Best 7 Kayak Seats

Best 7 Kayak Seats

If you have a kayak and are not happy with the existing seats and looking to buy new comfortable ones, make sure to consider the most important aspects beforehand. After all, you should be comfortable while enjoying riding in your boat as you hit the waters, right?

Kayaks are narrow-sized boats that are composed of a light frame and have a waterproof cover, with only a small-sized opening for the rider to sit in. Also, the canoe-like boats come with different types of seats. Though, the seating does not guarantee comfort. Yes, some kayaks do not even have a back seat. More so, if you have back pain, then the varieties that offer backrest would be ideal.

You can avail a wide range of kayak seats. Even so, you must make your choice after considering all the important aspects. So, we have prepared this list of the Top 10 Kayak Seats and you can take your pick as per your requirements and preferences.

As you sit back in your kayak, you must be as comforted as you are when seated in your favorite recliner seats. So, you should choose seats that are adjustable and well-padded. Other than that, consider features like water-repellent material, storage space, and breathability. Also, browse through the following list to know more about selecting the right kayak seats for you.

Best 7 kayaks seats

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1. Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat

Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat is perfectly designed to meet the contour of your body. Available in multiple color options, Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat has got two straps in the front and the rear section. Flexible Webbing, Solid Brass Connecting Straps, and long-lasting design are the three main characteristics of this kayak seat. If you are suffering from back pain, Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat could be the best thing that you can have. Detachable bag has got ample space to store all your equipment. It is an incredibly comfortable kayak seat that is available for cheap. You can fit it perfectly on any.

Features –

  • Thick Bottom cushion.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • 4 straps included.
  • Foam seat

2. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

Calling on all big guys out there! Tired of sitting on kayak seats that restrict your movements and make you feel claustrophobic? Well, you don’t have to deal with such issues anymore. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat is here to solve all your problems. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat has got a rugged design and is extremely flexible. Designed specifically for large body types.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat is compatible with almost all sit-on-top kayaks and is built to last. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat is made from EVA foam and has got a tall seatback. You will be able to paddle more comfortably and efficiently if you decide to get this kayak seat installed on your kayak. You are less likely to feel tired as well.

To increase airflow, Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat has got built-in ventilation, and to increase the comfort quotient, foam padding is added to the seat.


  • 4-way adjustable mounting straps
  • Highly reflective logo
  • Made from nylon pack cloth
  • UV resistant
  • Brass swivel buckles
  • Adjustable straps

3. Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat

Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat fit perfectly on a sit-on-top kayak and is extremely durable. Made from neoprene+600D polyester, Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat comes equipped with front and rear straps.

The surface is non-slip in nature and highly comfortable. On the back, you will find a little pouch that might come handy in certain situations. The straps are extremely tough and durable in nature. If you need extra padding, you can throw in a cushion under it and it will serve you well. Detachable backpack is included in it where you can store your fancy gadgets.  

4. GTS Sport Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat

GTS Sport Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat is specifically designed for those paddlers who are shorter in size. However, this does not mean that it will not provide any back support to an average-sized paddler. Nope, rather it is just the opposite. It punches above its weight and therefore, don’t be quick to make a judgment based on your first impression. You will get enough back support no matter how tall you are. Thermoformed foam panels are used generously in this kayak seat. You can always expect customized cushioning experience and the credit goes to its thick padding.

On the front and back, brass snap attachment clips are included. Made from heavy-duty 600 denier fabric, GTS Sport Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat is known for offering maximum back support.

5. Expedition Kayak Seat

Expedition Kayak Seat is designed for those paddlers who like to go on a multi-day kayaking trip. It will offer maximum support to your back so that you can experience the thrill of paddling without worrying about anything else in the world. It has got gel cushion and Skwoosh seat bottom; and thankfully, both of them are waterproof. 20″ high seatback is ideal for those who are planning for a day-long paddling trip. Welded construction adds to its incredible strength. Included are swivel clips that are corrosion resistant as well.

6. Rage Powersports Apex KS-02 Kayak Seat

Rage Powersports Apex KS-02 Kayak Seat does not move around when it is installed correctly and thankfully, the installation process is not that complex. It has got ample cushion to make you feel comfortable while paddling for hours.

