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Best Kayak Deck Bags For The Money

Best Kayak Deck Bags

Increasing the storage capacity of the kayak is never easy. You simply can’t afford to skip items like – fast aid kit, Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), Flotation Bags, Paddle Leashes, Throw Bags, etc while paddling in turbulent weather. These accessories can save your skin when things start going south and therefore, there is no question of heading to the sea or river without them. Now storing these accessories in a kayak is definitely a challenge in itself. You will have to come up with ingenious solutions to deal with the space crunch. The easiest way to increase the storage capacity of your kayak is by investing in a good quality kayak deck bag.

People usually face a barrage of problems while trying to find free space on a tiny vessel like a kayak but not anymore. With kayak deck bags, you can say goodbye to that age-old problem. The best thing about these kayak deck bags is that they allow you have to easy access to all the important kayaking accessories that you put in that deck bag. Since these kayak deck bags are water-proof by default, your valuables will stay protected no matter how bad the weather gets.

Best 8 Kayak Deck Bags

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So, you feel encouraged to buy a deck bag for your kayak in order to increase the storage space. Well, it might seem easy but there are so many different factors that you will have to take into consideration that you will eventually end up feeling confused if not flabbergasted. In case, you feel totally hapless, we have good news for you. Here we have listed the best 8 deck bags for a kayak that money can buy –

1. Attwood Deck Storage Bag

Attwood Deck Storage Bag is a nice water-resistant deck bag and it is large enough to put your water bottle inside comfortably. It is sturdier than it appears and it also has got side pockets with zipper closer. To increase the storage space a tad bit more, Attwood Deck Storage Bag has also got an exterior stretch cord storage. However, the biggest drawback of this Attwood Deck Storage Bag is the fact that it is not waterproof and the straps keep coming apart. The company needs to work on these two fronts in the coming years.

2. Overboard Gear Waterproof Kayak 20L Deck Back

Overboard Gear Waterproof Kayak 20L Deck Back can easily take all the beatings. This kayak deck bag can help you keep all your items protected from water splashes and damp. Made from premium 600D PVC tarpaulin, Overboard Gear Waterproof Kayak 20L Deck Bag has got both front storage webbing and a weatherproof zip pocket. It also has got a Removable Shoulder Strap and a Roll-Top Closure. The inclusion of Fold Seal System has further improved its waterproofing ability.  

3. Taj M’Haul Deck Bag

Taj M’Haul Deck Bag is extremely durable thanks to its robust construction. It is made from 400-denier nylon that gives it all the strength that it needs. Keeping your kayaking and electrical accessories dry is a HydroLock zip-seal. This HydroLock zip-seal allows easier access to all the items that you put inside it.  Taj M’Haul Deck Bag has also got an outer pocket and this outer pocket has got an adjustable clip-in buckle. This kayak deck bag has got 3 expanding mesh pockets, 1 bungee rigging, and 1 zippered mesh pocket.

To make this deck bag even more visible, reflective tape is applied on it. To make it easier to carry it around, carry handle is also included in it. In short, Taj M’Haul Deck Bag is ideal for both a multi-day expedition or for a few hours tours.

4. ADVANCED ELEMENTS Quickdraw Deck Bag Yellow

Easy to access and secure waterproof storage for a phone, camera, etc when kayaking. Fits the front Deck of advanced elements air kayaks well since it is their brand. The only drawback for use in inflatable kayaks is if there is a heavy Item stored in the deck bag it will sag the upper deck of the kayak a bit taking up leg space.

Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag has got all the strength that a kayak deck bag needs to deal with water and wind on a consistent basis. The interior of this kayak deck bag has got a unique Semi-rigid contour that allows the paddler to take a quick look inside without turning things upside down.

5. Seattle Sports Vinyl Coated Mesh Deck Bag

Seattle Sports Vinyl Coated Mesh Deck Bag is a simple deck bag that has got all the features that you would expect to find in a standard mesh deck bag. This vinyl coated mesh deck bag can be used to store items like hats, sunscreen, dry bags, and other similar items. Its zipper is corrosion-resistant and offers quick access to all the items that get stored in it.

Seattle Sports Vinyl Coated Mesh Deck Bag is a versatile deck bag that can be used both on a kayak and on a SUP. Of course, this mesh deck bag is definitely not waterproof but it also does retain water. It is extremely lightweight and since it has hot mesh, you don’t have to clean that often. Practically zero maintenance is required.

7. Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag

Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag is another versatile kayak deck bag that has got ample storage space. You can attach waterproof accessories to its Side Strap easily and the best thing about this Deck bag is that it has got plenty of customization options.

