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Best Dive Flags

best dive flags

Do you really need a kayak dive flag? Well, of course, you do and it is the law of the land, in case you are not aware. Kayak Dive Flag usually has a white diagonal stripe that goes from one corner of the flag to another. The color of the kayak dive flag is red and adds to its visibility. Depending on the federal regulation, you can also use the Alpha flag. The Alpha flag is usually used when your boat is 3 miles from the shore. This is the reason why it makes sense that you should use both the Kayak dive flag and the Alpha Flag when you are paddling in International waters that lie within the US borders.

The main purpose of having a Kayak Dive Flag is that it informs other incoming boats that the diver is down below and therefore, they should keep a safe distance. The law says other boats must keep a 100 feet distance whenever a Kayak dive flag is hoisted.

Best 4 Dive Flags

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Here are the top 4 Kayak dive flags that money can buy –

1. Seasense Nylon Diver Down 3 Tier Flag

Seasense Nylon Diver Down 3 Tier Flag does what it does best and that is informing other kayakers that you are down under and therefore, they should not come near your boat. At this point, this kayak dive flag is a steal. It does not slip out of its place thanks to its fiberglass stiffener. It does not take too much space on the boat and the credit must go to its removable carbon stiffener.

2. Premium Quality Dive Flag with Removable Stiffening Pole

Premium Quality Dive Flag is extremely durable and is considered to be a must-have gear if you are planning to go on a diving expedition. Easy to attach, this Premium Quality Dive Flag comes equipped with a removable Stiffening Pole. Reinforced vinyl is used in the corned that adds to its durability. Use of red and white color makes it almost impossible to miss. stiffener breaks can be folded down into 3 sections and this is what makes it super easy to carry around and does not take too much space on your kayak. Assembling is as easy as pie.


  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • 2 Zip ties included.
  • Made from extremely durable nylon.

3. Innovative Scuba Nylon Diver Down Scuba Diving Flag

Innovative Scuba Nylon Diver Down Scuba Diving Flag is made from 420 denier nylon that adds to its robustness and durability. Innovative Scuba Nylon Diver Down Scuba Diving Flag is now available in – 31 x 36″ and 20 x 24″. The Grommets are made from brass and they are corrosion resistant. This Kayak Diving Flag has been double stitched throughout and it is extremely lightweight.

4. Trident Dive Flag

Measuring 14 x 16 inches, Trident Dive Flag is a traditional kayak dive flag which is made from Heavy duty poly coated woven nylon. It is durable and can be seen from a great distance. You can hang it either vertically or horizontally by using its reinforced grommets. In stormy weather condition, you can unfurl the flag by using the wire stiffener bar.


  • Steel cross bar.
  • Strong and sturdy.

Last modified: June 4, 2021