Best Canoe Trolling Motor Mount

Best Canoe Trolling Motor Mount

So, you’ve purchased a new trolling motor for motorizing your canoe but do not how to secure it to your vessel? Well, if your canoe has a flat vertical-shaped transom, then only clamp your newly-purchased trolling motor on to it. And if your canoe does not have a flattened vertical transom, then also do not worry. All you need is a separate motor mount for your canoe to attach the trolling motor.

Trolling motors run on electricity and use batteries to steer boats over waters. The electric motors work quietly so the fish are not scared away. By motorizing their canoes, the anglers can control their watercraft to travel from one place to another smoothly for catching fish. The trolling motors are set up on the stern or bow of boats.

Motor mounts are integral components of motorized canoes. They help in firmly securing the motor to the hull and that too, without any wobbly parts. As such, with trolling motors, you can be assured that your boat operates efficiently while covering greater distances and with higher thrust.

Best 4 Canoe Trolling Motor Mounts

1. Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount

Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount offers great performance without making you pay a premium price. You can easily mount an electrical engine or a gas engine on it without destabilizing it.  Made from aluminum, Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount is extremely durable and is resistant to rust.

The motor can be moved from its original position and this is what allows paddlers to operate the motor comfortably without checking on the motor every now and then. For electrical motors, this heavy-duty Canoe Motor Mount offers a great mounting surface which is made from strong hardwood block.

However, one of the major drawbacks of this Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount is that it is not compatible with wood-trimmed canoes.

2. Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount

Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount can hold the power and the weight of a trolling motor easily. Rugged built, Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount is reversible and that means, both left-handed and right-handed people can control it without reinventing the wheel. The mount can be attached to the gunwales by using your hands; no need to use a wrench to get it tightened.

Strong and durable, Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount is made from heavy-duty aluminum. You can easily mount a 3-horsepower engine (electrical or gas) on it without making it off balance. So, now you can dash off to your favourite fishing spot by getting your canoe equipped with this powerful Motor Mount.

3. Newport Vessels Pontoon Trolling Motor Mount

Newport Vessels Pontoon Trolling Motor Mount is known for its superior performance and durability. It is compatible with almost all Trolling Motors that are commonly available in the market. The installation process is very simple and you don’t have to drill any holes in it to get it installed. All the installation hardware comes included.

To pivot the Newport Vessels Pontoon Trolling Motor Mount, you just need to loosen the bolts a bit and then you can reposition the mount. Keeping it secured in its positions is two bolts.

It comes with 2 Year warranty which is a big advantage. However, you need to make sure that the shaft is not longer than 1.15’’ because in that case, it might start acting up.  

4. MotorGuide Universal Removable Mount for Trolling Motors

MotorGuide Universal Removable Mount for Trolling Motors is a highly flexible trolling motor mount that you can install on your Canoe without losing your mind in the process. The removal process is extremely simple and this is definitely one of its main USPs. It has got a Universal hole that makes it compatible with most trolling motors available in the market. Flaunting composite construction, MotorGuide Universal Removable Mount can easily withstand impacts.

Why Opt For A Motor Mount On Your Canoe?

In addition to motor mounts securing trolling motors to your canoe, they come with many other features that are useful for anglers and boatmen.

Some varieties of motor mounts have adjustable knobs for seamlessly mounting and dismounting the bracket to your canoe’s gunwales. In turn, the mounts are easily removable when you want to pack your equipment for traveling to different locations. Such knobs can be tightened by hand, thus, eliminating the need for bulky tools or wrenches.

Also, motor mounts can be reversed completely. That said, they work well for left-handed people too. More so, you can mount them to the stern or bow of your canoe, offering the much-needed flexibility to canoeists for making the necessary adjustments to the trolling motors as and when required.

Besides, similar to gas motors, electric motors are easily installable to different shapes and sizes of canoes.

How To Pick The Best Canoe Motor Mount?

So, you’re confused about how to get a canoe trolling motor mount that suits your needs? Well, only you need to consider some important aspects before your purchases, as studied in the following details.


Normally, the cross-bracket of trolling motors use hardwood or aluminum while the motor block is made of plastic or hardwood.


Now, when compared to aluminum-based cross brackets, hard wood-based ones are less popular. In the case of hardwood cross brackets, they contain a distinctive type of urethane coating on hardwoods (such as Maple, Oak, and Ash) for protection against water damage and moisture. However, hardwood cross-brackets rate high in aesthetics than aluminum ones, particularly when the natural wood grain is visible. Further, hardwood cross-brackets are composed of wood and can be drilled easily; this aspect is important especially if you’re looking to add accessories such as fishing mounts and rod fasteners to your canoe.


As a cross-bracket material, aluminum is preferred because of its robustness and corrosion-proof feature. More so, this metal is lightweight which keeps the overall weight of your boat down and helps to increase speed and battery life.

The mounting block is referred to as that portion of the mount that the trolling motor clamps onto. More often, mounting blocks are constituted from thick hardwood blocks while varieties that are composed of plastics are available as well. Both materials work well, though hardwood is more aesthetically-pleasing as compared to other mounting block models.

Mount Type

In trolling motor mount styles, you can choose between two types: standard bracket and side-saddle ones.

Side-saddle mounts

On the other hand, side-saddle mounts clasp onto one side of the hull of the canoe. Even so, they occupy lesser space in your canoe than the standard mounts and, thus, are more useful if you have a small-sized vessel. Though, they have a tendency of bending or bowing the canoe outwards from where they join when imposed with under bulky loads, which leads to the propellers to move closer to the canoe. In deep waters, this does not cause problems; but in shallow waters, it could pose problems.

Standard bracket mounts

Standard bracket mounts come with full crossbeams or brackets that are as long as the widths of the canoes. They adjoin to the canoe’s gunwale using two hand-operated knobs, which help to tighten or loosen the mounts. With standard bracket mounts, you can establish a firm connection to the hull, because the two attaching points form a solid connection to the canoe.

Additional Features

Some add-ons in motor mounts can prove to be handy.

Canoes can have built-in rod holders for attaching more fishing rods during your fishing expeditions in your canoe. In some canoes, the Brocraft mounts have rail systems that can easily hold fishing mounts and cup holders and camera mounts, in addition to extra rod holders.

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