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Best Kayak Locks

Best Kayak Locks

Kayakers love spending time drifting in the waters in their kayak. While some like to fish in their kayaks, others look forward to exploring exotic locations around their residential areas in the vessels. Also, some like to paddle their kayaks, while others want to take a nap in their boats while they get tanned.

Notwithstanding your reasons why you want to spend more time perched in your boat, your kayak has to be available to do all that you want to. Sadly, you cannot be in your kayak every waking moment and you need to have a safe, secure location for storing your boat when it is not needed.

In some cases, you may not have a gear loft or shed to keep your boat from miscreants who want to mess around. And you may have to store your kayak in outdoor locations. In such cases, you may want to buy kayak locks to make sure your boat stays in the given place.

Normally, sit-on-top kayaks seem more attractive to potential thieves because of their lightweight nature (which makes them easy to carry around) than other kayak models.

So, here we have compiled a guide that contains information about the best sit-on-top kayak locks for you to secure your boat.

Best 6 Kayak Locks

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1. Master Lock 8418D Python Keyed Cable Lock

Master Lock 8418D Python Keyed Cable Lock is known for its extreme flexibility and amazing strength. It is 6 feet long and flaunts an 8mm braided steel. To keep your kayak protected from scratches, Master Lock 8418D Python Keyed Cable Lock is coated with vinyl. It is highly resistant to picking and that means, it would not easy for a bugler to unlock this kayak lock that easily and the credit must go to its pin tumbler keyed locking mechanism.

The lock is itself resistant to rust and the vinyl-coated cable can withstand rough weather easily and effortlessly. The locking cable sits tightly in its position and provides perfect fitting against all odds. You will get two keys with it.

2. AmazonBasics Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock

AmazonBasics Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock has got a shiny new look that is hard to give a miss.  Thieves are going to have a hard time picking this kayak lock as the company has left no stone unturned to make this AmazonBasics Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock as unbreakable as possible. The cable is 6 feet long and is made from steel and that means, it will last a long time.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock is extremely flexible and that means, you can wrap it around your kayak. The adjustable locking mechanism will bite into the lock at any given length. The unlocking process is fairly simple as well. Made from aluminum alloy, AmazonBasics Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock is robust built and flaunts a sleek black finish.

3. Master Lock Cable With Looped Ends

Master Lock Cable (with Looped Ends) is 15 feet long. Strong and durable, Master Lock Cable has got 3/8-inch diameter braided steel. To protect your kayak from scratches, Master Lock Cable is now coated with a vinyl coating. Master Lock Cable does not eat up a lot of space as it flaunts an innovative self-coiling design. Ideally, this cable should be used with mini-U-locks, steel locks, or laminated locks to make the most of it.

Master Lock Cable is easy to carry and it coils on its own and that means, storing this kayak when not in use should not be complicated. However, when in use, it can lay straight. The cable is both cutter proof and saw proof.

4. Seattle Sports Cradle Cable Lock

Seattle Sports Cradle Cable Lock is a lightweight kayak lock. Compared to other kayak cable locks, this Cable Lock is a bit thin, but when it comes to ease of use, this Seattle Sports Cradle Cable lock beats its competitors’ hands down. Use the button to disconnect the cable entirely from the lock. It works as a deterrent against the potential thief but it can never stop a determined bugler because nothing can stop a determined bugler from committing a burglary.  

The best thing about this Seattle Sports Cradle Cable Lock is that it is compatible with Wall Mounts, Roof Racks, cradles, and more. Made from Glavanized Steel, the cable is coated with Vinyl and this is what will protect your kayak from developing scratches.

5. Harmony Lasso Security Cable

You can use this Harmony Lasso Security Cable to secure your kayak on the roof rack. Mainly used as a deterrent, Harmony Lasso Security Cable is made from superior quality galvanized steel and it comes coated with vinyl. The barrel lock is highly resistant to tampering. Try its unique customizable combination lock. All you have to do is to choose a 4-digit pin and it will keep your kayak safe from attempted thefts.

6. Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock

Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock is a heavy-duty cable lock that can ward-off potential thieves. It flaunts a super-strong braided steel structure and 10mm diameter cut-resistant cables. Flexible and strong, Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock has got a protective vinyl coating that eliminates any possibility of developing scratches. Buglers will definitely have a second thought if you use Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock to protect your kayak.

Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock is highly adjustable. No matter what position you want to lock the cable, the locking mechanism will allow you to do that without creating much fuss. The lock is made from aluminum and that means, it will be able to weather difficult weather safely and securely.

