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Small, Nimble & Lightweight Kayaks

Best Small Kayaks

Kayaks are available in different shapes and sizes. Some kayaks are ideal for covering long distances via water while others are meant for traveling only short distances. Also, some kayaks are ideal for fishing. Now, keeping in mind your basic objectives for owing a kayak, you should make your purchase decisions.

Besides, some people prefer lightweight kayaks; and others, the heavy ones. Even so, if you are shopping around for lightweight kayaks, the following pointers may come handy for making the right selection among the available options.

Best Small and Lightweight Kayaks

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1. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak sports a simplistic design that somehow manages to eliminate all fancy features. It has a streamlined design that allows beginners to learn the basics of paddling without spending a ton of money on a super expensive kayak. If you are planning t on a solo kayaking trip on a river or a lake, Intex Challenger K1 Kayak could be your best bet. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is extremely lightweight and sports a sporty compact design that is hard to ignore.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is an inflatable kayak. Inflating this kayak is super easy. It takes less than a minute to get this thing inflated and deflation takes even less time than that. Vinyl construction adds to its ruggedness and it is supposed to last really long unless you are doing something very wrong. To offer a higher level of comfort and to increase its overall stability, Intex Challenger K1 Kayak has got side chambers and an inflatable I-beam floor. Included is a skeg that allows you to have a certain degree of control over its movements.

Included is a cargo net that you can utilize to further increase the storage space. Repair kit also comes included and that means, you can repair it on the fly.

2. Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak

Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak is basically a mix of beach float and a kayak as pointed out by many buyers. It is super stable and extremely comfortable and thus making it ideal for those who just want to have some fun outdoor. It can be maneuvered easily but the lack of a keel makes it hard for a beginner to track straight. Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak is reliably stable and getting in and out of the kayak is very simple and straightforward.

Included is an air pump which is good but the problem is that this pump does not have any air pressure barometer attached to it. So, there is no way you can figure out how much pressure you are using while inflating the kayak. Paddle seems sturdy enough but the main problem is that the handle of the paddle is made from plastic and thus is not super comfortable. To fix it, you might need to purchase a pair of paddle grips. The paddle floats on the water which is good.

Crawl back on to Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak is not that complicated if somehow the kayak turns turtle. Since Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak is not surrounded by high walls, getting back to the kayak is not super complex. Super portability of Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak is definitely another major advantage of this kayak. All you have to do is to deflate it and then pack it back in a suitcase and you are good to go.

3. Advanced ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak

Advanced ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak has got an internal aluminum frame that adds to its durability. While inflating the kayak, you need to make sure that the aluminum frame is aligned precisely with the hull fabric otherwise you might have to call an Advanced Elements representative to get it sorted out. Advanced ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak is ideal for those who don’t have enough space available in their garage to store a regular-sized kayak. Once you are done kayaking, you can deflate the Advanced ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak and then tuck it inside a box and you are good to go.

Advanced ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak is known for its rather ‘amazing’ stability that might other kayakers go green with envy. As some other paddlers have already pointed out, Advanced ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak rests in the water like a feather. Riding in the Advanced ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak is very forgiving and can absorb a lot of impacts effectively.

Advanced ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak can give serious competition to any hard-shell kayak when it comes to performance. Just pump it up and get ready for your next kayaking expedition.

4. Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak

Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak is a bit tippy but as obvious it is meant for advanced level paddlers who are looking for a kayak that can pick up speed in a matter of few seconds. So, it might take a while for you to get used to it but once you have got the hang of it, there is no looking back. It offers an incredible level of performance. Just make sure that you are not employing full force while paddling because that can make the boat a bit unstable. Careful paddling is needed when the wind is strong or when the waves are rough.

Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak can be cleaned easily with a sponge. Just use soap and all the dirt will come off easily without putting too much force. It does not even need any such maintenance.

Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak is made from impact-resistant RAM-X and has got both Front and Rear T-Handles that will make transportation a breeze. V-shaped Chine hull adds to its stability and enhances its overall performance.

5. Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak

Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak is a lightweight folding kayak that makes kayaking a relaxing activity once again. You might find it a little wobbly at the first few minutes but give it a few minutes and you will fall in love with it. We simply can’t ignore the fact that the company has given attention to the even smallest details when developing the kayak.

Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak with comes a 12-month warranty and you can fold it 20,000 times at minimum without getting it damaged in the process. It has got all the features that you can expect from a regular kayak. Rarely does it develop a leak and even if some worse cases, it does develop some leaks, you can fix it yourself.

Small Lightweight Kayaks Buying Guide

In the below-listed details, you can find the aspects that are worth considering when you’re interested in purchasing lightweight kayaks.

1. Beam Width

Kayak beam is an important point to consider because they determine how the kayak behaves in water. In the case of kayaks having wide beams, the boat remains stable. Though they can make the kayak hard to maneuver and you may have to paddle because they cause the boat to drag.

With narrow beams, your kayak can touch high speeds because of less resistance. Additionally, they are easy to maneuver and the boat is more responsive. Though, kayaks having narrow beams are not very stable, which increases the chances of the boat toppling over.

In general, people keep in mind the purpose for which they are buying a kayak. Depending on whether they are looking to purchase a kayak for recreational or touring purposes, they make their choices.

Kayaks that are fitted with wide beams (more than 30 inches) provide stability to the boats. Thus, they are popularly recommended by photographers and anglers. Because with them you do not need to paddle much but have to only stand up at intervals. Alternatively, narrower kayaks are favored for kayak racing because they glide smoothly in the water sans any drag.

2. Measurement (Width and Length)

For large-sized people, you would want a heavy craft so you’re comfortable when seated in the cockpit. However, if you are interested in purchasing a lightweight and portable kayak, consider getting an inflatable one.

Even so, keep in mind that the size of the kayak does not only affect the boat’s weight and how comfortable you’ll be when riding it, but also the performance of your craft.

Kayaks that come with long, narrow keels are designed for speed and distance. They are suitable when going on tours or overnight stays. Though, they are difficult to turn.

On the other hand, shorter kayaks having V-shaped hulls are built for riding on Whitewater and are easy-to-manoeuvre.

3. Storage Space Onboard

An important point to note when shopping for lightweight kayaks is that they do not have much storage space. However, this rule does not apply to all lightweight kayaks. Even so, the storage hatches and tank wells will affect the overall weight of your kayak.

Also, most kayaks are not devised for covering long distances when going on treks or tours. So, if you want a lightweight kayak that is ideal for covering long distances, ensure you do your research well beforehand.

4. Type of Material Used

The majority of the hardwearing kayaks are composed of the rough, UV-protected polyethylene- a tough and durable plastic. Kayaks made of such plastics can withstand scratches and bumps, though they affect the general weight of your vessel.

Conversely, inflatable kayaks are not as durable, though they are preferred for their portable and lightweight features.

Among the top-range models, the fiberglass and Kevlar ones are ultra-light, but they are costlier as compared to the other varieties.

Overall, take into account your needs and preferences before making your purchase decisions for lightweight kayaks.

5. Transportation and Storage

Transportation and storage aspects are important considerations for kayakers when looking to buy kayaks. Here, lightweight kayaks score high. And inflatable kayaks are also the preferred choice of many. Yes, many people prefer lightweight and inflatable kayaks because they are easy-to-carry in their vehicles or storing in closets that have limited room.

Other aspects that are important to consider when purchasing kayaks are grab lines, T-handles, handles, and security features.

Also, if you are looking to invest in hardshell kayaks – will you be able to lift and transport the boats with little fuss – particularly, if venturing out alone?

Small Kayaks FAQ

  1. Are Longer Kayaks Or Shorter Kayaks Better?

    To answer this question, you need to determine why you need a kayak. Also, consider your physical size. For taller persons, longer kayaks are the general recommendation – notwithstanding their uses.

    If height does not matter, then longer kayaks having narrow hulls are more appropriate for tours or covering long distances via water; also, they are speedy. Shorter kayaks are more commonly used for recreational uses.

    Generally, sit-on-top kayaks are found to be shorter and wider as compared to sit-in kayaks. Though, that is not the case always. In all, consider all related aspects before purchasing a kayak – if you want value for your money that is.

  2. Are Shorter Kayaks More Stable?

    Not mandatorily – only if they are much wider. Mostly, stability depends on the style of the hull.

    Shorter kayaks with V-shaped hulls are ‘tippy’ in the water. They are not meant for fishing but are ideal for whitewater rafting where maximum maneuverability is needed.

    On the other hand, shorter kayaks with wider hulls are more stable. And they are mostly used for fishing expeditions or by beginners to kayaking.

    The hull design matter more and not the length of the kayaks when it comes to stability.

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