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Best Kayak Racks for Jeep Compass

Best Kayak Racks for Jeep Compass

If you are planning to transport a kayak on the roof of your Jeep Compass, you need to find a reliable kayak rack so that you don’t end up finding yourself in a tight spot. Finding the right kayak rack for Jeep Compass is not that easy as there are hundreds of different varieties of kayak racks available in the market but not all of them are compatible with Jeep Compass. To make your job easier, here we have listed some of the best kayak racks for Jeep Compass that money can buy –  

Some Details on Jeep Compass

There are plenty of compact crossover SUV models in the market but few can achieve the level of success and popularity like Jeep Compass. In fact, this model helped FCA recapture its lost market share in many countries and the popularity is still intact. Since its impressive debut back in 2007, the Jeep Compass has managed to garner a large fan base. It is known for a stylish look, matchless performance, and class-leading safety and entertainment features. You can take the Compass to cruise along the highway at weekends and it also makes a good companion for those long-planned kayaking trips away from the urban regions. You will have to equip your Jeep Compass with suitable third-party kayak racks and trays.

Best 5 Kayak Racks for Jeep Compass

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1. BRIGHTLINES Crossbars & Kayak Rack

Are you looking for a kayak rack for your Jeep compass that is both durable and stylish? Then, this model is the right one. The kit is laden with kayak racks, crossbars, and all other fixtures. The kayak racks are foldable and so you get enhanced overhead clearance. The bars are made of quality aluminum. It is lightweight but longevity will not be an issue. The maximum rated load capacity is 165 pounds. Setting it up atop the car is a breeze and takes little time. The tray is Aero-dynamic and so you cope with minimal wind noise. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

2. Yakima – JayHook Rooftop Mounted Kayak Rack

A simple but robust kayak rack for your Jeep Compass, the Yakima – JayHook Rooftop Mounted Kayak is a nice accessory for your Jeep Compass. It is designed to carry different types of kayak and you can plan long-distance kayaking trips. The j cradles will last for many years even with regular usage. Its tool-less universal attachment will work with most car roof racks. You get thick padding to safeguard those kayaks and rugged straps will keep the kayaks in place well. The kayak rack weighs only 10.5 pounds. It can be used to carry kayaks that weigh up to 80 pounds.

Yakima – JayHook Rooftop Mounted Kayak Rack can be attached to the roof of your Jeep Compass without using any tool whatsoever. The best thing about this kayak roof rack is that it does not take too much space. All the contact points are padded carefully ensure dent-free transportation. Bow/Stern Tie-Downs and Heavy-Duty Straps come included in the package.

3. FIVKLEMNZ J-Bar Kayak Roof Rack

If you want to equip your Jeep Compass with a reliable kayak rack, this one is right. The styling is sporty and the build quality is awesome. The Aluminum alloy racks are lightweight yet very durable. You also get a Black powder-coated finish that looks superb. You get a couple of heavy-duty adjustable straps with this set. The nice thing is the rack can be installed minus any drilling and cutting. The water-drop design reduces wind drag and noise too. The racks have soft cushions with high-density foam to safeguard the kayaks. The surface is laden with a special anti-rust coating. You get 12 months long limited warranty on this product. Additionally, the company offers a 30-day refund.

4. Malone Foldaway-5 Multi-Rack Folding Kayak

Are you in the mood to carry more than one kayak on your Jeep Compass to some distant lake or riverside? Then this model is what you need. The rack is made with corrosion-resistant steel. The racks also get thick padding that protects the kayaks from dents and damages. Its universal mounting system will be compatible with the majority of aftermarket load bars. You get every fixture required for proper installation. The company is offering a lifetime limited warranty on this product. The kayak tray is durable for sure but it weighs just 14.5 pounds. Do not waste time and grab it now.

5. Thule Hull-a-Port XT Rooftop Kayak Carrier Black

This super stylish and durable kayak rack can be used to carry 2 kayaks on your Jeep Compass. It comes with a Universal mounting design so that you can set them up on third party load bars with varying shapes. The folding design adds to ease of usage. The best thing about the rack is you need not even assemble it. The company sells it is ready to use form. There are strong load straps included. The two kayaks should be within 130 pounds weight range. It is quite lightweight even though durability is top-notch. It weighs just 12.5 pounds and so anyone can set the unit up.

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