24″ long strap is included and this strap is highly adjustable. Use this adjustable strap to get the seat attached firmly to the kayak. Don’t forget to use attach the strap to the kayak’s anchor points. optimal drainage of water has been maintained in this Rage Powersports Apex KS-02 Kayak Seat.

The backrest can be reclined at any angle you want which is one of its main advantages.

EVA core adds to its inner strength and durability and its neoprene shell is water-resistant.

7. GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat

GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat is a stable and highly versatile kayak seat that offers both comfort and support to your back so that you can continue paddling in open water without hurting your back in the process.

GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat is made from Thermo-formed plastic that makes it super strong. Deep comfort channels are included in the bottom of the seat and these channels help draining excess water from the cockpit area. GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat is made in the USA and that means, you would not have to worry about its longevity.

Kayak Seats Buying Guide

Here are the important aspects to consider as part of your shopping expeditions for a kayak seat.

1. Consider Your Body Type

If you are tall, you’ll need a taller backrest. This portion of the seat is normally in the range of 12 to 18 inches. Tall people will require seats that are around 18 inches. Though, for short people, such seats may not be appropriate, for their shoulder blades could be affected. Because the curvature of tall seats is suited to tall people.

2. Attachments

Some varieties of kayak seats come with adjustable straps along with clips. Now, if you are looking to replace your whole seat, then go with straps that are adjustable to suit your kayak. And if you are only looking for extra padding, a seat cushion should suffice for a comfortable ride.

3. Seat Types

Kayak seats are available in two varieties; the sit-inside versions and the sit-on-top ones. Going by your preferences, you should make your choice.

However, always browse through the images and study customer reviews to make the best choice among the given options. More so, check how your existing seat fastens and compare with the ones you are considering. Follow by testing the new seats to know how they will fit your kayak before your purchases.

4. Seat Foam Types

The kind of foam that is used to make your seat should be considered too. You may not realize the difference at once, though the foam type affects the quality and comfort level.

For heavier people, pressure-molded foam is a popular choice. Such foam is firmer and extends the requisite support. On the other hand, softer materials compress excessively and become less resilient over time.

Kayak seats are constituted with three different types of foam, as seen below.

  • Thermo- molded – Thermo-molded foam is popularly used for building kayak seats nowadays. Similar to pressure-molded foam, this foam type can be molded to suit the curvature of your body. As such, you get extra support and are comfortable. Moreover, they facilitate blood flow so you do not experience the tingling sensation during your ride.
  • Gel-based foam – Some paddlers opt for gel seats because they are squishy and offer comfort. Though, sadly, this type of foam does not sustain for long. Yes, the gel starts to break down while causing a mess. Though, you may choose them if you use your kayak only occasionally. However, the comfort of this kind of seat is quite plush.
  • Pressure Molded Foam – This kind of foam material is mostly preferred by people who take out their kayak often. Pressure-molded foam excels in one aspect and that is durability. Thus, you can make sure you get your money’s worth by opting for such seat types. Particularly, they are perfect for people who own dogs or use their kayak for fishing.

    Also, this foam type is a good choice for those who need greater support or have alignment issues. This foam is moldable and can be adjusted to suit the shape of your back. Also, they outdo in performance by promoting proper blood flow even when paddling for long. The firm nature of the foam offers good support and keeps you comfortable even with extended use.

5. Ventilation

Many people prefer ventilated seats for efficient air circulation and to avoid their kayaks from getting overheated on sunny days. Further, they do not cause you to sweat much and evaporate the sweat you ooze out. Now, if ventilation matters to you, ensure that you check for this feature during your selection of kayak seats.

6. Back Height

The height of the seat is an aspect that requires consideration as well, especially if you are tall. So, check the height of the shortlisted seats to know whether they match your needs. Some seats reach only halfway up and do not offer comfort to your upper back. Also, check if the back is adjustable or not. Take your pick after pondering over all the related aspects.

7. Padding Material

The padding of kayak seats is an important consideration, so you are not discomforted even if riding for long hours in your boat. Many people use their kayaks for fishing and have to wait in their boats for long hours to catch fish. In such cases, you will be more comfortable when the kayak seats have efficient padding.

Normally, kayak seats contain gel beads or foam pads as padding material; both models offer comfortable seating. However, foam tends to compress after prolonged usage. Also, gel beads have to return to their normal position. Though, if you want to maintain proper posture and require more padding, opt for the cushier varieties.

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