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Best 5 Kayak Racks for Truck Hitch

Best Kayak Racks for Truck Hitch

Transporting your kayak to your favorite paddling spot should not stress you out. Kayaking is all about enjoying beautiful moments as they pass by and not about getting stressed about nothing. With a hitch kayak rack, you will be able to transport your kayak without facing much hassles along the way. Since the market has got way too many types of kayak racks available for truck hitch, you might find it incredibly difficult to find the right hitch rack for kayaks. To make your job easier, here we have listed the top 5 hitch rack for kayaks that money can buy.

Best Kayak Racks for Truck Hitch

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Kayak Racks for Truck HitchItem WeightDimensionsWeight Capacity
Ecotric Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack36.1 pounds30.15 x 12.44 x 4.88 inches750 lbs
Darby Industries 944 Extend –A-Truck25 pounds53 x 15 x 2.5 inches350 lbs
Maxxhaul 70231 Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender34.5 pounds37.01 x 19.02 x 2.99 inches300 lb
Boonedox Groovy T-Bone Bed Extender16.85 Pounds10 x 3 x 51 inches300 lbs
Mockins Heavy Duty Steel Pick Up Truck Bed Extender36.1 pounds30.15 x 12.44 x 4.88 inches280 lbs

1. Ecotric Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack

Ecotric Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack is manufactured by using high-quality, durable, and impact-resistant steel. The product fits easily into 2” square hitch receivers. This particular hitch extender can be used on about 1-1/4th“receivers, along with a hitch adaptor.

Ecotric Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack proves useful for long-distance loading. It has adjustable width and length for different kinds of applications like moving canoes, racks, ladders, kayaks, lumber, long pipes, etc.

This truck hitch extender comes with a load capacity of 750 lbs approx. The height and width are also adjustable to a great extent-thus making loading easier and convenient. The truck bed is extended with the hitch extender for carrying bigger and longer payloads.

It is easy and quick to install this Ecotric Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack. There are 4 quick release clevis pins in the extender which enable quick assemble and disassemble as needed. Last but not the least, the hitch extender comes with enhanced security with a reflective flag and tape on the sides and the front.

2. Darby Industries 944 Extend –A-Truck

Darby Industries 944 Extend –A-Truck is specifically designed and manufactured for the safe and secure hauling of long roads. The load can be mounted either at the back of the truck with the help of the hitch or on the roof of the vehicle. Both ways, the load remains completely safe and secured.

The extension hitch has a support of 4 feet width, which means that the carried goodwill has a good amount of support. When not in use, this Darby Industries 944 Extend –A-Truck can be packed and stored in a flat manner behind the seat. This will not hamper the seating comfort in the truck in any manner.

Darby Industries 944 Extend –A-Truck has a receiver hitch too. The safety and security features in the extender are updated as there is a red flag for indicating danger. This Darby Industries 944 Extend –A-Truck comes with 350 lbs. load-carrying capacity. Whatever be the way you carry the load, at the back or on the roof, it will reach the destination in intact condition.

3. Maxxhaul 70231 Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender

Maxxhaul 70231 Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender has got adjustable width and length for providing versatility. As a result, this can be used in different kinds of applications. Maxxhaul 70231 Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender can be extended to quite a good amount of length for the carriage of longer payloads. The extender is designed for fitting 2-inch hitch receivers.

The best thing about this hitch mount truck bed extender is that it is easy and convenient to assemble and disassemble. There are 4 quick release clevis pins in the appliance, which make assembling and disassembling convenient. The side arms of the extender can be folded in a downwards direction so that more support can be created for a portable work area.

The construction of Maxxhaul 70231 Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender is done using heavy-duty steel and hence it is ideal for carrying loads including racks, ladders, canoes, kayaks, lumber, long pipes, etc. The load capacity of the extender is almost 300 lbs.

