31 Ways to Enjoy Kayaking With Your Partner

Kayaking With Your Partner

Kayaking with your partner can be a fun and romantic experience – or it could be an opportunity for one of you to get out some pent-up anger. Either way, this article will help you have the best time possible on the water.

Ways to Enjoy Kayaking With Your Partner

We’ll go over 31 steps to make sure that kayaking with your partner is as much fun as it can possibly be:

Invest in the right kayak

Kayaks are made for use by one person or two people. The better quality, and more expensive kayaks will be designed to either carry a single person with gear on their own, or they’ll have features that allow them to comfortably hold both you and your partner’s weight together.

Familiarize yourself with safety features

If something goes wrong while you’re out there paddling around, it’s best if you know what kind of tools are available so that an emergency can be handled swiftly and easily. Safety equipment like life jackets or vests should always come as standard, but other things like fire extinguishers may not – make sure these too are included before going out onto the water!

Find the right size kayak for you and your partner

Kayaks come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, styles – but only one of these will be best suited to a two-person adventure. Think about where and how far you’re going before making this important decision!

Look out for dangerous water conditions

Kayaking is an awesome way to get up close with nature’s beauty or explore new regions, that said it can also carry some risks if not navigated properly. Make sure you check weather forecasts beforehand so that no nasty surprises await when it comes time to hit the waves.

Take care of yourselves on dry land too!

It may seem obvious at first glance as well as boring compared to paddling around like crazy – but it’s important to maintain a good balance of land and water activities. Kayaking trips can be long, so you’ll need plenty of energy for the day ahead – make sure to eat plenty before heading out!

Stay hydrated

Make sure you have enough with at least one bottle per person in your yak kit. Water is also an excellent way to stay cool on hot days; have some available as well as a few snacks (this will keep hunger pangs away while on board).

Bring protection from the sun!

You might feel like spending all day under that warm summer sun but don’t forget sunscreen or clothing options such as hats and sunglasses which are designed specifically for outdoor use. Sunburns happen quickly without much warning when out on the water.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Kayaks can be advertised as easy to use, but it’s important to remember that they are still a boat; you should always keep an eye out for other boats and obstacles in the water – don’t get too comfortable!

No excuses

There is no good reason not to go kayaking if you have access to some type of body of water. It doesn’t matter what level of experience you or your partner has, there are basic trips available for all levels such as those with children who want their first taste of adventure (or adults looking for something new).

Stay dry!

The most common problem when kayaking is getting wet. You’ll need waterproof clothing which will help protect from cold, rain and other types of exposure.

Lose the shoes

Kayaks are often tight spaces so make sure to leave your footwear on shore or pack a change of clothes for when you get there. Shoes won’t be much good if they fall into the water!

Stay safe!

Kayaking is more than just an activity – it’s also means being prepared in case something goes wrong such as getting lost at sea with no food or devices that help find one’s way back home (which hopefully never happens!) So before setting off, always have some form of communication device handy. It may seem like common sense but it has happened!

Always wear sunscreen

The sun can do a lot of damage during long hours spent outside without protection. Always wear sunscreen and reapply when needed.

Pack the right gear

Kayaks might be compact but they can’t survive without all of their necessary equipment, so always make sure to have plenty on hand before heading out (these are just a few!) – Paddle(s)

  • Dry bag or dry box for storing items in case you end up capsizing
  • Safety kit with flares, signaling devices, spare paddles/paddles as well as other tools like pliers and cordage

Wear layers!

Since kayak outings typically last two hours at most it’s important to dress accordingly. Layering is key because that means you’ll be able to enjoy more things along the way such as fishing! And remember that as the day progresses, you’ll need to be able to move your clothes accordingly so they don’t get wet.

Bring snacks!

The best way to keep energy levels up is with a good trail mix or granola bar. Pack plenty of water and electrolytes (like Emergen-C) for hydration purposes too!

Consider an outing close by

Kayaking just isn’t something that should happen on vacations only since it’s such an accessible activity for everyone in any weather condition. If you live near lakes, creeks, rivers or ocean then kayak outings can always be done without having to travel far away from home.

Try tandem/double paddling

It might sound intimidating but there are tons of resources out there to help you with tandem paddling. You and your partner can each take a side, or paddle together from the same one!

Take turns

Kayaking is unquestionably an activity meant for two people so don’t forget that taking breaks are important too – unless of course if you’re on a long, intense outing where it’s necessary to switch out in order to keep both kayak partners safe and energized.

Bring a hammock!

Outdoor seating doesn’t have to be boring when paired up with outdoor furniture such as this hammock which doubles as boat storage while not being used. This also gives you extra space for other items like snacks, drinks, etc.

Laugh often

One thing about kayaking is that it’s often a lot of laughs. You’re not going to get too far if you don’t have fun and laugh with your partner while kayaking – which is why this article has so many tips about how to enjoy yourself!

Bring snacks

Kayaks are small enough for food storage, but make sure what you bring isn’t perishable or will spoil in the sun. There also should be plenty of space on deck for water bottles and other non-perishables like granola bars, dried fruit, etc.

Take turns paddling

One tip when tandem kayaking is taking shifts where one person does all the work at first then switches with their partner. This takes some getting used to as you’ll need some coordination to make sure your strokes are in sync but it’s worth the effort.

Go at a slower pace

Kayaks can go really fast if you want to, which is great for some people who don’t have time for long trips or just like going super-fast, but those of us looking to enjoy ourselves may find that slowing down and taking more breaks will result in a much better experience overall.

Take photos

Bring along your camera (or phone) so you’re not only focused on paddling – take pictures! Try getting snaps from different perspectives too; there are lots of interesting vantage points when kayaking around lakes or rivers.

Bring snacks again

On this list because they didn’t show up earlier? Well, no matter! Food is something that always tastes better outdoors and while you’re not exactly roughing it, kayaking can be a nice break from the usual lunch or dinner routine.

Plan ahead

Bring your phone charger (or other gadgets) so you don’t have to worry about losing battery when exploring new places too far away for a return trip on foot. If possible, bring some extra clothes – especially if there’s even the slightest chance of getting wet!

Bring drinks with ice

For those who are feeling adventurous, try adding some ice cubes to your water bottle in advance to get an instant cool drink as soon as they begin to melt.

Ride tandem Kayaks if you can afford them

Not everyone will be able to buy their own Kayak and still have enough money to afford the equipment needed for a day on the water. Tandem Kayaks are easier than they might seem, though, and you’ll be able to enjoy exploring together even more when you’re not struggling with an unstable boat!

Bring your phone

If there’s at least one person in your group who can take photographs or record video footage then it never hurts to bring their devices – especially if you don’t want all of those memories lost forever due to theft or loss.

Pack light

You won’t need much clothing once you start kayaking, so just pack a few items that will provide some warmth against the wind or serve as a sunblock during sunset hours. Sun hats are also important to have on hand, as well as sunscreen and sunglasses.

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