Best Kayak Rack for Hyundai Sonata

Best Kayak Rack for Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata is a highly dependable vehicle and therefore, it is no wonder that it is loved and adored by so many people around the world. But transporting a kayak on its roof is not going to be an easy task. There are so many factors that you need to carefully consider that you might find it overwhelmingly difficult to find a good quality kayak rack that can be fitted on it easily and effortlessly. To make it easier for you, here we have listed the best kayak racks that money can buy for your Hyundai Sonata –

Best 6 Kayak Racks for Hyundai Sonata

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1. Direct Aftermarket Universal Double Kayak Roof Rack

Your Hyundai Sonata sedan is not only good for fulfilling urban commuting needs but you can take the car for occasional kayaking trips out of the city too. Buy a suitable kayak rack for that. Try out the Direct Aftermarket Universal Double Kayak Roof Rack. This is a sturdy kayak rack with sleek stylish looks. It comes with reinforced cargo straps and there is a Rubberized base for offering extra grip. This rack will fit on the majority of aftermarket as well as OEM crossbars. This epoxy powder-coated steel rack is very durable and will not get affected by rusting easily. You can carry 2 kayaks on this rack. The overall load capacity is 250 pounds and so loading large kayaks will be easy. Its J bar-style makes unloading and loading easy. In the pack, you get all necessary mounting hardware, along with setup instructions.

2. OxGord Kayak Roof Rack

Have you been looking for high quality and stylish kayak rack for your Hyundai Sonata? If yes, then stop searching and just bring home the OxGord Kayak Roof Rack. This sturdy and sleek looking rack is compatible with most third-party crossbars. The sturdy steel bar is Water-resistant and it is not very heavy either. Setting the rack up is simple and in the pack, you will find everything required for installation. The company sells the product with a 1-year warranty. Every component including the straps and padded cradle are of premium quality. You will be able to load kayaks of varying styles on it.

3. Thule Dockgrip Kayak Saddle

Not everyone requires heavy and large-sized kayak racks. If you are looking for a minimalistic but functional kayak rack for your Hyundai Sonata your best option is Thule Dockgrip Kayak Saddle. This rack takes up less space compared to most competing products. It weighs less than 8 pounds but the build quality of the item is superb. You get a couple of independent pivoting saddles with a lever to adjust the loading angles and so loading kayaks of varying shapes are simple. Its large and cushioned pads cover the hull. The product is compatible with Thule rack systems and third-party factory racks. The load capacity is 85 pounds. It is among one of the easy-to-use kayak racks you will find in the market.

4. PaddleSports+ Kayak Roof Rack

Your Hyundai Sonata requires a stylish and quality kayaking rack. If you are not sure about which one to buy, opt for the PaddleSports+ Kayak Roof Rack. This is a well-built rack that is lightweight. The J-Bar design makes setting this up on cross rails simple. It works on most aftermarket crossbar models. The steel body of the rack is really sturdy and the rack also comes with thick rubber padding for protecting the kayaks. The rack weighs less than 8 pounds and the maximum carrying capacity is 75 pounds. The company packs in a detailed instruction manual and that can be handy for the new users.

5. Goplus Kayak Carrier Universal 2 Pair J- Shape Rack

To take an occasional break from the monotonous schedule of work, take your Hyundai Sonata to distant kayaking trips. If you are wondering which kayak rack is best, just buy the Goplus Kayak Carrier Universal 2 Pair J- Shape Rack. This steel-based rack is very sturdy and the design is neat too. This rack is equipped with a Foam Padding Protector. The thickened steel tube comes with powder coat paint and so rusting woes do not exist. Its Wide mouth J bar-style ensures loading and unloading can be done fast without hassles. As the kayaks are secured by side, the load bar space is not taken up much. In the pack, you will find all mounting hardware along with 4 heavy-duty straps. The maximum load capacity is 150 pounds and so you can use large kayaks without hassles. It is compatible with both factory and aftermarket crossbars. At 16 pounds, the rack is lightweight.

6. RaxGo Premium Folding Kayak Roof Rack

When you want a solid and easy to use kayak rack for your Hyundai Sonata, what can be better than the RaxGo Premium Folding Kayak Roof Rack? This is a functional kayak rack and you will be able to set it up without fuss or delay. The rack is sturdy enough to carry kayaks weighing up to 165 pounds. So, you need not worry about being able to take your large kayaks to distant locations! The rack fits with typical crossbars as well as the Bars with T-Slider Bolt. Its Premium Polyester straps last for a long time. As for durability, you need not worry. The Powder-Coated Steel body is extremely durable and resistant to rusting. The company packs in clear setup guidelines. It also offers a one-year Limited warranty on the rack.

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