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Best Kayaks for Big Guys

best kayaks for big guys

Kayaks are available for all kinds of body types – so, whether you are short or thin or tall or fat, do not worry for you can enjoy a kayak ride without much ado. Only you need to search for equipment that suits your body type. For surely, you do not want to feel discomforted riding over the waters in your kayak for long hours while you’re not comfortable, right? Also, you want value for your money, correct? Well, in that case, you must ponder over all the related aspects and follow by taking a balanced decision. No, do not be in a hurry. Take your time (if possible), so you can make a wise investment.

Now, if you are on the heavier side, also do not fret. Be assured, many kayaks that are designed for big guys can be availed too. Only consider all the important aspects, and then depending on your preferences and needs, go ahead and make your purchases of kayaks that are best suited for your size.

Best 9 Kayaks for Big & Lanky Guys

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1. Old Town Looksha 17 Touring Kayak

Aggressive paddlers will appreciate the Old Town Looksha 17 Touring Kayak’ response, especially in rough conditions. Built for speed and touring, this kayak features an ample cockpit with easy access to sealed bow and stern hatches. In fact, these are the largest hatches ever made by Old Town so there’s plenty of room on board despite its sleek design. Kayakers perch on a molded seat pad and can deploy the built-in rudder when conditions warrant. The Old Town Looksha 17 Touring Kayak boasts excellent secondary stability for beginners but packs plenty of power for experienced boaters who have only one kayak. Backed by a full three-year warranty, the Old Town Looksha 17 Touring Kayak is suited for the beatings doled out during long touring trips.

Boaters love the Looksha’s ability and responsiveness in hull-crashing waves and say the craft’s strengths are flat-water speed and choppy-water control. Smaller paddlers say the boat has excellent responsiveness even in rough, choppy water and are surprised at the boat’s overall maneuverability. Others day its roomy cockpit makes shifting and manipulating the boat a breeze. The kayak turns on a dime and is well-suited for the fearless kayaker who likes to take a few ‘breaks’ along the way and has been described as a one-size-fits-all type of boat.

2. Perception Carolina 14 Sit Inside Kayak

TPerception Carolina 14 Sit Inside Kayak has proven to be perfect starter kayak for kids and adults alike. This boat boasts excellent stability despite its narrow width (which lends to its grace in the water). A five-year durability rating means it’s tough enough for adults while a sleek design helps kids keep upright. Plenty of dry storage and an adjustable rotomolded seat and backrest equal convenience and comfort for the weekend adventurer.

Parents say this lightweight kayak is sturdy enough for them and a great trainer for the kids’ first paddling experiences. They love its speed and say that great tracking makes it easier to learn the finer nuances of kayaking. Bigger paddlers say the roomy cockpit comfortably accommodates sizes of 230 pounds plus. Padded thigh braces add to the Carolina’s comfort while a unique perimeter deck provides additional storage and recreation options. Riders are also impressed with the strength of late model Perceptions. A roomy cockpit and responsive action only add to the playful fun the Perception Carolina brings.

3. Ocean Kayak Frenzy One-Person Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Recreational Kayak is a sit on top kayak designed for moderate surf that can also flat water or slow moving rivers well. The Frenzy features a large molded in well seat with adjustable padded cover that is comfortable enough for a few hour in the boat. A molded tank well and additional cup holder give you plenty of storage room for gear and a cold drink for those hot days on the water. A unique hull design allows you to stack these up to 3 high for easy storage or transport. The Ocean Kayak Frenzy is available in two color choices: sunset orange (pictured) and yellow.

Kayakers give the Frenzy very positive reviews. Beginning kayakers like the Ocean Kayak Frenzy because it is comfortable, easy to handle and light to transport. Even though it’s made by Ocean Kayak, a good number of people use it exclusively in lakes or rivers, so don’t let the name make you think it’s only meant for surf.

The size and stability of the kayak were often praised by paddlers, some who had tested the Frenzy in moderate surf or other who had used it on lakes with a lot of boat wakes. It is small enough to be easy to transport solo but large enough to be stable and not feel cramped in it. The bright colors of the kayak also make it easy to spot for other boats, which is nice for safety.

4. Necky Chatham 18 Touring Kayak

Necky Chatham 18 Touring Kayak great for exploring hard-to-reach coastal zones and even better in the surf! This boat is decked out for long-distance touring with built-in hull and stern storage and an easy-to-reach waterproof day hatch that’s perfect for cameras, snacks and more. Adjustable thigh hooks ensure a snug fit and a deployable skeg helps even the beginner maintain confident control over the vessel.

The molded foam seat prevents cramps by improving circulation and the rig offers excellent tip control. Often described as a sea kayak, users with a vertical power stroke will benefit from the boat’s narrow beam. A combination of stability, speed and comfort make the Necky Chatham 18 Touring Kayak a great choice for anyone serious about hitting the open water.

Kayakers love how the boat handles in windy conditions. Its speed and slick design helps it quietly cut through waves with a thin footprint. Highly maneuverable along rocky shorelines and a treat on the open water.

