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Best Kayak Gloves

Best 7 Gloves for Kayaking

Kayaking requires a lot of effort when paddling down the cold waters or lazy waters. Only when you paddle using your hands for an hour or two, you’ll know how tiring the exercise can actually be. Also, in the process, your hands can get beaten down. Well, ask any experienced kayaker and they will suggest wearing gloves during your kayaking trips. Surely, you want to protect your hands from injuries or other untoward incidents, right?

However, selecting the right pair of gloves may not be as easy as it seems. Instead, you need to consider various important aspects during your shopping expeditions to ensure you pick suitable ones – if you want value for your money that is.

Best 7 Gloves for Kayaking

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1. Palmyth UV Kayaking Gloves

Palmyth UV Kayaking Gloves offers a superior grip even when your hand is wet. Made from soft and breathable materials, Palmyth UV Kayaking Gloves will keep your hand cool and comfy even when the sun is burning bright. The fabrics will help you keep your hands dry. No matter what is the size of your wrist is, Palmyth UV Kayaking Gloves will offer superior fitting as it has got an adjustable wrist strap that conforms to any wrist-size whatsoever.

Palmyth UV Kayaking Gloves can be removed easily by using its innovative finger-tip pull tab. Even if your hands are soaked and wet, you would not find it difficult to get this pair of kayaking gloves removed. If you love fishing while paddling, Palmyth UV Kayaking Gloves can be your perfect companion as this pair of kayaking gloves has got synthetic leather in the palm area.

Forget about developing painful and irritating blister if you put on this pair of kayaking gloves because Palmyth UV Kayaking Gloves will cushion the impacts and thus allowing you to push yourself harder during the kayaking trip.

2. IUSTAOCN Kayaking Fingerless Gloves

IUSTAOCN Kayaking Fingerless Gloves is designed to offer maximum comfort while keeping your hands protected from the harmful rays of the Sun. Made from soft and quick-dry materials., IUSTAOCN Kayaking Fingerless Gloves does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you paddle for long hours. It is super comfy and IUSTAOCN Kayaking Fingerless Gloves has got a nice ergonomic design.

IUSTAOCN Kayaking Fingerless Gloves is skid-proof and is equipped with silica to increase the comfort level to one step further. Vent design ensures proper airflow and the use of breathable fabrics makes this pair of IUSTAOCN Kayaking Fingerless Gloves super comfortable. Putting this pair of kayaking gloves or taking it off is less of a hassle. Highly resistant to wear and tear, IUSTAOCN Kayaking Fingerless Gloves protect the most vulnerable part of your hand and that is the gap between the thumb and the index finger.

IUSTAOCN Kayaking Fingerless Gloves is suitable for a wide range of activities like rowing, cycling, kayaking, etc.

3. FitsT4 Kayaking Gloves

FitsT4 Kayaking Gloves is just perfect for outdoor use. The thumbs and the palm areas are protected with Synthetic leather that will keep your hands protected from developing blisters while kayaking for long hours. FitsT4 Kayaking Gloves offer superior grip no matter what. FitsT4 Kayaking Gloves have got mesh fabrics on its back and thus allowing you to keep your hands dry in cold weather and cool in warm weather.

FitsT4 Kayaking Gloves offer 100% protection from the Sun. The best thing about this pair of FitsT4 Kayaking Gloves is that it does not interfere with mobility. With this pair of gloves on, you will be able to open bags, grab objects, and do other tasks without feeling restricted at all. Be it kayaking or sailing, FitsT4 Kayaking Gloves will suit your requirements no matter what.

4. KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves

KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves are suitable for both men and women. A cozy snug-fitting is what you can expect if you decide to put on this pair of KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves for your upcoming kayaking expedition. KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves will keep you protected from the harmful rays of the Sun while eliminating any possibility of developing blisters.

The design of KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves has been looked over by a team of seasoned anglers. Premium poly-spandex fabric is used in the making of this pair of kayak gloves and it will keep you cool and dry in the entire journey. Since your fingers will remain exposed, you will not have any issue while changing any fishing gear. Putting on or taking off KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves is fairly easy as the middle fingers and the cuff have got integrated pull tab. Its primary wear points are reinforced with Microfiber.

5. Bassdash ALTIMATE UPF 50+ Women’s Kayaking Gloves

Bassdash ALTIMATE UPF 50+ Women’s Kayaking Gloves offer great grip as the palm is protected by non-slip synthetic leather. Made from breathable fabric, Bassdash ALTIMATE UPF 50+ Women’s Kayaking Gloves help you keep your hands dry and cool no matter what the weather condition is. People with sweaty hands might find this pair of Bassdash ALTIMATE UPF 50+ Women’s Kayaking Gloves handy. It will keep your hands protected from harmful UV rays of the Sun.

Bassdash ALTIMATE UPF 50+ Women’s Kayaking Gloves will keep you protected from scratches, cuts, and abrasions. Since the fingertips remain exposed, you will not have any issue handling small things like fishing lines or doing odd jobs that demands flexibility and dexterity.

