Best Kayak Seats for People with Bad Backs

Best Kayak Seats for People with Bad Backs

Kayaking is a great outdoor activity and there is not an iota of doubt about it but if you suffer from back pain every now and then, you need to be careful while buying a kayak for your next adventure trip. Some people tend to ignore this health condition but after paddling for few minutes on a lake or on a river, they finally realize their mistake when pain starts radiating from the spine to the neck. Hurriedly they then start paddling back to the shore. If you don’t want to be one of those people, you need to find comfortable kayak seats that are designed to help people with bad back to paddle for hours.

Don’t let the pain rob you off from experiencing the excitement and thrill of kayaking. However, pain is not bad per se; pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong in body. Without this signal, you could have lost your hand without even noticing it. So, if you are experiencing back pain, it means you need to do something to alleviate the problem and the easiest thing to do to purchase a comfy kayak seat that can give your back proper support.

If you are kayaking for a year or two, you must already have come across this term – Yak Back. This is a common problem faced by almost all kayakers be it a novice or an experienced kayaker. Yak Back does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender or race. A 20 years of bubbly lad can be a victim of Yak Back. Yak Back is a colloquial term used to describe lower back pain faced by mainly paddlers. So, if you don’t want to develop this medical condition, you have no other option but to invest on a good quality kayak seat that nips the problem of Yak Back in the bud.

Top 6 Kayak Seats for People with Bad Back

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1. BKC UH-PS223 Universal Sit On Top Kayak Full Padded Seat and Backrest

Are you looking for a kayak seat that offers unparalleled level of comfort and at the same time offers your back ample support in time of need? If that is the case, you should opt for Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC UH-PS223 Universal Sit on Top Kayak Padded Seat and Backrest. This padded seat is designed carefully to offer maximum comfort and it is made from finest quality materials to withstand wear and tear. Constructed for regular use, BKC UH-PS223 Kayak Padded Seat is made from a mixer of neoprene and 600D polyester and it definitely adds to its durability.

BKC UH-PS223 Kayak Padded Seat is known for offering support to torso, lower back, legs etc. It can easily deal with damages caused by mainly sunlight and water. It is even puncture proof.


  • Easy to install; barely takes more than a minute to get it install on a kayak.
  • The brass hardware and the fabrics are both made from marine grade quality materials.
  • Ideal for fishing, paddling in open ocean.
  • Extremely durable in nature.
  • Cushioned paneling of seat

2. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

You definitely hate to face the dreaded lower back pain that radiates down the back of the leg while kayaking in the middle of nowhere. Well, you are not alone. But don’t let that pain dictate how you live your life. With Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat, you will be able to keep that pain at bay. It is extremely comfortable and as the company claims, this kayak seat is designed to offer maximum level of comfort to your back.

To increase the comfort level of the Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat, extra foam is added. No matter what your body type is, you can fit easily on a Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat thanks to its four-way adjustability. It is made from UV-resistant nylon pack cloth that adds to its durability.


  • Solid brass clips included
  • Logo grows in the dark when exposed to sunlight during the day
  • Brass swivel buckles included
  • Made from UV resistant nylon

3. IZTOSS Kayak Backrest Seat

IZTOSS Kayak Backrest Boating Seat is hands down one of the best kayak seats available in the market in this price range. It offers good support to your back and you will get extra cushion in the seat without paying anything extra. It has long straps and that means, it can be easily attached to most kayaks that are usually available in the market.


  • Extremely lightweight and that means, there is no way you are going to get your back injured while trying to attach it to the kayak.
  • Neoprene+600D Polyester material is used while manufacturing this kayak seat and this adds to durability.
  • The surface of the seat is covered with non-slip contoured pads. For extra comfort, this kayak seat is designed with high backrest position.
  • 4 adjustable straps

4. Universal Standard Padded Kayak Seat Cushion with Adjustable Straps

Are you looking for a simple kayak seat that offers both style and comfort? Then look no farther. These ‘ordinary’ looking Universal Standard Padded Kayak Seat can fit the contour of your body precisely and that means, you will enjoy maximum level of comfort. This is basically a super comfy kayak seat that will help you immensely to keep the pain at bay and make you feel at home even when you are kayaking in the middle of a sea.


