Kayaking with Hippos

hippo and kayaking

Kayaking with hippos is one of the most adventurous kayak excursions. It provides a chance to see them in their natural habitat, which is incredibly amazing. Kayaking with hippos might seem intimidating at first but it’s actually quite safe if you follow some simple rules and precautions.

Being up close to these giant mammals might seem intimidating, but its actually quite safe if you follow some simple rules and precautions. Watching hippos in their natural habitat is not always easy so this activity provides a chance to get closer than usual. It also allows you to see them in their natural habitat which is totally different from seeing these amazing creatures at a zoo or animal park.

What Precautions Can You Take While Kayaking?

Always listen carefully to your guide. Hippos can be unpredictable and therefore, you need to follow their instructions carefully. You also need to keep a safe distance from these creatures unless you don’t mind chasing by these monster.

Hippos might look slow and relaxing when they are in water but they can be very quick when it is required.

When kayaks approach a resting adult hippo; adult hippo will either turn his body away from kayakers or submerge underwater completely for a while before resurfacing back into water. It means you will have to stay away from young hippos who might be resting close to their parents.

Never turn your back towards a resting or swimming hippo. Do not get in a hippo’s line of sight. The best idea is to paddle the kayak from the side, so that you remain out of their peripheral vision.

Do not allow children under ten years old go out on kayaks without an adult accompanying them.

Adrenaline Rush

The adrenaline rush that kayakers will experience because of the kayaking with hippos is unparalleled by any other kayaking experience because of the risk involved. When kayaks and hippopotami meet, the creatures become accustomed to it after a few visits and start to enjoy having their picture taken as they playfully splash around.  Hippos become so comfortable with kayakers that it is possible to kayak very close to them and even kayak alongside of them.

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