The Chatham is a fun, playful boat with excellent responsiveness. A lot of hardware that would be considered add-ons on other systems comes included with the Necky Chatham. This is the perfect boat for the developing kayaker

5. Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak 

Ready to try kayaking? Look no farther than the Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak ! This short, lightweight inflatable is perfect for getting your feet wet and durable enough to withstand some whitewater here and there. Its wide design makes it very difficult to tip so novice boaters can get a feel for paddling; while offering extra space for the advanced kayaker who wants a fun boat for light overnights and tours. Lightweight enough for easy solo portages, this inexpensive kayak looks sharp and performs intuitively – that, coupled with its small price tag, makes it an excellent starting point for beginners.

This Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak  is a hit with kayakers who want easy portages and comfort. Air pump does a great job of making the craft rigid enough to hold up and maintain maneuverability in rough patches. First-timers are impressed with the boat’s stability and say that it helps them build confidence on the water. This rig’s self-bailing air floor keeps users and supplies dry both when exploring the nuances of paddling and crashing into whitewater.

6. Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak

The Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak is a heavy-duty river raft build to withstand years of rock-crashing, wave-blasting fun! This craft skims the surface for speed, has stability in whitewater and its keel-less design makes turning on a dime a breeze. Built for long-term use, the Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak is perfect for multi-day backpack trips and is easily controlled by paddlers of any skill level. High seats keep you dry and add a unique perspective to kayaking while a stiff, rugged design increases maneuverability. Roomy design features a whopping ten-year durability rating with comfortable cockpit large enough for your favorite pooch to lie between your feet.

The dry storage space coupled with 17 cargo straps can hold enough supplies for a whole weekend of adventure. Engineered to respond well with two people on board, this Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak still gets excellent ratings from solo boaters.

Riders like how the sleek design rewards their power strokes by converting form into power. Comfortable enough for two adults yet stable enough for the cantankerous flotsam and jetsam, users say Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak’s portability and durability make it a great value.

7. AIRE Tributary Strike 2 Tandem Inflatable Kayak

The Tributary Strike Inflatable Tandem Kayak is built for all levels of kayakers with five-year durability. This rig features stability in many water conditions due to its wide, 37-inch design and slightly-upturned ends. Though designed as a tandem the craft handles well on solo expeditions and is light enough for one person to load. Its tough polyurethane hull and solid urethane bladders make it a great choice for beginner’s bumps and experienced wave-crashers. Setup is a breeze – the air pump takes under three minutes to inflate the entire kayak, and zip panels protect the boat’s inflatable tubes while providing accessibility. This is an excellent all-purpose kayak suitable for mirror-smooth lakes and whitewater rivers alike.

Tributary Strike Inflatable Tandem Kayak is a blast to ride. It has got comfortable seat and contemporary styling. Hard-core kayakers love the boat’s versatility when taking long kayaking trips. It’s a comfortable ride when paddling open waters and a wave-popping machine in rapids. A sensible, contemporary design includes floor panel drains and bow and stern covers to help keep you dry when out on water-bound runs. Constructed for fun, its five-year durability rating also makes the Tributary Strike Inflatable a valuable investment for the long haul.

8. Wilderness Systems Aspire 100 Premium Comfort Kayak

Wilderness Systems Aspire 100 Premium Comfort Kayak is a sit-inside style kayak that is extremely versatile and can be used on ponds and lakes but is also well suited for surf. The Wilderness Systems Aspire 100 Premium Comfort Kayak features a solid hull that is durable but also tracks well. The seat features an adjustable backrest, good leg support, ergonomic 3D foam, Mesh fabric covers and improved air circulation over previous models. This kayak is great for the casual paddler and has an extra wide tankwell for storing gear.

Paddlers give the Wilderness Systems Aspire 100 Premium Comfort Kayak high marks, especially for recreational or novice paddlers. Wilderness Systems Aspire 100 Premium Comfort Kayak is comfortable, compact and easy to paddle. Adjustable footrests make a huge difference compared to the standard molded footrests on most sit-in kayaks. Besides the seat being comfortable and cool, there is also a small well under the seat so you aren’t sitting in a puddle if water gets in the boat, a great feature.

The tankwell in the rear is large enough for their full size dogs, which is nice if your dog will sit still for a ride. Another big plus of Wilderness Systems Aspire 100 Premium Comfort Kayak is transportation. Wilderness Systems Aspire 100 Premium Comfort Kayak is sturdy enough for a larger paddler.

9. Emotion 90244 Spitfire Kayak

Emotion 90244 Spitfire Kayak is a sit-on-top solo kayak. The Spitfire features a shallow V hull and was designed for stability, performance and fun. The kayak’s small size (8′ long and 38 pounds) allows it to be transported by a solo paddler. It’s small shape also make it highly maneuverable in the water. A foldable seat back increases comfort but folds down for easy transport and storage. A molded cup holder and an aft storage tank with bungee cords gives plenty of space for your gear. The Spitfire is available in blue, red (pictured) and yellow colors.

