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Best Cup Holders for Kayak

Best Cup Holders for Kayak

Kayaking should be all about fun. But it is not. This is an adventure sport where your mind and physical strength get tested all the time and therefore, you need to cheer yourself up every now and then. And what better way to cheer you up in the midst of such mayhem than by sipping on coffee.

But wait for a second! How can you possibly drink coffee while paddling on a river or lake? Well, thanks to kayak cup holders, now anyone can enjoy coffee or tea while paddling out in the water without losing balance or without spilling it all over. Having a good quality kayak cup holder makes you feel more relaxed as you have the peace of mind that you can enjoy your favorite drink without spilling it all over the place.

Best Cup Holders For Kayaks

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1. Ram Mount Self-Leveling Cup Holder for Kayak

Let’s be honest about this Ram Mount Self-Leveling Cup Holder. This does not have an eye-candy look but it gets the job done. It offers a good grip and holds on to your cup firmly. To keep the drink upright, this Ram Mount Self-Leveling Cup Holder pivots with the roll of the kayak which is impressive by any standard. It can even be used as a GoPro mount but for that, you might need to make some subtle changes in it.

Extremely durable and easy to use, Mount Self-Leveling Cup Holder for Kayak is a pure beast. It can easily absorb vibration and shocks. The inclusion of an elastomeric rubber ball has endowed it with extreme flexibility.

Almost all the parts are manufactured in the United States and that means, you would not have to worry about the quality.

2. Scotty Cup Holder for Kayak

Scotty Cup Holder for Kayak is a no-nonsense cup holder that you can easily get installed on your kayak. Easy to install and remove, Scotty Cup Holder w/Rod Hldr Post and Bulkhead/Gnel MNT is extremely easy to use.

This Scotty Cup Holder offers multiple mounting options. Cup can be attached either to the side or the bottom of this Cup Holder. To attach the surface mount, you don’t necessarily need additional accessories. The surface mount can also be attached to either the side of the cup or the bottom of the cup depending on your requirements. In short, you are going to enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to mounting options.

To be brutally honest, this Scotty Cup Holder is not great but not terrible either. Some people complain that the size of this Cup Holder is too big for most beverage containers that are available in the market.

3. Yakattack MultiMount Cup Holder Track Mount for Kayak

Yakattack MultiMount Cup Holder is another popular kayak cup holder that has managed to gain immense popularity among people thanks to its durability and flexibility. It does not matter how large or how small the container is, Yakattack MultiMount Cup Holder is going to hold it firmly.

It has got a metal body that adds to its durability and it can easily be attached to MightyMount, GearTrac, YakAttack or any other kayak track systems that are commonly available in the market. It is corrosion-resistant too and that means, you take it with you on a sea kayaking adventure trip.

The only problem is that Yakattack MultiMount Cup Holder is a bit wide and that means, you will need to find a container large enough to fit well. Small containers might wobble a little bit. But no matter how bad the weather gets, this Yakattack MultiMount Cup Holder would not budge an inch.

4. Scotty #310 Drink Holder

Scotty #310 Drink Holder is a robust built and extremely strong kayak cup holder. To install it, all you have to do is to drill some holes on your kayak. It holds almost all containers irrespective of their shapes and sizes pretty well. It just feels very sturdy and can be removed in a jiffy. It also offers myriads of mounting options which is great. It stays in place no matter how bad the weather turns into.

In short, if you are looking for a cup holder to put your beer, look no farther than Scotty #310 Drink Holder.

5. Brocraft Kayak Track Kayak Cup Holder

Brocraft Kayak Track Kayak Cup Holder allows you to have easy access to your drinks while paddling in on open water in some remote place. It can be easily mounted on the rail. Both the installation and uninstallation process is super simple and you can put bottles, coffee mugs, cans, etc in it without facing trouble.

The only gripe is the fact that Brocraft Kayak Track Kayak Cup Holder occasionally gets in the way which is a bit annoying but given its other features and advantages, we can safely ignore this one drawback.

6. Yakuzzi Kayak Cup Holder

Staying hydrated is important especially when you are paddling for long hours. Thanks to this Yakuzzi Kayak Cup Holder, you would not have to wait for your return to the blessed land to quench your thirst. You can put your favorite beverage bottle in it and sail for the unknown. The best thing about this Yakuzzi Kayak Cup Holder is that it has got clips on it. It is extremely easy to attach to your kayak and does not require any drilling as such.

The only major drawback of Yakuzzi Kayak Cup Holder is that it can hold a small water bottle or can. The clip is strong and does hold on to the bottle firmly. It works really well for plastic bottles.

Kayak Cup Holder Buying Guide

Buying a cup holder for your kayak should not be complicated but sadly it is. There are so many varieties of kayak cup holders available in the market and it makes it all the more difficult for general people like you and me to make a perfect choice. To make your job a little less complicated, here we have compiled some tips that you should try while trying to purchase the best cup holder for your next kayaking adventure –

1. Durability

This is a no-brainer, right? of course, you are going to purchase a cup holder that does not break apart that easily. But sometimes, people tend to make silly mistakes. To save a few bucks, people settle for lesser quality products. You should not make that kind of silly mistake while purchasing a cup holder for your kayak. Always focus on quality no matter what.

2. Stability

Cup Holder should offer a good grip and should prevent accidental spilling. If the cup holder is unstable, there is no point in having it. So, make it a point that the cup holder is stable enough before loosening your purse string.

3. Ease of Use

The cup holder should not be too complicated to use. It is there to serve only one purpose and that is to hold the bloody cup.

4. Adjustable

The Kayak Cup Holder that you are planning to purchase needs to offer some level of flexibility or adjustability otherwise there is no point in having it. You should be able to mount it on your kayak without facing ant trouble.

Kayak Cup Holder FAQs

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