Best Kayak Racks for Kia Sportage

Best Kayak Racks for Kia Sportage

If you are looking for a rack to securely hold your kayak on the back of your car, then you should be aware that there is no shortage of options. You’ll need to find one that best suits your needs and budget. The good news is, we’ve done the research for you! We compiled a list of the best racks for Kia Sportages from our top ten choices in order to help narrow down your search.

Best 6 Kayak Racks for Kia Sportage

1. Thule HullaPort Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier

The Hull-A-Port is the only carrier on the market that can accommodate sea and whitewater kayaks in one convenient package. It’s versatile shape makes it easy to load by just lifting your kayak, putting it in place, and tightening up the straps from there so you don’t have to worry about scratching or denting your precious cargo during transport. It also folds down for easier storage when you’re not using it so you can keep more room available in your Kia Sportage when traveling to different destinations.

The Hull-A-Port has a padded design to protect your boat as well as J Style hooks which allow more room for fishing poles, luggage, and whatever else needs hauling around this summer.

2. Thule Hull-a-Port Rooftop Kayak

Introducing the Thule Hull-a-Port Rooftop Kayak, a high performance kayak carrier for your favorite activity. This rack from Thule is durable and non-slip which will ensure that you can enjoy this amazing watersport all year round. It has protective pads to keep your gear safe in transit so no need to worry about scratches on the roof of your Kia Sportage or kayak. The tilt down system provides easy loading and unloading and it doesn’t matter if you’re carrying one or two kayaks. The J shaped profile means they’ll fit behind each other when securely fastened with straps to avoid any sliding around during travel. And don’t worry about installation – this model is compatible with most factory racks.

3. YAKIMA JayLow Kayak Carrier

You’ve finally picked out that kayak you’ve always wanted. Now, get that bad boy home on your Kia Sportages without any worries. This Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier is perfect for carrying up to 2 kayaks (up to 110 lbs combined) along with straps/locks so your gear will be safe all the way back home!

The features of this Yakima carrier make it a WINNER; such as the integrated cam lever, which lets you hold and control both upright positions with ease; or when folded flat, giving your car less drag and clearances even greater than before! So why wait? Built from steel throughout and weighing in at only 62 lbs., the Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier will keep a smile on your face.

4. Malone Downloader J-Style Kayak Carrier

If you’re looking for a perfect kayak rack for your Kia Sportage, then stop your search with Malone Downloader J-Style Kayak Carrier. With increased overhead clearance and JAWZ mounting hardware, this flexible kayak carrier is compatible with most factory cross rails equipped vehicles. Available in two different lengths to accommodate larger vessels, the Malone Downloader J-Style Kayak Carrier can transport up to 75lbs of kayaks without compromising its durability or sturdiness. Moreover, it comes complete with oversized padding that ensures your kayak remains safe from any damage during transit. So if you want a convenient way to get around town safely while also being able to easily load that new keelboat onto your Kia Sportage then look no further than the Malone Downloader J-Style Kayak Carrier!

5. INNO INA455 Kayak Roof Rack

The INNO INA455 Kayak Roof Rack for 2 kayaks is the perfect solution to transport your favorite water vessel throughout town and into the wild. Thanks to its universal mount, this carrier system fits square, round and most factory crossbars effortlessly allowing you plenty of places to install it on top of your car’s roof. Once mounted securely on top – these rooftop mounts can carry up to 2 kayaks comfortably ensuring their safety with beefy buckle pads- making sure they won’t be scratched by belt buckles while in transit.

6. Reese Explore 1394900 J-Rac Kayak Carrier

When you’ve got a kayak that needs to be carried on the roof of Kia Sportage, the Reese Explore 1394900 J-Rac Kayak Carrier comes in handy. With easy installation and carrying straps bow and stern tie downs, just about anyone can transport their kayaks with peace of mind. Whether you’re planning a short paddle or an epic adventure down some faraway stream, this carrier will get it there safely!

The installation is quick and simple, just wrap the U-bolts around any crossbar, strap one set to the bow and stern tie down points, and you can be off before lunch break! Carrying your kayak from the back of your truck or hoisting it onto your roof rack can be quite a hassle. That’s why REESE created this easy-to-use J-Rack model! It easily hooks to most vehicle frames and secures your kayaks in an upright position.

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