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Best Kayak Garage Hoists

Best Kayak Garage Hoists

Having bought a costly new kayak after spending big bucks and not making arrangements for storing your boat appropriately may not prove to be a clever choice. Many people store their kayaks in their garages which can cause damage to the boat.

However, you should consider buying durable kayak storage solutions to protect your newly-bought kayak from scratches, dirt, mold, and scuffs. Also, you can save time unloading your craft with a robust kayak storage system. More so, with storage space for your kayak, you can be assured that your vessel is easily accessible and safe. Conversely, opting for low-quality storage products may not be a good option too, for they may not serve the intended purposes satisfactorily. Hence, the general recommendation is to go with quality kayak storage solutions.

Best Kayak Garage Hoists

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1. 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift

1004 Kayak Hoist Lift will keep your kayaks protected from dents and scratches and the credit goes to its rubber coating. The kayaks will be secured with double straps, just in case you know, if one strap snaps somehow, the 2nd one will still keep it safe and secure So, your kayak will be safe no matter what.

The installation process of 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift is pretty simple. You will just have to use some basic tools to get this Kayak hoist hanging from the ceiling. However, if you have a rafter or a joist installed on the roof, you just to get it mounted on it.

The maximum weight capacity of this 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift is around 125lbs and it has got a safety lock system in place to eliminate any possibility of accidental release. 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift will help free up more floor space which is always nice and convenient.

2. 1003 Kayak & Canoe Lift Hoist Kayak

1003 Kayak & Canoe Lift Hoist Kayak is one of the best-selling kayak hoist systems for garage available in the market. To keep your kayaks from developing scratches, 1003 Kayak & Canoe Lift Hoist Kayak has got rubber coating. Unlike other kayak hoists that come fitted with cheaper hooks, 1003 Kayak & Canoe Lift Hoist Kayak comes equipped with the finest quality hooks that will not snap that easily. So, you can lift a heavy kayak on it without worrying yourself to death. The maxim weight capacity of this kayak garage hoist is around 125 lbs which are more than enough for most kayakers in this part of the country.

1003 Kayak & Canoe Lift Hoist Kayak lets you store the kayak overhead and free up more space on the ground. Latches and pullets make it super easy to lift heavier kayaks.

3. VivoHome Ceiling Mount Kayak Garage Hoist

VivoHome Ceiling Mount Kayak Garage Hoist is another premium kayak hoist system designed for those kayakers who want to keep their kayaks safely hoisted at any cost. VivoHome Ceiling Mount Kayak Garage Hoist has got ample rubber coating and that means, your kayak will not rub against it and even if it does, it will not develop a single scratch. The ropes are made from super-strong nylon which is known to be tear-resistant.

Pully system makes the mounting process very easy and less strenuous. All you have to do is to get the kayak strapped and then use the rope the lift it up. The best thing about this VivoHome Ceiling Mount Kayak Garage Hoist is that you don’t have any fancy equipment to get this thing attached to the ceiling.

A safe locking mechanism is in place to prevent the kayak from falling off. You just have to make sure that the rope is tied to the wall at an approximately 45-degree angle and rope will not come loose.  

4. Bike Lane Kayak Hoist

Keep your kayak out of the way with this heavy-duty Bike Lane Kayak Hoist. This powerful and durable kayak hoist system will hold on to your kayak and keep it safe from scratches no matter what. Lifting the kayak will not be a great struggle anymore as this Bike Lane Kayak Hoist comes equipped with latches and pulleys. Forget about accidental release as this Bike Lane Kayak Hoist comes fitted with a rope locking mechanism that eliminates that possibility.

The maximum weight capacity of 100lbs which is a bit lower than other kayak garage hoists that are commonly available in the market.

5. Delta Cycle Kayak Hoist

Delta Cycle Kayak Hoist is mainly used to store kayaks but the main problem with this hoist is that it has a maximum weight capacity of around 50 lbs. So that means, you simply can’t mount a heavy kayak on it because in that case, it will snap.

All the mounting hardware come included which is good and the instructions are easy to follow. Lowering and lifting kayaks will not be an issue anymore as Delta Cycle Kayak Hoist comes fitted with a pulley system. An auto-locking mechanism is also included to eliminate the possibility of accidental release.

Kayak Garage Hoist Buying Factors

Here are some important aspects that require consideration before you buy kayak storage systems.

1. Safe Locking Systems

As mentioned earlier that the average weight of kayaks is 70 pounds. However, consider opting for hoists that have safe locking mechanisms. Then, you can prevent your kayak from toppling due to inadvertent releases of any of the ropes that suspend the kayak.

