Tips for Keeping Your Kayak Clean

Keeping your kayak clean can be a challenge. With all the water, mud, and grit that gets stuck on it while you are out paddling around, it is easy for your kayak to get dirty. If you want to keep kayaking fun and exciting without worrying about getting a lot of dirt in sensitive areas of the boat and gear, then follow these five tips!

Tips for Keeping Your Kayak Clean

Use Hose To Rise Off Dirt

Use a high powered hose to rinse off the kayak and gear. Do not use soap or detergent as this will leave residue behind on your boat! Rinse with clean water until it is all rinsed off, then dry everything completely before storing them in their cases. You can also use an air compressor to blow dirt out of crevices that you cannot reach by hand.

Cover The Seat

Cover the seats with clear plastic bags when transporting your kayak so they don’t get dirty inside cars or trucks where other passengers might have left debris from eating lunch or snacks, digging for something in their baggy pockets, etc., which may include some really yucky stuff like spit…yuck!

Use Paper Towels While Eating

Keep a supply of paper towels in your vehicle or boat so that if anyone gets any food on their hands from eating lunch while going for a paddle they can wipe it off without using soap and water which will get all over everything. Blot dry with paper towel instead then throw away when done wiping.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Store kayaks out of direct sunlight as exposure to UV rays will degrade plastic parts making them brittle and break more easily; also keep inside houses/buildings during winter months so frost doesn’t form under the hull which could cause leaks into hatches etc., not good! 😉

Avoid Humid Rooms

Do not store kayaks in high humidity rooms, for example bathrooms. The moisture can cause the wood to warp and rot which will end up making a boat unusable if not repaired right away; also don’t keep them on carpet or other surfaces that might absorb water

Use Fresh Water To Rinse Off Sand

After each use of your kayak you should rinse off any dirt/sand with fresh water and then wipe dry again using paper towels (preferably white ones). If there are stubborn spots just scrub gently but do not use soap unless it’s necessary because this too may get all over everything! No matter what, always get rid of all sand from inside before storing your kayaks for a long period of time; you don’t want that getting into all those nooks and crannies


To ensure your kayak is in good condition at all times avoid storing it in high humidity environments like bathrooms or other rooms with carpeting, make sure to rinse off dirt/sand every time following usage (and dry well!), store unused boats during winter months when possible, wipe down after use then wash if needed but only using soap as necessary so it doesn’t spread throughout the whole vessel!

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