Best 8 Kayak Motor Mounts

Kayak Motor Mounts

Fishing from a kayak has become a trend among those die-hard anglers who want to keep pushing themselves and challenging themselves. The main advantage of kayak fishing is that it gives you the opportunity to reach those places that are otherwise impossible to reach. Now, do you want to get yourself exhausted with constant paddling to reach the right spot? That makes no sense, right? This is the reason why modern-day anglers are installing Trolling Motors on the kayaks to move around the waterbody without getting themselves tired and exhausted.

But in order to mount the trolling motors on the Kayak, you need to have a robust and strong Kayak motor mount in place to hold onto it. A trolling motor secured by a strong and durable kayak trolling motor mount can make all the difference.

But finding the right motor mount for your boat is easier said than done. With so many varieties of kayak motor mounts available in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult even for a seasoned kayaker to find one that meets both his budget and requirements. To help you out here we are going to give a roundup of top 8 kayak motor mounts so that you can make a better buying decision –

Top 8 Kayak Motor Mounts

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Here is a list of top 8 kayak motor mounts. Read the reviews carefully and then make the final decision –

1. Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

You don’t necessarily have to modify your kayak to get Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount installed. It fits perfectly with the Rods Holders. Installation should not take more than 30 seconds unless you have no idea what you are doing. Disconnecting Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount is as easy as pie and that means, it can be used on multiple kayaks with built-in Rods Holders without causing any damage. By sliding and releasing the mount, you will be able to adjust the clamps effortlessly. Change of position is also possible. 

Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount is extremely stable in nature. Use the straps to shore it up. However, if you wish, you can also use heavy duty zip ties to secure it further.


  • Made from marine grade Nylon and Alloy that adds to its extreme durability.
  • Hassle-free Installation.
  • Ideal for both right-hand and left-hand operator.
  • Depending on the width of the hull, this motor mount can be adjusted.


  • Some stress points are not that strong as reported by some buyers.
  • the mounting plate does not offer enough grips.
  • Since it has multiple adjustment joints, they need to be tightening properly.

2. Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount

Be it a gas motor or an electric one, Old Town Standard Motor Mount is here to give you all the support that your kayaks need to affix the motor properly. Known for its versatility and flexibility, Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount can be installed and uninstalled in a matter of few seconds. Operating this kayak motor mount is a breeze. You don’t have to look over your shoulder all the time which is good because you will have to look forward while operating the kayak motor.

Old Town Standard Motor Mount can easily hold up three horsepower engine thanks to the inclusion of rust-free and heavy-duty aluminum bracket. Hardwood block offers a stable surface where electric motors can be mounted. BY moving the


  • The manufacturer is renowned for its long-standing quality craftsmanship and its legacy. That means you don’t have to worry about the quality at all.
  • Extremely stable and highly adjustable in nature.
  • Heavy-duty and extremely durable.
  • Since the motor gets moved away from the side of the kayak, it increases the comfort level of the paddler while operating a kayak motor.


  • Not suitable for wood-trimmed canoes

3. Harmony Canoe Motor Mount

Harmony Canoe Motor Mount works really well for most kayaks and standard canoes. Fixing a motor on this Canoe Motor Mount does not take much doing. Versatile and heavy duty, Harmony Canoe Motor Mount offers an exceptional level of support to electric trolling motors. With a little bit of customization, this Motor Mount can be fixed to either side of a kayak easily and effortlessly. Up to 35 lb. thrust electric motor can be mounted on Harmony Canoe Motor Mount without adversely affecting the stability of the boat. It can be detached and attached to most gunwales which is certainly one of its main advantages.


  • Strong built and durable.
  • Works with almost all types of kayaks


  • Small black handles.
  • Rounded tabs offering less grip

4. Brocraft Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

Brocraft Kayak Trolling Motor Mount is another versatile motor mount that you can install on your kayak to improve its performance. Strong and sturdy, Brocraft Kayak Trolling Motor Mount can be attached to either side of the boat. You can place a 35 lb. thrust electric motor on it without impacting the overall stability. It can be installed or removed from gunwales in a matter of a few seconds.


  • Two years warranty!
  • Both electric and gas motor can be mounted on it.
  • Marine grade aluminum track bar.
  • Can be attached to kayaks irrespective of the width of the hull.


  • The base is very small.
  • No instruction manual is available.

5. Procontroll RMIEZ010 Trolling Motor Mount

Procontroll RMIEZ010 Trolling Motor Mount is not the hero that we deserve but it is the hero that we need! Easy to install, Procontroll RMIEZ010 Trolling Motor Mount offer support to 50 lb. kayak motor. There is absolutely no need to torque down the knobs. All you have to do is to snug them slowly and there you have it. Controlling the boat will become a hell lot easier after installing Procontroll RMIEZ010 Trolling Motor Mount.


  • Ergonomic knobs.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Extremely durable in nature as most of the components are made from stainless steel.
  • Reinforced nylon used that adds to durability and strength.


  • Requires a bit of tension to get it set correctly.

6. Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount

Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount does what it does best and that is extending support to kayak motors. It is not extremely rigid and that means, you would not have to deal with small battery life, diminish efficiency or less propulsion. Neither it is unreliable and that means, there is very little chance that you will end up finding yourself marooned in the middle of nowhere. It hits the sweet spot in between.

Up to 3 horsepower of electric engine or gas motor can be mounted on this kayak motor mount. Inclusion of heady duty aluminum bracket adds to its strength. To get a sturdy grip, you don’t have to use fancy tools. Use your hands to tighten the mount to the gunwales. There is absolutely no need of a wrench to get this attached to a boat.  


  • Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount can be reversed easily and that means, it is ideal for both right-handed and left-handed professionals.
  • No extra tools required to tighten the mount which is a good thing.


  • The weight of the motor can make the mount flex and bend a little; but not that much.
  • Screws are not that strong. So, you might have to purchase extra screws from your local store.

7. RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount

RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount can be installed in a matter of just 30 seconds. So, if you are desperate to cruise to your favorite fishing spot without paddling like crazy, you need to spend some bucks on this Kayak Motor Mount. RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount fits perfectly with almost all types of kayaks and you can mount all kinds of motors on it without jeopardizing its stability.


  • Total length is 39” and the length of the crossbar is 47 1/2”.
  • Quick to install and remove.
  • To customize it further, you can use RailMount 32-41s.
  • Mounting fasteners and Two Railblaza StarPort HDs come included in the kit.


  • No as such.

8. Beavertail 2000 Series Stealth Motor Mount

Beavertail 2000 Series Stealth Motor Mount is stable and versatile in nature. You can mount either a 2 horsepower outboard motor or an electric trolling motor on it. It is extremely easy to install and removing it should not be an issue at all.


  • Simple installation process
  • Strong, sturdy and durable


  • Hooks and wingnuts are made from plastic.
  • The bolts are a bit short.
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