 The safety mechanism contains a rubber safety cleat on the straps for preventing them from passing through the cleat speedily.

2. Attachments

Before you start shopping for kayak hoists, make sure to plan where you intend to attach your hoist.

On average, kayaks weigh in the range of 30 to 70 pounds. Keeping your kayak measurements in mind, you must look for hoists that can comfortably store your hoist when not in use. So, after you have decided to buy a hoist, check where you can attach the boat before your purchases.

In your garage, you can consider hanging them on bulky wooden beams, load-bearing equipment, or attachment points.

3. Storage Location

This aspect requires careful consideration and planning. If you do it rightly, you can have an efficient kayak storage system. If you go wrong, you can get frustrated.

Consider the following three factors when deciding the storage location.

Wall Mount

People prefer wall mounts because they are easy to reach. You can easily install them on any of your walls – indoors or outdoors. As such, you can store your kayak in the boathouse, on walls in porches, and sheds. Though, you may have to pierce some holes in the wall and secure with screws to set them up.

Floor Stands

In the case of floor stands, you do not need to prick holes in the wall. Also, your boat is at arm’s length and easily reachable. Albeit, floor stands occupy a lot of space and are feasible only for people who have extra space. If you have a cramped garage, then floor stands would not be a viable option.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts are hard to install. To install them on your ceiling, you need tools and, a ladder. Consider this option only if you do not have space on your walls or the floor to store your kayak.

4. Clearance Space

By using a kayak hoist for storing your kayak, you can have more storage space. Because if your kayak is elevated, then you can store your other stuff beneath.

In garages, elevated storage is more common where the kayak suspends from the roof while a car is parked underneath.

If planning on storing your kayak in an elevated position above other stuff, make sure to check the clearance of your hoist system beforehand. Doing so is important because many kayak hoists hang down from the roof and your car could get damaged in cases of inadequate clearance space. To avoid such problems, ensure to have enough clearance space.

5. Types of Kayak Hoist Systems

Dragging a kayak over hard surfaces like driveway etc is not as easy as dragging it on the water. Physics help you a lot when you are dragging the vessel on the water but sadly the same physics plays a spoilsport when you try to drag the same boat over rough surfaces.

You will need a lot of muscle power in such a scenario. Here you have got three options –

Hoist System with Motor

These hoist systems work like charm as they don’t require any human intervention to operate. But they have some downsides as well. They are not available for cheap. More often than not, you will have to pay a premium price for these motorized hoist systems and they tend to malfunction a lot. Also, you will have to spend some money on their maintenance.

Mechanical Hoist Systems

Mechanical Hoist System is a good alternative to a motorized hoist system. The biggest advantage of these Mechanical Hoist Systems is that they don’t come with a high price tag and you can easily operate them without going under a steep learning curve. However, if you fail to pay proper attention while operating these Mechanical Hoist Systems, you might end up having to deal with some major inconveniences like rope burn.


These are probably the safest and the cheapest option out there to get your kayak hoisted safely in your garage. Racks are super strong, sturdy, and durable. But you have to use muscle power to lift the kayak physically.

6. How Many Kayaks You Have?

A wise man once said – ‘Thou should not restrict yourself from purchasing as many kayaks as you want’. Surely, don’t let anyone lecture you about spending too much money on a kayak. Kayaking is definitely not a sport; it is a passion.  

I was joking! Don’t get too excited. Of course, you need to first figure out how many kayaks you have and how many kayaks you are planning to purchase in the next 5 years and then plan accordingly. If you have more than 3 or 4 kayaks, you need to find a kayak hoist that lets you store multiple kayaks without making you spend an astronomical amount on it.

Kayak Hoist FAQs

  1. What should I do for the upkeep of my kayak storage system?

    As part of the maintenance measures of your kayak storage systems, you must clean and dry your boat before storing it. Your kayak storage system could deteriorate if exposed to dirt, salt, and water.

    Also, check whether your hoist wheel and pulleys are in good condition. Consider replacing them if you find the need to do so. More so, you can apply lubricants such as WD-40 to prevent squeaking.

  2. What if my straps start sagging?

    In cases of storage systems with straps, you may fear that the ropes will start sagging over time. While the straps do not sag, the minimum height from the ceiling can be more than the given one.

    Here, you can consider using pool noodles to toughen the load-bearing straps for greater security.

  3. Would I need help when shifting my kayak on and off the rack?

    To answer this question, the kind of system and your physical ability has to be considered. In cases of motorized and manual hoists, you can handle them single-handedly. And where wall-mounted handing straps are concerned, you may need help for moving your kayak.

    Basically, if you are able to lift your vessel in and out of the water alone, then you can use the freestanding racks without any help.

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