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Outboard Motor Bracket for Swim Platform (Panther Panther 55-0407AL)

Panther Panther 55-0407AL

Panther 55-0407AL Adjustable Outboard Motor Bracket is considered many as the best Outboard Motor Bracket for Swim Platform available in the market. 195lb Motor Engine can be mounted on it without affecting its stability but for optimal performance, you should never mount a motor engine that weighs above 185lb.

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Hard-coat anodized aluminum is used to manufacture this heavy-duty Outboard Motor Bracket for Swim Platform. And the best part, this Panther 550030 Adjustable Outboard Motor Bracket can be adjusted to match the height of the platform. It can even match the length of the motor shaft and that means, you can always expect optimal performance from this beast.

Panther 55-0407AL Adjustable Outboard Motor Bracket can easily accommodate auxiliary motors thanks to its robust built. By making adjustments in the bracket’s bolts, the position of this mount can be changed.

Features –

  • Panther 55-0407AL safety cable included.
  • Included is mounting hardware made from Stainless Steel.
  • Made from black powder-coat aluminum.
  • Transom support bar
  • Torque resistance
  • Polypropylene board.
  • The body is constructed with Powder coated aluminum.
  • stainless steel nuts & bolts are required.
  • One-year warranty available on this product


  • The bracket or the mounting plate should not be changed or modified in one way or the other.
  • Never tilt or raise the motor when it is running. Only when the motor is ideal, you can touch it to raise it or tilt it.
  • Don’t take a sharp turn no matter how irresistible it might appear.
  • While turning the motor, don’t go full throttle.
  • While operating the motor, always use Panther 55-0415 safety cable provided by the company.
  • Don’t go beyond the maximum weight capacity.
Last modified: December 4, 2021