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Best 6 Kayak Wind Sails

best kayak wind sails

Do you want to upgrade your kayak and make it powerful? And have you considered the option of adding power from an extra source? If yes, then have you considered the option of installing wind sails to your craft? Well, there are several advantages of doing so. Also, you have an array of wind sails to choose from, depending on whether you are a novice or experienced kayaker.

Also, if you would like to know more about wind sails, then read on to know about their advantages, disadvantages, among other important details pertaining to them.

Best 6 Kayak Wind Sails

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1. Vbestlife Kayak Sail

Vbestlife Kayak Sail is extremely easy to set up and should last long. The deployment process is also not that complicated. The movements of this Vbestlife Kayak Sail can be controlled easily and effortlessly by clips and the straps. The best thing about this kayak wind sail is that it can offer a superior level of protection from the UV rays of the Sun. Compatible with almost all kayaks that are commonly available in the market, Vbestlife Kayak Sail is ideal for those who just want to have some fun.

2. Sizet WindPaddle Scout Sail

Sizet WindPaddle Scout Sail flaunts a low-key design but doesn’t get deceived by its simplistic look because it can give its competitors a run for their money when it comes to performance. The Wind Sail’s center of force is positioned down low and that means you will rarely have to deal with instability while cruising through the waves. Attach the Sizet WindPaddle to the kayak with the control strap provided and you will be able to control the movement of the kayak easily and effortlessly.

Sizet WindPaddle Scout Sail can be launched from an on-deck position which is certainly one of its major advantages. The self-launching feature of this Kayak Wind Sail allows you to deploy it on the fly. So, there is absolutely no need to make a hasty return to the shore just to get it launched.  

It can be connected to your boat in a matter of a few seconds. And the transparent window lets you have a clear view of the area behind.  

3. Isafish 42″ Kayak Wind Sail

Isafish 42″ Kayak Wind Sail has got a compact design and is extremely durable as claimed by the company. The best thing about this Kayak Wind Sail is that it is extremely lightweight and thus, it can be carried around easily without getting yourself tired along the way. One cool feature of Isafish 42″ Kayak Wind Sail is that it is entirely made from PVC which is itself eco-friendly. Setting up this Kayak Wind Sail is as easy as 1-2-3. Isafish 42″ Kayak Wind Sail offers you a decent level of protection from the UV rays of the Sun.

4. Daxin Foldable Kayak Sails

Made from polyester taffeta, Daxin Foldable Kayak Sails are designed to last long. The set-up process is fairly easy and you should not face any such issue while making the deployment. The movements of Daxin Foldable Kayak Sails can be controlled effectively by making proper use of the clips and straps. Law down the strap when you don’t want the kayak to move forward and hold the clip firmly when you want the kayak to move forward. When not in use, you can fold it down and stored it into a small pack.

5. Dyna-Living 42″ Durable Downwind Wind Sail

Dyna-Living 42″ Durable Downwind Wind Sail is environment friendly since it is made from polyester taffeta. High quality composite material was used in making the perimeter batten and this is what has added to its longevity. Triple-stitched seams add to its durability as well. Dyna-Living 42″ Durable Downwind Wind Sail will keep you protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Use the control strap to maneuver Dyna-Living 42″ Durable Downwind Wind Sail and since it is made from premium quality material, the sail will stay attached to your kayak no matter how bad the situation gets at the end. Good visibility is ensured by its transparent window which is definitely one of its major advantages.

6. Hosmide Summer Fashion Surfing Wind Sail

Hosmide Summer Fashion Surfing Wind Sail is designed especially for those paddlers who don’t want to stop at anything.  Hosmide Summer Fashion Surfing Wind Sail looks robust and is designed to stand the test of time. The seams have got triple stitches which is just perfect. The set-up process has been simplified to a great extent and it has got a nice and compact design. The diameter of the sail is around 108 cm which is more than enough for most American paddlers to themselves protected from the UV rays of the sun.

7. Homebeast 42″ Foldable Kayak Wind Sail

Homebeast 42″ Foldable Kayak Wind Sail is suitable to use with both standard and Inflatables kayaks. Its rugged design adds to its overall attractiveness and its huge sail will keep you protected from the UV rays of the Sun. Controlling this Homebeast 42″ Foldable Kayak Wind Sail is very easy. All you have to do is to hold on it to go forward and then release the clip whenever you want the kayak to stop moving forward.

Types of Right Kayak
Wind Sails

The different kinds of sails are discussed herein.

L-shaped Sails

For experienced kayak sailors, the L-shaped sails are ideal. Though, beginners are not advised to use them. They are shaped similarly to sails that are found on sailing yachts and are more conventional in style.

