Best Kayaking Spots In Florida Keys

One of the best things about the Florida Keys is that you will never run out of options if you want to kayak, canoe, or just enjoy the waters. It is one place that is a must for anyone who is a water baby, as it provides options in terms of either exploring the ocean, the many channels, and the creeks of the island, or the Florida Bay waters.

There are too many spots here to talk about, so, we have listed some of the best kayaking spots in the Florida Keys that you ought to visit on your next trip:

Best Kayaking Spots in Upper Keys:

The Car – Sound Road Bridge

This is one of the most common and easiest places to go kayaking. There is ample space at both sides of the bridge for you to launch your kayak from here to Card Sound. While here, you can also check out Alabama Jack’s. This is located at the northern end of the bridge and is primarily a bar cum restaurant. However, with the dockmaster’s permission, you can start kayaking from here as well

The Florida – Bay Outfitters

This is one of the most popular places in the Florida Keys for renting out kayaks to locals and tourists, both. You can take your own boat and start from here into the beautiful waters of the bay. If you yourself do not wish to kayak, you can also opt for the backcountry paddle tours too enjoy with your friends and family

The John Pennekamp Coral – Reef State Park

This park is most famous for snorkeling as the park provides more than 2.5 miles of trails surrounded by mangroves and other such wilderness. This is an amazing spot for kayaking and you can choose to either bring your own kayak or rent it from the park itself for a nominal fee. This is one spot that is full of people on weekends, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly in order to fully enjoy the pleasures of this park.

The Harry – Harris County Park

If you are a bit of an adventurer, then you will definitely like the hidden parks of the Harry – Harris County Park. One of the challenges is finding the park itself. If you are coming from the side of Key Largo, take a left at Circle K and move on to Burton road and then follow the directions to the park. You can take out your kayak to the Dive Creek and explore the Tavernier Key and Rodriguez Key islands. This is a quiet spot and is best for anyone looking for a solo trip, nestled among the beautiful sights of the park

The Indian Key

Another place that you can explore is the Indian Key Historic Park. One of the reasons for its popularity is that Indian Key is said to be a historic ghost town – which attracts a lot of tourists itself. Moreover, the island here is truly beautiful where you can take a walk along the roads of the original “Ghost Village” itself. You can take your own kayak, or rent one from Robbie’s Marina and enjoy the exquisite calm and beauty of the place.

Best Kayaking Spots in Middle Keys

Long Key State Park

This is the perfect place for anyone who wishes to spend the whole day in water chilling and cooling off with friends and family. You can opt to go for paddling in the ocean or rent kayaks or canoes, and head for a blissful day in the water. You can even set up your umbrellas and take a sunbathe or enjoy the view with a book. In any case, this is an amazing place to spend the day basking in the sun and spending some time in the water as well

Curry Hammock State Park

The waters of this park are shallow and perfect for kayaking beginners. You can launch your kayak from the campground or you can rent it from the park itself. You can venture out to the sea, or move up the mangrove trail and pay a visit to the nearest islands as well.

Sombrero Beach

Another spot to explore in the Florida Keys is Sombrero Beach. What you need to do is go south towards Sombrero Beach Road for two miles. From this place, you can paddle out to the sandbar in the ocean, or you can even go back towards Sister Creek and explore the back-country trails into Boot Key. You can also paddle out to Boot Key Harbour and enjoy the view there. This is an extremely popular place and you will find a lot of activities here to participate in and enjoy your day

Best Kayaking Spots in Lower Keys

The Spanish Harbour Boat Ramp

If you are looking to have a little fun day with friends and family, then you should definitely check out the Spanish Harbour Boat Ramp. This island is often empty and you will not find a lot of crowds here, so if you wish to venture out in the ocean or the bayside, then this is the perfect kayaking place for you

Summerland Key

This is an extremely good place if you wish to spend your time kayaking. The island, though small, is beautifully surrounded by lagoons and bays, which makes it a perfect spot to take out your kayak. This is also a popular place to wish and you may come across many people indulging in this as well. All you need to do to reach here is cross the Wharf Bar and grill, take a right to Horace street, then to the North – side, then to Niles road, and go all the way to reach this place to launch the kayaks!

Geiger Key

This is yet another beautiful spot for kayaking. The place itself is so soothing that just the sight of it will make you want to go into the waters. To reach the Geiger Key Marina, you will first need to Go to Boca Chica road and then move 1.3 miles till you spot the sign for the Marina.

Now that you have learned about these kayaking spots in the Florida Keys, make sure to visit them all!

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