West Lake Park Kayaking

One of the most unique things about Central Urban Broward is the West Lake. However, it is not just like any other scenic view, but actually has an interesting story behind it. There were elaborate plans being made by the rich and wealthy of the 1970s to transform this area into houses and avenues for people to enjoy, but the then County Commissioner – Anne Kolb convinced all to preserve the wildlife and the wetlands of West Lake Park.

Now, West Lake Park has become of the most popular natural places for kayaking. It provides a means of leisure to all the 2 million people that are settled around the area. The park has become a favorite spot for many – some like it as a picnic spot, whereas the more adventurous ones like to kayak and canoe in the waters of the lake. This is the perfect place for everyone who has just started kayaking to practice and get develop their kayaking skills

Trails To Explore At The West Lake:

There are various trails that you can explore when venturing at the lake. Usually, the route starts from 122 Sheridan Street and then you can follow the White Trail that is surrounded by thick mangroves till you reach the lake

However, you need to take a bit of caution as it is recommended that you do for the narrow parts of the White Trail only during high tide, and at no other time. This is because if you go at any other time except this, you will find yourself submerged in deep mud and not enough water to take out your kayak.

You can also opt for the Green Trail that is situated across the lake from White Trail. You can then paddle towards the Anne Kolb Nature Centre and reach the Red Trail

Now that you know about these three trails, you must be wondering which one you should explore first. All these three routes are immensely pretty, but the popular choice among them is the Red Trail due to its raw view and sheer beauty. You will find yourself nestled in the lap of nature and may come across many birds, kingfishers, and vultures on your way. It is truly a scene to behold, and if you haven’t been on this trail before, you must plan to make a short trip there soon!

Be it any of these three trails, for a fun and eventful day, what we recommend is after spending a day in the water, do give the Anne Kolb Centre for the rest of the day to blow off some steam. In fact, many experienced people complete all three trails at one go and then paddle over to the Nature Centre to enjoy the rest of the day.

It can be safely said that if you wish to go on a little adventure trip, take out your kayak and head over to West Lake Park to enjoy Nature’s bliss.

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