Though, they are more difficult to use because they need more sailing skills as compared to circle sails. Using an L-shaped sail, you can control the direction you’re traveling in by moving them.

Normally, they have a mast and some varieties come with a boom (a horizontal-shaped rod that sways from the mast and nails the base of the sail down). As a result, you can sail notwithstanding the direction of the blowing wind, rather than getting restricted to downwind sailing.

Circle Shaped Sails

Circle-shaped sails are circular in shape and comparable to parasails or what you know as conventional sailboat sails.

If you are a beginner to kayaking, circle-shaped sails are ideal for you. They are preferred because of their easy-to-use and easy-to-control features. Moreover, they have a window to see the direction in which you’re heading.

In fact, they are perfect if you want to learn basic sailing techniques. As such, you can become familiar with their workings before moving on to advanced ones.

You can attach the circle-shaped sails to the bow of your kayak; also, they are controllable by hand. Owing to their shape and the position on your kayak, they are most useful in downwind sailing conditions when the wind is pushing your boat along.

V-shaped Sails

In the case of V-shaped sails, most of the sail’s area is atop the sail. Thus, they leave only a little area at the lower end. Hence, they tend to get in the way much more than other kinds of sails. Though, some come with clear window panels so you can look at what lies ahead.

Due to their design and height, they catch more wind. Nevertheless, they have a smaller surface area which lessens the speed of your boat. Similar to circle-shaped sails, these types of sails are also more suited to sailing downwind because they do not change direction easily.

V-shaped sails are ideal for those groups having little or no experience with kayak sails. Even so, owing to their top-heavy frame, they may not be suited for lightweight boats, particularly when strong winds are billowing.

Kayak Sail Materials

The various types of sail materials for your kayak are studied in the following details.

Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Varieties

The designs of kayak sails that have masts, such as the L-shaped sails, are composed of carbon fiber or aluminum (which is lightweight); both varieties are portable and durable.

The outer edges of circular sails are stiff and are given shape via a batten, which is a supporting rod. The batten of circular sails is often composed of plastic to make them easily foldable when storing them.


The majority of modern kayak sails are composed of durable and flexible plastics; they are hard-wearing and lightweight. However, you should make sure to clean the plastic sails after every use, particularly if you’ve gone sailing. Always remove any chemicals and salt that may have stuck from the water. By doing so, you prevent the plastic from degrading and splitting.

In some sail designs, the masts of kayak sails could also be constituted of plastic, which is not as strong as aluminum or carbon fiber.

Laminated Cloths

Laminated cloth is used in the previous models of kayak sails and L-shaped sails. As compared to plastic, laminated cloth has greater tensile strength and does not rupture during strong winds.

Though, on the downside, the laminated cloth is heavy and thick and, in turn, can be difficult to set up and store.

Advantages of Kayak Wind Sail

One of the primary benefits of installing wind sails on your kayak is that you gain speed. Yes, you can use the power of the wind to travel faster with wind sails, as compared to wasting your energy via paddling.

More importantly, if you are covering long distances, having wind sails can be useful. Because you can cover a great distance without getting too tired. Also, you reach your destination more quickly with their use. With the help of wind sails, you can take a break from paddling to eat lunch or enjoy a drink as well.

Apart from that, they can add the fun element to your kayak and make your ride more interesting, rather than paddling which can get boring and tiring.

Disadvantages of Kayak Wind Sail

Hosting wind sails on your kayak has certain disadvantages too. Yes, they can affect the stability of your kayak. They can lead to destabilizing your boat when strong winds are blowing.

Big sails can help you harness the wind’s powerful force, though they have to be positioned correctly; or else, the likelihood of your boat toppling over increases.

A sail attached to your sit-inside yak also affects your ability to roll. Thus, you may have to detach the mast first or make a wet exit before your sail is secured and got back in.

Fishing and Wind Sail

Your fishing expedition can be much more fun with a sailing kayak. Also, using wind power, the sails can take you to your favorite fishing spot; and that too, without you exerting much effort. More so, your hands are free for fishing while you are driving around in your canoe-like boat.

Besides, you can go trolling with the help of sails, which can help to ride your boat quietly without disrupting the fish. More so, they offer an economical trolling option.

When can I use a Kayak Wind Sail?

Kayak sails can be used when you’re out on paddling trips. Also, they are handy for touring kayaks or sea kayaks when they’re out on a trip for a couple of days.

You can also use them when venturing on canoeing or water kayaking expeditions, or when a light breeze is blowing, to gain power over the water.

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