Best Kayak Racks for Jeep Renegade

Best Kayak Racks for Jeep Renegade

After Jeep went under the ownership of FCA, it has been on the track to the recovery of its lost glory. The Jeep branded SUVs and crossovers are ruling the roads in various countries. The Jeep Renegade, a compact crossover SUV with design cues taken from Compass and Patriot, became a sleeper hit after its debut in 2014. Its rugged and stylish design, coupled with enticing amenities and category-leading safety features made it a favorite with buyers. Post a facelift in 2018, its sales soared upwards. Even though the Renegade is not a large SUV, you can take it for weekend tours and kayaking trips- for sure. It has to be equipped with proper kayak racks though.

Best 7 Kayak Racks for Jeep Renegade

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Listed here are some of the best kayak racks for use in Jeep Renegade:

1. 7BLACKSMITH Roof J-Bar Rack Kayak

Have you been looking for a kayak rack to set up atop your Jeep Renegade? Then the 7BLACKSMITH Roof J-Bar Rack Kayak is what you need. Made with durable metal, it fits on most crossbars without issues. The black finish steel bars do not develop rust easily and you can keep using them all through the year. The carrying capacity is rated at 75 pounds. The solid bars are covered by soft padding and so your kayaks will not receive dents and scratches.  The j bar-style design makes unloading and loading smooth. It weighs only 16.38 pounds and so installation is simple.

2. Malone Auto Racks Malone J-Loader

You cannot count on just any typical kayak bars for use with the Jeep Renegade. Malone Auto Racks Malone J-Loader is what you actually need. You need not fret about loading kayaks thanks to its built-in boarding ramp. You get everything required for setting up the rack including rugged straps. The bars are made of solid metal and they are coated for rust resistance. This ensures you can use the rack without thinking about rain and snowfall. The load capacity is 75 pounds. Its Universal fit hardware fits on crossbars having different shapes. The unit weighs less than 14 pounds. You will be able to set up this rack without requiring any tools.

3. RaxGo Premium Folding Kayak Roof Rack

Do you want a sleek and well-built kayak rack for your Jeep Renegade? The RaxGo Premium Folding Kayak Roof Rack is something that you will find suitable. It is made of high-quality Black Powder-Coated Steel and that will not get affected by rust. The maximum rated carrying capacity is 165 pounds. You can set this rack up on typical crossbars as well as T-slider bolt-compatible units. The racks ship with heavy-duty straps and so you can be assured of safe transit of your kayaks. You also get a user guide using which installation can be done in a jiffy. The company offers a 1-year limited warranty on the unit.

4. JDM Auto Lights Carrier Roof Rack

Your Jeep Renegade is stylish and you need a fitting accessory for it to carry kayaks on top. The JDM Auto Lights Carrier Roof Rack is the ideal contender in this regard.  Its Heavy-Duty Steel Construction will last for several years and rusting will not be a problem. The side-loading design helps save space. You also get high-quality Tie-Down Straps with it. The black coat not only enhances longevity but makes the unit look stunning. At just 16.72 pounds, the rack is lightweight and you will not face many hassles in setting it up. It will fit on regular crossbars.

5. AA-Racks J-Bar Rack

Will you compromise on the quality by buying subpar kayak racks for your Jeep Renegade? If the answer is no and you want a premium quality kayak rack, this unit is just right. The AA-Racks J-Bar Rack looks sleek and offers maximum performance and durability. Its double folding design ensures loading and unloading kayaks is simple. The rubber base cover and soft foam padding ensure the kayaks remain protected from damage during the trips. They offer a good grip as well. Setting the rack up atop the car will not take much time and you should be able to do it personally.

6. Yakima – JayLow J-Style Fold Down Rooftop Kayak Carrier

Are you looking for a kayak rack for the Jeep Renegade that needs little maintenance but looks stylish and has superb longevity? Then, you need not look any further than the Yakima – JayLow J-Style Fold Down Rooftop Kayak Carrier. The J-Cradle design makes it simple to set up and use. This lightweight kayak rack can be set up without much technical expertise. It lets you carry 2 kayaks in a vertically stacked position or one unit in horizontal mode. The maximum carrying capacity of the unit is 110 pounds. You get the necessary fixtures and straps with this unit. The company ships the rack is fully assembled form and it is foldable too.

7. Reese Explore 1394900 J-Rac Kayak

Looking for a hardy and sleek looking kayak rack for your Jeep Renegade? Try the Reese Explore 1394900 J-Rac Kayak and you will not be disappointed. This rack is compatible with most third-party crossbars. The mounting hardware is included and you also get straps for securing the kayaks well. The solid metal bars are rust-resistant and durability is top-notch. The rack is easy to assemble and you will neither need many tools nor technical acumen to finish the installation process. The padding is also adequate for the kayaks. At 11.18 pounds the rack is lightweight as well.

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