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Best Kayak Racks for Ford Edge

Best Kayak Racks for Ford Edge

Ford Edge is a crossover that enabled the US carmaker to come up with a fitting answer to tackle the rising dominance of Japanese rivals. It also helped the company to restore the faith of the customers after the sale of Ford Explorer nosedived following the 2000 tire recall. The Edge, based loosely on the design of Mazda 6 sedan became a hit with the target buyers. Subsequent iterations got enhanced with cutting edge styling and top safety features. The Ford Edge suits urban driving needs well and it also serves as a companion for weekend trips to distant rivers for kayaking. However, you have to equip the vehicle with suitable kayaking racks.

Best 6 Kayak Racks for Ford Edge

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Listed here are some suitable kayaking racks that can be fitted atop the Ford Edge:

1. Tengchang J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier

Are you in the mood to take your Ford Edge to a distant lakeside and kayaking is on the cards? Buy the Tengchang J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier with your eyes closed. It is made up of black painted sturdy steel bars. It can take load up to 150 pounds. However, the rack itself is lightweight and so setting it up will be a hassle-free experience. The heavy-duty j shaped rack will last for several years. It will fit snugly on the typical aftermarket crossbars. The bars are padded and you also get 8 quality tie-down straps in the kit.

2. JDM Auto Lights Roof Rack

You cannot rely on just any kayak carrier to set atop your Ford Edge and transport without woes. The JDM Auto Lights Roof Rack is there to fulfill your kayak transport needs. The racks are made with heavy-duty steel. The metal also gets a rust-resistant coating on the surface for enhanced durability. You also get the required Mounting Hardware and top quality Tie-Down Straps with it. This kayak rack fits on almost all third party crossbars with ease. The j style design means you can load and unload the kayaks with ease. You may use kayaks weighing up to 75 pounds with it. The rack itself weighs only 7.6 Kilograms but it has excellent durability.

3. HTTMT Kayak J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier

There are many kayak carrier models that you can set up atop your Ford Edge but this one is a nice contender. The j styled bar is durable and it gets quality rubber padding. You can use this rack to load kayaks weighing up to 75 pounds. It can be set upon the majority of third party cross bars in the market. Setting the unit up on the car will not be tedious or time-intensive.  The Foam Cushion Arms are just right to ensure the kayaks do not receive dents. You have to buy the additional securing straps separately. However, 2 Tie-Down Straps are there. The rack weighs only 7.98 pounds.

4. SportRack Mooring 4-in-1 Kayak Carrier

This is a versatile kayak carrier that is ideal for use with Ford edge. It can be folded as per your need. The rack is laden with padded arms. You will be able to install it on top of most factory crossbars. The maximum rated carrying capacity is 130 pounds. You get the necessary load straps. The unit itself is lightweight. It weighs less than 12 kg. However, the build quality is superb. It will not get affected much by rust. The foam coating is thick enough to safeguard the kayak from scratches. Setting the unit up is quite simple.

5. Mrhardware A01 Kayak Roof Rack

When you want to take your Ford Edge to a river or lakeside to indulge in kayaking at the weekends, setting up a kayak carrier on the car’s roof is necessary. The rack is made with high strength steel that has excellent durability. The J style design ensures you can load or unload your kayaks without fuss. The bars are coated with rust-resistant paint. There are straps using which you can secure kayaks weighing up to 100 pounds. The rack will fit on the typical crossbars easily. The unit weighs less than 5 kgs, making setting it up a quick affair.

6. TC-Home J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier

Are you looking for a nice and durable kayak rack for your Ford Edge? If the answer is yes, then do not look any further than the TC-Home J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier. The steel bars with a black surface coat are sturdy and they will last for a long time. They are ideal to carry kayaks weighing up to 75 pounds. The j style design ensures easy unloading and loading. You get Mounting Hardware along with Tie-Down Straps in the pack. The racks will fit on the typical crossbars with different shapes. The racks are also quite lightweight, making them suited for all types of users.

Last modified: January 6, 2021