Best Flatwater Kayaking Spots in Oregon

One of the things that are the most pleasing about Oregon is the number of places that are readily available in case anyone wishes to venture out for paddling in flat waters. The best part, though, is the diversity of flat-water paddling options that are available – ranging from the huge wetlands to dunes and marshlands. The thing about flat–water is that it does not need one to be an expert in order to paddle in these waters. You can simply glide around in the water and feel the bliss of being surrounded by nature from all sides.

Best 5 Flatwater Kayaking Spots in Oregon

So, in order to make sure that you can have a fun-filled day of paddling, we have listed out Oregon’s top five places for flatwater paddling that will simply blow your mind!

Sauvie Island

Sauvie Island is one of the most beautiful places that you will set your eyes on in Oregon. You can venture out to either Lake Sturgeon or Gilbert Rives to enjoy the sheer joy of paddling in these fine waters. You can also go to Cunningham Slough through Scappoose Bay as the bayou cannot be reached via land, and enjoy the infamous paddling experience there! You can also opt for the local rentals from the Scappoose Bay Paddle Centre. This is also a great place for birdwatching as you will find a variety of herons and eagles, along with some coyotes and deers as well. However, make sure to plan a visit only between the months of April to July, since during the other months the water levels aren’t deep enough for paddling

Beaver Creek

Located about 10 miles the South of Newport, this is a spot that is surrounded by freshwater wetlands and coastal forests. This is best to explore if you are new at paddling since you can easily paddle both up and downriver. You might also come across many animals like elks and otters during your visit. This quiet little spot is lovely for day picnics and to spend some time with family. You can also go up to Ona Beach which is located at the mouth of Beaver Creek. The specialty of this beach is that it houses white sand, which is definitely a view to behold for all!

Willamette River at Portland

This is an adventure that you should only go for if you have done paddling before and are not a noob at it. In order to paddle here, experience is a must. This is an extremely different and out–of–the–world paddling experience. The River is a hustle of activity – with yachts, marine cranes, grain terminals and many more such things to be found in the river. It is a center of activity and is bustling with people all the time. You can also plan your paddle during the Rose Festival in order to see the navy ships as well as the famous dragon boat races. All in all, if you know your way around the water, then you should definitely plan for this paddling experience!

Waldo and Other High Lakes

Paddling at Waldo Lake is an experience of a lifetime. This is said to be one of the best places for paddling in the world! The waters here are incredibly beautiful – with views of green and blue surrounding you for as far as the eye can see. With almost little or no traffic, one can paddle uninterrupted for as long as one likes. With breath-taking views and sandy beaches, this is a must-visit place for everyone who loves a good paddling experience!

Upper Klamath Canoe Trail

If you are someone who likes a bit of thrill and adventure, then you must check out the Upper Klamath Canoe Trail. Housed with a trail of waterways, you will encounter many birds and water – animals while paddling through the marsh. The view is great with many flowers in bloom and is a good spot to enjoy with friends and family

Now that you know about these spots, make sure to make a visit to some of these beautiful paddling destinations!

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