet has passed CPSC test with flying colors. An adjustable dial is included inside this Kayak helmet that allows the user to fine-tune the internal headband. You can make changes in this adjustable dial with a single hand. If you wish to get a perfect and comfortable fit, you better need to get used to the idea of making changes in the quick release buckle and the adjustable strap.

Strategic placed are 11 vents that ensure superior ventilation at all costs.  The fresh air gets drawn inside this Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet by these 11 vents. All the moisture and the sweat that get accumulated inside this whitewater Kayak helmet will eventually get sucked out in the process and thus allowing you to stay dry most of the time.

6. Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet is a no-nonsense kayaking helmet that is designed primarily for people who are into armature kayaking. To allow you to stay dry throughout the journey, this kayak helmet has got 15 vent holes that are strategically placed to allow fresh air to get inside without facing any kind of disruptions in the process. These 15 open vent holes will not allow water to stay inside for long. Water will be drained out by these open vent holes sooner than expected.

Your ears will be protected by these removable cupping ear guards. These ear guards have got water channels that will go a long way to stop ear damage. The inclusion of the headlock system ensures a superior level of safety and comfort. 

Kayak Helmet Buying Guide

Here we have listed some important considerations for you to ponder upon when planning on going shopping for kayak helmets.

Best Helmets for Kayaking

1. Retention Mechanism

Helmets come with chin straps and they also play an important role; you must be able to easily adjust them from both sides. The buckle must be secure and the kayak helmet ought to have minimum 4 anchor points, with two on each side. Then, you can position the straps however you want for the helmet to sit tight around your chin. As such, your head gets the requisite protection during your kayaking expeditions.

2. Fittings

Be sure to select the size of your helmet carefully. Beforehand, always measure the size of your head and choose helmets that are the correct size. You can avail sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large in kayak helmets for all head sizes.

To choose the right helmet size for your head, you must put on the helmet and adjust the straps; make sure the helmet is not loose. More so, you must not experience discomfort after wearing the helmet; ensure the helmet does not sit overly tight on your head. The idea of finding a helmet that sits perfectly on your head is to avoid sudden movement while you’re drifting in the waters and require protection.

3. Durability

Durability makes for an important consideration because you want value for your money. The same rule applies when procuring kayak helmets; you want them to last for long. Helmets are made of an array of materials – including carbon fibers, composites, and hard plastic. The material must be able to endure wear and tear when you’re out in the waters.

More so, the helmet material must be able to withstand you getting bumped on the head with something; this includes your kayaking partner giving you a knock on the head with the paddle. The kayak helmets should be able to take bumps on several occasions.

Hence, you must study the specifications of the kayak helmet thoroughly to make the right choice. Ensure that they are robust enough to survive rough weather conditions when you’re out kayaking.

4. Use

As seen earlier, all kayakers are advised to wear helmets. Nevertheless, some people want to partake in dangerous sports like whitewater kayaking. Thus, a variety of helmets are available, depending on whether you want to indulge in basic or whitewater kayaking.

If you’re planning on basic kayaking, then, you can use a half-cut helmet, which sits over the ears and extends sufficient protection to the skull.

Moreover, you can avail full-cut helmets that are larger than the half-cut ones. They cover the ears while providing your head with greater protection and insulation.

Lastly, full-face helmets that resemble motorcycle helmets are also available. These kinds of helmets offer maximum protection by extending around the lower area of your face.

In addition to extending the required protection, kayak helmets are designed for different weather conditions too. When venturing in cold weather on kayaks, you must go with helmets that cover your ears. And for warm weather conditions, you may want to look for kayak helmets that contain several ventilation openings to permit breathability. The openings help to drain the water that splashes on your face when you’re kayaking in rough waters.

5. Safety Certificate

Make sure to always buy helmets that come with a safety certificate. For instance, WRSI provides a certificate to helmets that have passed the mandatory tests. Plus, helmets can be tested according to different standards to check the extent of damage they can endure.

Many reputed manufacturers conduct tests on their helmets to keep you informed. So, make sure you read the labels to know about the varied tests that the helmets have passed.

Surely, you can avail helmets without a safety certificate as well. However, in such cases, you cannot be certain about the extent of abuse they can endure before they crack.

Overall, you may have to pay extra for helmets that come with safety certificates, but they are worth the investment.

Kayak Helmet FAQ

  1. Q: How Snug Must The Kayak Helmet Sit On The Head?

    As mentioned earlier, you must opt for helmets that are the correct size for your head. They must not be extremely tight or loose, else you will not be comfortable. As such, they must be snug enough to stay in place while you’re active.

    To determine whether a helmet is the right size for your head, you must wear the helmet, adjust the straps, and follow by shaking your head in all directions. If you perceive that the helmet is loose and needs to be readjusted, you may want to check a smaller helmet size.

  2. Q: How to keep kayak helmets clean?

    A: Maintaining your water helmet is easy. Only you need to use mild detergent and clean water for cleaning them. After you finish cleaning the helmet, leave it out to dry. Some helmets come with removable inner lining. Depending on the different brands, some linings are washable in machines on the gentle cycle.

  3. Q: How to take measurements for a kayak helmet?

    A: To measure a helmet, you require a soft measuring tape. Check the circumference of your head from the forehead. And follow by checking the helmet size chart to know your size.

    For standard sizes, the head circumference is mentioned below.

    For small size, 55 to 57 cm
    For medium size, 57 to 59 cm
    For large size, 59-61 cm
    Extra small to extra-large sizes are available too.

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