Emotion 90244 Spitfire Kayak is great for the casual or weekend kayaker. The Spitfire is also great for kids, as it small size is easier for them to handle on their own. Transporting these is also very easy; you can even stack two on top of each other on his roof rack.

Two major disadvantages of this kayak is that it doesn’t track the best, which isn’t surprising from a budget kayak. We also had a couple reports that the carry straps and bungee cords are cheaply made and have broken on a couple of the reviewers.

Bottom line, if you are searching for an affordable kayak for casual or weekend use, the Emotion Kayaks Spitfire should be on your short list.

What features in a kayak should tall people look for?

If you’re tall, you may want to consider the following features when hunting for a new kayak.

1. Height of the Deck

In the cases of tall people, their center of gravity is high. Thus, they may not feel stable when they are seated on a kayak. Though, for greater stability, you can opt for kayaks having lower decks or deeper seating arenas.

As such, you can be seated lower in the kayak, which can lower your center of gravity and reduce the likelihood of you toppling over.

Also, an array of kayaks that offer stability, and allow you to stand when you’re out fishing or only when looking to stretch your legs, is available. Mostly, such types are ideal for tall paddlers because they offer greater stability even while the person is standing in the kayak.

2. Large Cockpit Size

In the cases of tall people, the cockpit size matters – notwithstanding the sit-insides or sit-on-top versions. In sit-on-tops, you can have a larger open deck, though you may need extra space for your legs.

Also, in the sit-inside models, you may prefer a large cockpit size, so you can get in and out with ease. Besides, the length within the cockpit is an important consideration, because you want an adequate room to be comforted during your paddling expeditions.

3. Comfort Levels

Your comfort is of extreme importance when you’re riding in your kayak, especially if you plan on spending long hours in the waters. All the same, you’ll want to sit for a considerable amount of time during your ride, so the kind of seats you opt for becomes important.

Seats with high backrest can keep you comforted while you’re enjoying a ride in your kayak.

The adjustability of the seats is another aspect to consider. Yes, check whether you can raise or lower the seat and adjust the backrest position.

4. Capacity

Both weight capacity and storage capacity are important to consider when selecting a kayak.

If you want a vessel that can be loaded with gear for a couple of nights away, then opt for crafts that offer adequate space for both you and your stuff.  All the same, your gear should not occupy your legroom.

Consider the weight capacity of the kayak too. Remember to account for your weight and the standard weight of the gear you want to carry along.

What Features In A Kayak Should Big People Look For?

If you’re looking for a kayak that accommodates big people, here are some important things to keep in mind.

1. Depth And Seats

Another aspect that requires consideration is the depth of your kayak. Because the deeper your kayak is, the more space you will have.

More so, the height and position of the seat in the kayak could affect your perception of stability. Make sure the seat is positioned lower in the deck so you feel more comfortable. Because, then, your center of gravity will be lower as compared to when the seat is positioned at a higher level in the vessel.

Additionally, you may perceive that kayaks having raised or well-defined sides are more secure as compared to the ones with a lower profile.

Moreover, the kind of seat also plays an important role in determining your comfort level when in the waters. Seats that have adjustable backrests offer greater comfort when you’re paddling, so maybe you should consider getting such seats.

2. Maximum Weight Capacity

Whether you’re fat or thin, the weight capacity of the kayak is an important aspect to ponder over, particularly if you intend carrying along with additional gear like fishing equipment or camping gear. Thus, in addition to your weight, bear in mind the weight of your gear too.

Now, big guys will not fit inside narrow-sized crafts such as kayaks. Also, if they squeeze through, they will not be comforted – particularly, during long kayak rides.

Though, do you know that even though kayaks appear small in size, they have a high weight capacity? Yes, this is true. So, do not get confused with capacity and actual weight. Always check the weight capacity with the manufacturer before making your purchase decisions.

Always opt for vessels with high weight capacity and the ones that can comfortably accommodate you along with your gear. However, keep in mind that the closer you reach the maximum weight capacity of your kayak, the lower the kayak goes into the water. Your craft could become unstable as well. So, be careful.

3. Width

Notwithstanding the size of the people who are riding in your kayak, the craft should have sufficient room to keep them comfortable. However, if you are bigger, then maybe you must take into account the width and basic size of the cockpit – most importantly, in cases of sit-inside yaks.

For roomy seating areas, you must consider wider vessels because they come with larger cockpits. Also, the wider your vessel, the more stable they will be and that can be reassuring, particularly if you’re big in size or new to the kayaking world.

Generally, wider yaks are not designed for speed, though they help to distribute the weight across the kayak. Moreover, you can add width to your yak by connecting outriggers to it.

With outriggers, the weight is distributed over wider areas while making your kayak wider than it actually is. As such, they help to stabilize your boat in the same way that a child’s bicycle is stabilized by adding training wheels.

So, consider adding outriggers if you believe that the extra stability, and the perception of the additional width, would be beneficial for you.

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