4. Boonedox Groovy T-Bone Bed Extender

This extender is one of its kind for its design as well as its features. The design of the new Groovy T-Bone is almost the same as the original T-Bone, but there are some ‘groovy’ changes in the same. There is a sharper curve in the T-bone and then it becomes straight. Height adjustment can be done with this kind of setup. Change is also seen in the 50” crossbar. There is a groove track that covers the whole width of the bar on all four sides.

Along with the kayak, you can carry innumerable other heavy things with the help of this extender like ladders, paddleboards, plywood, and also a Christmas tree. Just slide the extender into the hitch and you are good to go.

The material from which this bed extender is made of is none other than aircraft-grade aluminum. The biggest advantage of this metal is that it is light in weight and also extremely strong and durable. Since it is made from high-quality materials, there are no chances of rusting. The extender comes with a high-density plastic cover for protection of the anodized aluminum finish and the boat.

5. Mockins Heavy Duty Steel Pick Up Truck Bed Extender

With this truck bed extender, it is possible to haul longer payloads like boats, canoe, kayak, etc. The extender has the capacity of holding a load up to 750 lbs. The extender comes with adjustable height and adjustable width. This extender is designed in a manner that it can fit all kinds of trucks with ease.

The extender is manufactured from heavy-duty steel. As a result, the product is strong and durable. There is an anti-rust coating on the extender for protection. Assembly and disassembly of the extender is easy with 4 quick release clevis pins.

Safety and security is ensured in this bed extender. There is reflective red tape on the sides and on the back of the extender for ensuring long-distance safe journey as well as for traveling at night. The product comes with a lifetime warranty. In the case of client dissatisfaction, a full refund of money is guaranteed by the company.  

Best Kayak Hitch Rack Buying Guide

Are you fond of kayaking and have your own kayak? Is the transportation of your kayak worrying you? Have you been using various kinds of kayak racks and hitches and have been disappointed with them? Well, it is time that you do away with your worries completely. You just need a kayak rack that can be hitched to a truck and that can reach your destination. Trucks are generally built for carrying pretty heavy loads and the kayak racks will not be adding much to the load. If you are confused as to which kayak racks will be best for a truck hitch, keep on reading this article.

Type of Kayak You are Planning to Haul

Kayaks that can’t be otherwise be mounted securely on the roof of your car are usually mounted on a car using a hitch rack. Sea kayaks and ocean kayaks are mostly transported by using a hitch-mounted kayak rack. The main purpose of using a hitch rack is to offer support to the protruding part of a kayak and thus allowing you to distribute the load evenly between the truck bed and the rack which mainly acts like an extender. But if you are planning to transport a small kayak like a touring kayak or standard lake kayak, you don’t have to purchase a hitch rack to get it transported to your favorite spot. The roof of your car is enough to accommodate the kayak.  

Number of Kayaks You Are Planning to Transport

The shape and the length of the horizontal bar that comes standard with hitch rack tend to vary a lot. This horizontal bar tends to play a crucial role to determine whether you will be able to transport multiple kayaks in your car or not. You can easily find a number of truck hitch racks that will allow you to transport up to 3 kayaks at one go but it is the width of your truck that can play spoilsport here.

Hitch Size

Most truck kayak hitch racks, that are commonly available in the market, get connected to the rear hitch of a truck. But to make it work, you need to have a towing hitch already attached to your truck. Now, if you belong to the group of those unfortunate few people whose SUVs or Trucks don’t come attached with a towing hitch, you will have to loosen your purse string to get an aftermarket hitch attached to your car. You need to get a 2-inch thick hitch receiver otherwise; it might not be able to carry the weight of multiple kayaks. 1 ¼” hitches can also do the trick but the problem is that these truck rack hitches have got smaller load capacity.


Most hitch mounted kayak racks that we have come across in our quest for the perfect kayak truck hitch rack are usually designed and developed for the large vehicles. But we have managed to identify some models that can be attached to smaller cars as well. You need to ensure that whatever model you are purchasing, it has to be versatile in nature.

Last modified: November 19, 2021