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Best Kayak Racks for Ford Escape

Best Kayak Racks for Ford Escape

There are many stylish crossover SUVs but the Ford Escape has a distinct appeal. The car, which is now sold also in a hybrid version, sells in good numbers in different markets. Over the years, the Escape has got several updates, including powerful engines, enhanced styling, and the latest safety features. It locks horns with some popular rivals like the Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Honda CR-V. While you can use the Ford Escape for urban driving needs, it is also a good companion for weekend trips across the highways. In fact, there are people who use the vehicle for reaching kayaking destinations like lakes. You can do that too but equipping the car with suitable kayaking racks will be necessary.

Best 6 Kayak Racks for Ford Escape

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Listed below are a handful of kayaking racks that you can set up atop your Ford Escape:

1. ROLA (59912) J Style Kayak Carrier Roof Rack

You will need a stylish and durable kayak carrier for your Ford Escape. The ROLA (59912) J Style Kayak Carrier Roof Rack is what you need. It is made with quality powder-coated steel. You need not worry about rusting even if you use it in the monsoon or winter. The kayak racks also get laden with high-quality foam pads. The unit is suited for use with most third-party crossbars. You also get heavy-duty straps to secure the kayaks well. This carrier weighs less than 10 pounds but the build quality is awesome. Setting this up will not require much time or technical expertise.

2. SportRack SR5511 J Stacking Kayak Carrier

Are you in the mood for a kayaking holiday? It will be necessary to buy a fitting kayak carrier for your Ford Escape. When there is the SportRack SR5511 J Stacking Kayak Carrier, you need not look any further. Its design is so practical that you can load kayaks and unload from the sides of the vehicle. The J style bars come laden with well-built tie-down straps. Its rubberized contact points ensure your kayaks remain in shape all through the trip. You can carry kayaks that are 17 feet long and weigh 75 pounds using this unit. It fits atop typical third party roof racks. You can be assured of the Heavy-duty steel tubing build lasting for pretty long. It gets Granite Gray E-coating for rusting protection too. The unit ships with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

3. ABN Kayak Roof Rack J Rack Mounted Roof

You cannot bring home just any kayak rack for use with your Ford Escape, isn’t it! You have to find a rack that looks great and offers superb longevity. Go for the ABN Kayak Roof Rack J Rack Mounted Roof. The rack can be used to carry kayaks weighing 75 pounds. The racks are made of quality, rust-resistant steel that can be used in all seasons. Its wide-mouth frame and superior padding help in safeguarding your kayaks from the dents. Setting up the rack atop the car is very simple and you will not even need many tools. The nylon tie-down straps that you get in the pack are also robust in nature. This unit is lightweight at 5.67 pounds.

4. Goplus Kayak Carrier Universal J- Shape Rack

When you want an affordable but durable kayak rack for your Ford Escape, this one is ideal. The J shape rack is well built and looks quite stylish too. It takes a small space on the load bars. The kayaks will be held safely thanks to the thick foam padding. The Steel frame construction is reliable and it comes with an anti-rust black powder coat atop. The kayak is held on the side, which is convenient. You can set it easily on most third-party load bars. The rack itself weighs only 16 pounds. The straps that you get are of high quality and the same can be said about the Rubber Base Cover. The rack can be used to carry a load of up to 165 pounds. The Wide mouth J bar makes operating the unit simple.

5. TC-Home 2 Pairs J-Bar Rack

This sturdy and enticing looking kayak carrier is all you need for taking your Ford Escape to kayaking trips. It will fit atop the majority of third-party load and crossbars. Since the rods are designed to hold kayaks on the sides, it is easy to use. The steel frame bars are black painted. The load capacity of the rack is rated at 150 pounds. The unit weighs about 3.25 kg and so you will be able to install it without hassles. The unit is weather resistant and so you may use it all over the year. You also get sturdy Tie-Down Straps in the pack as well. Setting this up on your car will require minimal time.

6. TCMT J bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier

When you look for a well built and good looking kayak track for your Ford Escape, the TCMT j bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier fits the bill well. The rack is built using high-quality metal. The j bar build makes setting up the kayaks easy. The steel bars are black spray-coated for enhanced rust protection. They will not get affected by rain or ice exposure easily. You can put kayaks weighing 150 pounds on it and the carrier is lightweight. Fitting it on top of cross bars with varying shapes will not be tough. The unit is also equipped with Tie-Down Straps. You will be able to set it up without any hassles.

Last modified: January 6, 2021