Kayak Locks Buying Guide

Kayak locks are recommended to keep your boat protected from getting stolen by thieves. Transporting a kayak is cumbersome for any potential thief and a quality locking system poses as an additional hurdle for the kayak poachers. Some thieves are dissuaded merely by looking at the lock. And many times, the security mechanisms are enough for the safety and security of your kayak.

Hence, why not think of getting a sit-on-top kayak lock for securing your vessel. If you’re looking to lock your kayak often, you may want to buy a lock that offers the requisite security.

On the other hand, if you keep moving a lot, you should shop for versatile locks. Then, you can secure your kayaks to different solid anchor points.

You must consider all these aspects before during purchases of kayak locks. Take into account your requirements and preferences to choose kayak locks that are right for you. Of course, you also have your budget to consider. Overall, you must evaluate all the important considerations and follow by taking a balanced decision.

Now, we will study some important aspects of your quest for selecting kayak locks that meet your distinctive needs.

1. Lock Types

In locking mechanisms of kayak locks, you can avail two kinds: key locks and combination locks.

However, some models have both kinds of locking mechanisms, offering you the option to use either option as per your convenience, along with additional security for your kayak. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

In combination locks, you have the advantage of the lock being unable to get picked. This also means you will not have a set of keys that you’ve got to track whenever you want to open the lock. Though, you have to remember the code that you’ve to set for opening the lock.

Conversely, key locks are recommended because they do not take long to open. Only you have to insert the key and turn it around for dragging your kayak down to the beach for spending a day in the waters.

In kayak locks that open with keys, you do not have to memorize a random combination of numbers or letters. Even so, you have to keep track of the tiny keys. More so, the locking mechanism to easier to pick as compared to combination locks.

Finally, you have a limited number of sit-on-top kayak locks that come with combined key locking mechanisms for greater security of your kayak. If you’re looking for an additionally-secure way of locking your kayak, you can opt for locks that come with both key locks and combination locks.

2. Lock Materials

Almost all sit-on-top kayak locks contain a cable that has to be fed from the scupper holes of your kayak. The scupper holes are found at the rear of the kayak, permitting the water to drain out upon reaching the sides of the kayak.

In kayak lock materials, you should look for a cable that is fine enough to pass through these scupper holes.

All the same, you should avoid the thinnest cables, for they are easy to cut if thieves are not armed with efficient bolt cutters or wires.

Thus, the best strategy is to select cables with medium thickness. As per industry standards, cables should measure six to ten millimetres in thickness. For more secure locks, you should choose thicker cables.

Where material of the sit-on kayak locks are concerned, galvanized aircraft steel is most commonly used. Not only is this material durable but also lightweight. In turn, the cable is portable when you want to take it from one place to another.

You must also ensure the cables come with vinyl coating, plastic, or rubber; they cause less damage to your hands, anchor points, and vehicle.

3. Locking Location

The location where you intend to store your kayak holds significance when you’re selecting a kayak lock. More so, you must consider what you plan on locking your kayak before you start shopping around.

You may think of locking your kayak to a support beam beneath your deck. However, you require a long cable when doing so.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to lock your kayak atop your vehicle, you will need a short cable and different locking system, owing to the type of your roof rack.

Your first priority when selecting a kayak lock is the location where you intend to store your kayak. Even so, you must consider other available locations where you can secure your vessel. Doing so is required when you’re traveling or taking your kayak to a different beach. As such, you may want to go with locks that can secure your kayak at all locations and situations where locking is necessary. Depending on your kayak lock needs, you must discuss the same with your dealer to help them in choosing kayak locks that are suitable for you.

4. Cable Length

We have already studied about cable lengths, but we will delve deeper into them.

Commonly, kayak locks measure around five feet long, but you can avail longer ones too. The five feet cable lengths will be short if you want to lock up multiple sit-on-top kayaks.

The ten-foot long cables are sufficient if you want to lock up one large kayak. Then, you have extra length that adapts to different locking locations.

Moreover, you can expand the cables if you purchase other kayaks in the future. Though, if you’re looking to expand your selection of paddle craft, the cable lengths that measure 15 or 16 feet are deemed suitable.

Only if you do not lock your kayak to a vehicle, the extra-long cables may not be useful. This is because the excessively-long cables can cause damage upon bumping or rubbing against your vehicle.

Plus, you must use cable locks on a kayak rack only as backups to the tie-down straps that secure the kayak. If the straps snap, the cable lock can maintain the kayak in place and prevent your vessel from getting dragged or flying away.

Last modified: March 27, 2021