6. Windrose Multi-Sport Gloves

Windrose Multi-Sport Gloves has got a rugged design and is built for the marine environment; however, you can use it indoor. Made from Amara leather, Windrose Multi-Sport Gloves is super durable and stand the test of time. If you are looking for a pair of gloves that can offer flexibility and stability, you need to put your trust on Windrose Multi-Sport Gloves. You will enjoy an excellent grip while making zero compromises on the quality front.

Windrose Multi-Sport Gloves is extremely versatile in nature and will fit nicely around your fingers. Wrist straps can be adjusted easily and the palm area has got the right amount of cushioning. Windrose Multi-Sport Gloves is super comfortable and fit just right.

7. KastKing Gil Raker Gloves

KastKing Gil Raker Gloves is made from breathable poly-spandex that will help you keep your hands dry during the entire journey. Offering superior protection from the UV rays of the sun, KastKing Gil Raker Gloves have got double layers in the palm. Worried about insects’ bites? Well, in that case, you should put your trust in KastKing Gil Raker Gloves. KastKing Gil Raker Gloves come fitted with Integrated pull tabs.

With this pair of gloves on, you will be able to do things like – replacing hooks or changing the reel handles, etc without feeling restrained at all. Integrated pull loops make taking off this pair of gloves as easy as pie. KastKing Gil Raker Gloves is ideal for cold-weather fishing.

Kayak Gloves Buying Gloves

So, here we have listed the important considerations when taking your pick from the different varieties of kayak gloves.

1. Check The Thickness

Neoprene is warm; and, thus, using thick neoprene gloves when paddling in kayaks during warm weather conditions is not advisable. Though they may be heavily padded, yet they may get terribly hot under the sun.

For the summer season, the fingerless gloves that are 1-2mm thick are ideal. Through the spring and fall season, consider the water temperature before making your final selection in kayak gloves. During winter, the 3mm thick kayak gloves should be your pick. Extra thick gloves may not be practical for paddling.

2. Fabrics

In kayak gloves, you can avail Neoprene, Lycra and Spandex ones. Though, debates on whether the palms should have padding are ongoing.

For hot weather conditions, the popular options in synthetics include Lycra and Spandex; they are lightweight and extend protection from the sun’s harsh rays. Also, they come with extra padding that helps to withstand the grazes of paddling. Even so, they are suitable to wear only during the summer months and not through the cold season.

For cold weather, gloves that are made of neoprene material stand as a good choice. Composed of synthetic rubber, neoprene is used for making wetsuits. The material’s insulating, waterproof and spongy properties are an ideal combination for kayak gloves when water temperatures start getting colder.

3. Fit

Fit is an important consideration too. A glove that is ill-fitting poses problems.

You may be wrong to think that the super-snug fitting gloves can keep your hands warm. Rather tight gloves can hamper blood circulation in your hands and make them colder.

On the other hand, opting for looser gloves may not always be a good decision – for they can cause blisters due to friction because of the extra room.

Not only should the gloves fit your palm, but they should sit on your fingers, knuckles, and wrist comfortably as well.

4. Assess the stiffness

During your kayaking expeditions, if you do not want your hands to tire quickly, then opt for the pre-formed varieties that take the shape of your hand when you’re relaxed. The extra thick cold weather gloves are stiff and should be avoided for they can tire your hands.

Some groups of people prefer having extra layers of synthetics or other tough materials on the palms. The added layers offer the required cushioning and protection against blisters or other injuries. Even so, they can loosen your grip.

How To Take Care of A Pair of Kayaking Gloves

Without sounding counter-intuitive, quality gloves tend to wear out soon enough. Nevertheless, follow the below care instructions for the best results.

1. Do Not Forget To Rinse

Be sure to rinse your kayak gloves after every use. Particularly after going paddling in saltwater, followed by rinsing your gloves in freshwater and, then, putting them out to dry.

In the case of waterproof neoprene, a quick rinse is a good way to maintain their shape.

2. Good Gloves Have A Short Life Span

Do not expect your gloves to last long because they endure the punishment instead of your skin. Generally, good gloves are supple while giving you room to move your hands and fingers. Though, this also means that they cannot be composed of tough materials. So, expect your kayak gloves to wear quickly.

3. Prolong Their Life

To extend the life of your kayak gloves, consider applying a thin layer of Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive and Sealant in the space between the forefinger and thumb of neoprene gloves. By doing so, the gloves become more durable and tend to last for longer than otherwise.

Types of Kayaking Gloves

Paddling gloves are available in two different types – fingerless and full-fingers. Here we are going to discuss both the types in detail –

1. Full-Finger Kayaking Gloves

Full-Finger Kayaking Gloves will cover your hand and fingers. Full-Finger Kayaking Gloves are ideal for those who are living colder climate zones where you need an extra layer of protection to keep your hands protected from biting cold. However, you might find it difficult to hold smaller objects.

2. Fingerless Kayaking Gloves

As the name suggests, fingerless gloves cover the fingers. Now, there are some advantages of wearing fingerless gloves and that is – you will be able to do things like – tying a knot or grabbing a water bottle easily and effortlessly which would be a bit of a struggle with Full-Finger Kayaking Gloves. However, since your fingers will remain exposed, you might have to deal with some unpleasant consequences like blisters or frostbite in some worse situations. This pair of kayaking gloves are ideal for those people who are living in warmer climate zones.  

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