External bungee is included to let you attach additional gears. To increase its visibility, Highly Reflective Silver Vinyl is applied to it and it has got a transparent Window that allows you to take a quick look inside.

8. North Water Sea Kayak Under Deck Bag

North Water Sea Kayak Under Deck Bag can easily be tucked under the deck of a kayak. If you wish to fully utilize the underdeck cockpit space of your kayak, you need to get your hands on it. You don’t have to drill a hole in your kayak to get it installed. Don’t even worry about the contents getting spilled over. Attaching and reattaching this deck bag has become a way less complicated thanks to the inclusion of SRB Mounting System(TM).

How To Choose A Kayak Deck Bag

Choosing the right kayak deck bag is easy if you know what you are doing. Here are some facts and factors that you need to take into consideration while trying to purchase the right kayak deck bag. Check these factors carefully before making the right kayak deck bag –

1. Waterproof Deck Bag vs. Water-resistant Deck Bag

Most people tend to believe that waterproof and water-resistant are synonyms but nothing can be farther from the truth. A water-resistant kayak deck bag can stop the water from penetrating to a certain degree but not completely, whereas a waterproof kayak deck bag means it is totally impervious to water. So, basically what you should be looking for is a – water-proof kayak deck bag as it offers better protection from water.

2. Use

Are you going to paddle for long hours? In case, you are planning a day-long paddling trip, you will have to choose a kayak deck bag where you can put a lot of items without applying too much force. A large kayak deck bag should solve the problem in such cases. Now, if you are planning to participate in whitewater kayaking, you need to find a deck bag which is made from water-resistant materials otherwise all your precious gadgets will get damaged irreversibly.

3. Material

Kayak deck bags made from Ripstop nylon are extremely durable. Ripstop nylon is super strong and which is why almost all premium kayak deck bags available in the market are made from it. Since you are going to use deck bag almost on a daily basis, you need to make sure that the kayak deck bag is made from material that is both abrasion and tear-resistant to some extent. Kayak Deck Bag made from thick PVC is also another great option that you can try.

4. Kayak Rolling

Rolling is very much a part of kayaking. I know most people hate the idea of kayak rolling but this is something that we simply can’t avoid. Kayak rolling is inevitable and therefore, you need to make sure that you have got a kayak deck bag that can hold on to your precious items in such cases otherwise, you will end up losing a good number of them. Use D Ring to secure the Deck bag otherwise, a disaster is just waiting around the corner.  

5. Straps and Buckles

Kayak deck bags should ideally be easy to attach. A typical kayak deck bag also needs to have rigging on them so that you can attach other items on them easily and effortlessly. To ensure that the deck bag is easily attachable, you need to check the straps and the buckles. These straps and the buckles should be strong enough to hold on to weight of the deck bag.

6. Zippers

Everybody takes a fully functional zipper for granted. Often ignored, the zipper can make or break your kayaking experience. As soon as you find a defect in the zipper of your kayak deck bag, you should not waste any time. You need to get it fixed as soon as possible. The heavy-duty zipper is a plus and if you have to pay a few dollars extra, I think you should not hesitate about it at all.

7. Ease Of Access

Kayak deck bags should be easily accessible otherwise there is absolutely no point in having them. People store all sort of items in them like – food, water, electrical gadgets etc and that means, you need to make sure that you can easily access to these items otherwise you will be in for some serious troubles when things start getting out of hand (and believe me situation like this is quite common and therefore, you need to be prepared for it). Also you need to make sure that the kayak deck bag has mesh pockets and side pockets.

Kayak Deck Bag FAQs

  1. Q: Difference between A Deck Bag And Dry Bags?

    Ans: Well, the objective of both dry bags and deck bags are almost the same – that is protecting your accessories from coming in contact with water. But there is a difference. The main purpose of deck bag is to increase the storage space of the kayak but the main objective of a dry bag is to keep things safe from water, duct and other impurities,

  2. Q: Difference Between A Deck Bag And Backpack?

    Ans: A deck bag is usually attached to the front of a kayak and the idea behind this is to make all the accessories accessible. But the backpack is usually slung around the shoulders. But their main objective is the same that is – protecting items from coming in contact with water.

  3. Q: How To Clean A Kayak Deck Bag?

    Ans: No, you can’t put these kayak deck bags in a washing machine. They have to be hand cleaned. Apply warm water and mild soap to rinse off the impurities and dirt. However, if you wish to clean it inside out, in that case you will have to soak it in water. Once you have cleaned properly, you will have to air dry it. Never in a million years, should you put it in a dryer. That is a horrible idea, to put it mildly.

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