  • Clips and connecting buckles are made from marine grade solid brass and it adds to its overall longevity.
  • 15 inches wide and 12 inches long.
  • This kayak seat is extremely versatile and adjustable in nature.
  • 4 adjustable straps included.
  • Molded foam is used in the seat to increase the comfort level.

5. Vibe Kayaks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat

If you are planning for the whole day, you need to put your trust on Vibe Kayaks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat which is designed to offer additional support to your back. The seat is secured with multiple connector snaps and these connector snaps are all made from marine grade solid brass. Its straps are UV protected and that means, these straps will last long. It is flexible, comfy, adjustable; what more you can expect from a kayak seat?


  • The design is meticulous. The structure is designed carefully to offer maximum support to your back.
  • Easy to attach and easy to change its position.
  • Extra back support
  • Detachable bag included to add extra gears.
  • Wax coated Storage pouch included.

6. iGuerburn Adjustable Padded Kayak Boat Seat

iGuerburn Adjustable Padded Kayak Boat Seat offers great comfort. This kayak seat is easily removable but stays firms in its position when attached correctly to the kayak. The best thing about this iGuerburn Adjustable Padded Kayak Boat Seat is that it does not get into your way when you are standing.


  • Detachable seat bag included.
  • Metal, EVA and Nylon are used to manufacture this kayak seat.
  • adjustable front and back straps
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Non-slip contours
  • High backrest design

Why You Need to Invest in A Kayak Seat

There are several benefits of using a kayak seats; some are listed below –

1. Extra Storage Space

Most kayak seats that are designed for people with bad backs usually have additional storage space so that you can keep your kayaking gears there safely. So, you can sure of one thing that the kayak seat is not going to eat up all the available space in the kayak.

2. Improve Maneuverability

Contrary to what most people believe, kayak seats actually help the paddler to have better control over its movements. You will easily be able to move around nimbly. Since kayak seat adds to the overall comfort quotient, you would be able to spend more time focusing on the maneuverability part.

3. It Offers Vital Support to Your Back

The biggest benefit of a kayak seat is that it gives support to your back. Without a comfortable kayak seat, paddling for hours could become a real ordeal for most kayakers especially for those who are suffering from some kind of back injury.

Kayak Seat (for People with Bad Back)
Buying Guide

Selecting the right kayak seat for you is itself challenging because there are so many varieties of kayak seats available and each of them screaming over the top and proclaiming to the best kayak seat for people with bad back. It is complicated right? Yup it is. So, here is a short guide to buying a kayak seat for your next kayaking adventure –

1. Material Matters

The materials that are used in the making of the kayaking seat do have a decisive impact on the performance level of the kayak seat. If the kayak seat is made from poor or cheap quality materials, it is not going to do anything to alleviate the problem of back pain. In fact, poorly designed kayak seat can do more harm to your back than good. Read the manual carefully and then try to figure out what kind of materials have gone into making the seat and then make the decision.

UV protected seats are ideal for kayakers otherwise the color of the seat will fade away with time. Also make sure that the kayak seat that you are planning to purchase is easy to clean. Nobody wants to spend hours to clean a stupid seat. Durability is another crucial aspect that should not be ignored. So, make sure you have read reviews of the kayak seat.

2. Types of Kayaks

Depending on the type of kayak that you are paddling, you need to purchase appropriate seat. There is no way you can attached a kayak seat that is made for Sit-In Kayaks to a Sit-On-Top kayak. So, you need to first make sure that the kayak seat you are planning to purchase is compatible with your kayak otherwise you are wasting your time and money.

3. Cushion

Since you will be paddling for long hours, you might consider using a cushion along with the kayak seat. Cushion or padding can help you legs from becoming numb and can make you feel comfortable. Make sure that the cushion is thick enough to provide you the comfort you are looking for and also it should not too large or too bulky. The size of the cushion should perfectly fit your kayak. It should not be too short or too large.

Cushion are available in two popular variants – strap seats cushion and self-adhesive cushion. Self-adhesive cushions are easy to attach; all you have to do is to peel off the layer and it will stick firmly with the kayak seat. Strap seats cushion stays clamped on to the kayak seat and gives a firm grip.

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